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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone, so here's a not really original idea but a different way of looking at it. So you're going out fishing and on your way you merrily pick bark/twigs and search for bait and after getting down to the water and fishing for a bit you have a nice haul of fish... but what about all of those smaller fish we keep throwing back in! Id much rather take them home with me and put them on display! Wouldn't it be nice to have something decorative but is also actually unique to the player other than just say changing a color with dye? This being said an aquarium could be an interesting addition to the game and would complement the amazing changes to the fishing system. This would most likely have to be made from glass. This brings me to the other less unique suggestion of adding glass to the game. This could be used for decorative reasons only, so possibly add two more skills such as Glassmaking and the other Glassblowing, consider this as carpentry and fine carpentry. This could also be used to fill in those drafty windows! These additions if even applicable should for for mid-game to end-game skill progressions e.g. 50-70. Thanks for reading.
  2. Introduce glass-making to the game, doesn't have to be a skill either if your unable to figure out the code logic to add more skills or afraid it'll mess up affinity food. If that's a non-issue it would be interesting to have a new crafting skill based around this. Glass-making, would allow people to craft glass using (sand+ash) in a crucible object which can be placed in a forge or a kiln, I would add a craftable component such as applying sand on the ash to get a (glass mixture) before adding it to the crucible. Add some tools to help shape the glass into various objects. However the main reason to do this is to make glass panes which can be added into windows of houses. You should also be able to tint these windows with the use of dye. This would make windows feel more useful, instead of it being just a hole in the wall literally. What notable things do you want added with the introduction of molten glass? Please comment below and thank you!
  3. Hello all, I was looking at the empty windows of my new house and thought, 'all the tools for glassmaking, profession wise, are in the game already...' So, what do we think? New glassmaking skill that allows you to make simple panes for your homes, grid or diamond pattern muntins. It would even be feasible with the dyes and jewelry making bits to do stained glass windows, t'would look great in a cathedral window. Recipes for bottles and beakers could be a part of this if it was to be expanded towards alchemy; but one thing at a time, I'd just love to see windows for our homes/castles. The difficult part, I assume, would be coding them to sit nicely in the various wall/window types. As far as the art goes, its such a fun idea, I'm sure some community artists would help. Thanks, Emesh
  4. How do I make glass? I can't find it anyplace in crafting. I can make all manner of foods, furniture, ships, land vehicles, weapons, armor, etc. But I can't make glass. My house is cold because no matter how many forges, ovens, smelters, lamps, lanterns and braziers I put in it, the wind just whips through the windows that are wide open. I don't even have a way to attach shutters. Is the game broken? Where can I find the glass patch or the glass recipe????
  5. New Skill Idea Skill: Hunting * Sub Skill - Traps , { To Create the tool / items to start with} New items: Small Trap box, Medium Fall Trap The items Small trap box - 4 small nails, 10 shafts, acorns Or cheese. Medium Fall Trap - Shafts , 1 rope , felled tree or Logs , Raw fish or herbs from botanise for example. * Sub Skill - Trapper , {To use the items) New Mechanic 1) - Plant the Small trap Box, (Not drop), Can not be picked up for 1 RL hour. after the timer the Bait is gone and in its place is ** x Squirrel meat, or Mouse/rat meat. 2) - Plant the Medium Fall Trap (Not Drop - Must be within 1 tile of a Tree) Can not be picked up at all Decays within 24 hours. After ** time it produces Bair meat, or Venison. Skill: Glass Smiting * Sub skill - Mixer {to make Glass lumps i.e. like Mortar} New items: Glass Mound , 1 x Sand + Smelter *Sub Skill - Enamel To make ornaments or Cutlery (we have spoons forks and knives already) 1 x Glass lump + Mallet New items: Creates plates and bowls Glass Windows * Sub Skill - Glazier Mixing Colour with glass. New items: glass window, jugs, plates etc , + paint/dye Produces stained glass windows , colourful globes , colourful ornaments. Please leave Feedback and additional add on ideas.
  6. Wikipedia: [0] Soda-lime glass, also called soda-lime-silica glass, is the most prevalent type of glass, used for windowpanes, and glass containers (bottles and jars) for beverages, food, and some commodity items. Glass bakeware is often made of tempered soda-lime glass. Soda-lime glass accounts for about 90% of manufactured glass. Soda-lime glass is relatively inexpensive, chemically stable, reasonably hard, and extremely workable. Because it is capable of being re-softened and re-melted numerous times, it is ideal for glass recycling. Soda-lime glass is prepared by melting the raw materials, such as sodium carbonate (soda)[1], lime, dolomite, silicon dioxide (silica)[2], aluminium oxide (alumina), and small quantities of fining agents (e.g., sodium sulfate, sodium chloride*) in a glass furnace at temperatures locally up to 1675 °C. (*Wurmpedia: [00] Float glass is a sheet of glass made by floating molten glass on a bed of molten metal, typically tin*, although lead and various low melting point alloys were used in the past. This method gives the sheet uniform thickness and very flat surfaces. Modern windows are made from float glass. Most float glass is soda-lime glass. (*Wurmpedia: [1] It can be extracted from the ashes of many plants growing in sodium-rich soils, such as vegetation from the Middle East, kelp* from Scotland and seaweed from Spain. (*Wurpmedia: [2] Silica is most commonly found in nature as quartz*, as well as in various living organisms. Silica is one of the most complex and most abundant families of materials, existing both as several minerals and being produced synthetically. Silica is used primarily in the production of glass for windows, drinking glasses, beverage bottles, and many other uses. It is a primary raw material for many ceramics such as earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain. (*Wurmpedia: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Glassworking: I suspected/realize that this has been suggested before, but I will submit what I have compiled here because I enjoyed formatting my small research on the topic. I also want to add what I would like to see in glassware, should it ever be introduced to Wurm: Glass containers will preserve the QL of liquids better than other materials. Wine QL improvement would naturally be slowed; Wikipedia: "The development of glass bottles with cork closure made it possible to more consistently age wine." Although it will not be absorbing the chemical compounds of the wooden barrel, supposedly enhancing the quality of the wine. Containers would be lighter than pottery equivalents, due to the thinner wall, and would be improvable upon becoming glowing hot, but would require more labor to craft. Tools to create/improve glass would be created through blacksmithing, such as a blowpipe and shaping paddles. Creation process: -Kelp is heated (burned) and changes to 'soda ash' -Sand is heated to glowing hot and combined with soda ash to create 'glass beads' -Glass beads are used with the blowpipe to create various containers -Glass beads are used with tin (glowing hot) to produce 'panes of glass' (the tin is not consumed) -Glass products improve with shaping paddles, awl, pliers, pelt -While improving or repairing (only while glowing hot) there is a chance for the glass piece to break (if it becomes to cool) into 'glass shards' which can be used in the same manner as glass beads. Alternatively, you may perform a crush action on glass products to get glass shards in order to recycle material. Possible creations: Containers (both blown [bottles] and constructed from panes of glass [boxes]), lamps, stained glass windows, decorative mirrors; naming just the first few creations to come to mind. I almost dare not to say it, but the lens of a spyglass would be a very difficult piece to craft, and would require a very high glassworking skill.
  7. Idea: Windows from sand via forge melted glass i.e add sand to a forge to create glass fragments and then while there hot/glowing use a wooden mallet (or similar) to create Glass objects. Dye : Dye glass windows to create coloured stained windows ( good for priests) Note: This idea was thought up and spoken out in Xanadu Freedom chat by - Chinchin I take no brain power ownership of the idea. Great Idea!
  8. Item is located at J11, Xanadu This item is Original full size, and QL, with no damage. Transmutation liquid was given out by Santa to all premium players who visited him during the week of Christmas 2009. 0.14kg of it comes in a 60QL glass flask, which can hold .25kg of liquid total. The 99QL liquid loses weight per use, however it may not be apparent it has lost weight because it appears to lose amounts less than 0.01kg or a random chance to lose between 0.01kg and 0.02kg.More Info if you view the Wiki Link above! Starting bid: 2s Min. Increments: 50c Sniper Protection: 2hrs Reserve: 2silver, Buyout: 10s I will COD items, or pickup from J11 Xan. Happy Bidding! AUCTION CLOSED
  9. I just wanted to bump an old topic but found it as achieved here. I have the red and white wine but no glass to share a drink with my friends... Unacceptable! Lots of items can be created with glass on its own or combining it with some other materials... (Just take a look arround irl) Should be able to dye it. Different items created with glass should use different skills. Such as weapons that includes glass should use weaponsmithing, windows should use masonary or carpentry, bs-jw-armorsmithing-shieldsmithing etc. Creating the glass should use metallurgy skills. A sand glowing from heat and maybe a new tool to create it? Anyways we are way beyond the schedule, we are in 1041! we need to invent the glass now! Share opinions pls. PS: According to wiki, the glass was found bc2500 irl
  10. Me and a bunch of my alliance mates thought this would be an epic idea...First thing added would be a totally new skill to grind, which may not be liked, but it would be nice to see the items from it.. Skill - Glassblowing Tools - Blowpipe, clay molds,Jacks,Paddles (Real life glassblowing tools) Kiln - almost like a forge or oven, but for glassblowing and creating. (Also could be used to fire clay bricks?) Recipe - sand + ash heated up in a Kiln to make raw glass. (We have sand, and ash in the game) These are the real life major compounds of glass. Recipe - colored glass (raw glass + dye) Recipe - mosaic glass ( 2 types of colored glass) (blue glass + green glass) or any other color to make basic mosaic glass. Would have to allow the building of windows in walls to use glass of course. Recipe - Glass bowl - raw glass + bowl clay mold Recipe - Vase - raw glass + vase clay mold Recipe - Glass Jar - raw glass + jar clay mold Recipe - Glass Wine bottle - raw glass + bottle clay mold Improvement on items - Using the Jack tool, Paddle tool, Pelt Very rough outline of something we all could use and enjoy, and most of all expand upon. Cooking - Wheat for pie dough Pumpkin Pie,Cherry Pie,Strawberry Pie,Lemon Pie, and so on.. Most of these can use the already fruits in our game, and just allow the making of pie dough with the wheat. Grind the wheat on a grindstone, then use a table to make the dough. Since all the fruits are seasonal, we could have each pie give a small boost to some stat or allow something special..
  11. 83 QL spyglass 26s - located on the Inner Sea in Independence. 32y 23x This is up for sale for 2 days at this price. Sale in pending atm.....
  12. seeing as we have lots of sand, what about the addition of glass jugs and cups? other crude glass items.