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Found 20 results

  1. I was just thinking about leaving things for some members of my deed, and it occured to me that if I leave a crate with things in it, it could just look like another one of the crates they have there, and they might not realize the gift was there for a while. That got me to thinking that if there was "gift wrapping" available in the game, it would be noticed immediately. It would be useful to working on paper making (for the paper), dye making (for the ink to write the tag), and cloth making (for the ribbon to wrap it all up with), and would act as a skin to be used on any container type so it could "wrap" for any gift type. (for example an item that can only be held indefinately in a crate the wrap would go on a crate, but for an item that can only be held in a chest for a long time - the wrap could be used on a chest instead). Ideally as soon as the tag is read and the gift is opened the wrap would disintegrate so the container could be used for anything afterwards. I think this would be great to add into the game for those that like to leave gifts for other players, but would like it noticed immediately when the player comes on, and to know where it came from even if the creator of the gift is not online at the time, and would utilize several mechanics of the game that are under served right now.
  2. Hi, I would like to see a modification to the online shop for buying premium. It would be very nice to be able to buy premium for someone as a gift directly from the shop rather than having to buy silver and give it to them which spoils it a little. Suggested mechanics Add checkbox as_gift if checkbox == TRUE show textbox recipient_name if as_gift == TRUE and recipient_name.value == NULL show error message and stop if recipient_name != valid_username show error message and stop All other behaviour should be unaffected and the payment receiving callback should then process the credit on the account indicated by recipient_name. Most of the code for checking for valid usernames should already be existing in place so a simple function call on_submit should be enough without any real hard work being done. Thanks ~Morl
  3. Starting bid 1g Increments 1s No buyout Sniper protection 1 hour No reserve Description: 10% less damage taken runes on each piece. Dyed black (R=11, B=11, G=11). Note: Does not include cap. ~~~~ HAPPY HOLIDAYS ~~~~
  4. Starting Bid/Reserve: 70c Min Increase: 5c Snipe Protection: 1H Buyout: None Auction Timer:
  5. Doesn't fit in the necklace slot.
  6. Bring back ,,wrap" option before Christmas. To avoid abuse there can be expiration time (for example one month). After expire gift box would disappear leaving item on tile (or in container).
  7. No Valentine's gift this year. Seriously? Why not? Don't you like us any more? Time to make up for this oversight. I suggest pink unicorns. Immediately. Or perhaps we can get an egg which will spawn a very cute and very colourful fantasy bird when placed in a bird cage. Not giving a Valentine gift is not nice. Please, rectify this!! It is not too late! We will forgive you! Oh, bringing back rare cart glow would be awesome. And of course, the most annoying bug in game: Please make carts and wagons follow the terrain under it! Or take away sitting on carts, cause that is when it got broken. My little Wurmian legs can hold up standing on a cart as long as I can see the troll running from the back to flick his booger at me.
  8. Couple of my prem chars were used to get reindeer, and then I barely used them since till today. Recently logged them in to find the reindeer gone on both. Afaik no one else atm has access to them, and once I got the gifts I never transferred the reindeer from the respective main inventories. Checked all containers. Relog after /lotime has been tried, and unfortunately its past the Christmas season to check and see if the gift-giving was reset in some weird way or some such. Gifts on other chars are fine, especially Klaa's. EDIT: A /support has been logged, and awaiting response.
  9. Can you please bring back gift wrapping. make it so recipient or maker can open. Would love to be wrapping oodles of presents right now.
  10. Rares! 1#Rare Pointing sign - 2s ​2#Rare forge - 5s only (pick up) ​3#Rare longsword 77ql 79N 84coc - 8s 4# Rare ropetool 83woa 77coc - 8s 5# 10x rare cordage ropes (cod or pick up) Gifts! 6# Fireworks 239ql (3x) - 1s 7#Spyglass - 3s (only pick up) 8#Spyglass - 3s only pick up) 9#Garden Gnome - 4s 10#Yule Goat - 2s 11# Snow Lantern -1s 12# Snow Lantern -1s 13#Valentines - 1s 14#Valentines - 1s 15#Valentines - 1s 16# Soft Cap - 1s 17# Source 5.57 (5570 Karma) - 5s Gems 18#Star Diamond - 1.5s 19#Gems 494ql - 3s only pick up) Weapons: 20#Small axe 61 nimb - 20c 21#Small Maul 94RT 18N 55C - 2s 22#Large Axe 80nimb 70FB - 1s 23#Longbow 90nimb - 2s only pick up) Tools: 24#rake 75coc -30c 25#Sickle 89coc - 2s 26#Carving knife botd81 -1s 27#Oakenwood ropetool 79woa 50coc - 80c 28#Butchering knife 81woa 82coc - 1.5s 29#Stone chisel 85coc - 1s 30# (45.00) WIne 76ql - 4s Only pick up 31# (31.38) Wine 76ql - 3s Only pick up
  11. Item is located at J11, Xanadu This item is Original full size, and QL, with no damage. Transmutation liquid was given out by Santa to all premium players who visited him during the week of Christmas 2009. 0.14kg of it comes in a 60QL glass flask, which can hold .25kg of liquid total. The 99QL liquid loses weight per use, however it may not be apparent it has lost weight because it appears to lose amounts less than 0.01kg or a random chance to lose between 0.01kg and 0.02kg.More Info if you view the Wiki Link above! Starting bid: 2s Min. Increments: 50c Sniper Protection: 2hrs Reserve: 2silver, Buyout: 10s I will COD items, or pickup from J11 Xan. Happy Bidding! AUCTION CLOSED
  12. what are the christmas gift's this year ? .. heard there was 2 but they redid the gift and now 1 ? any explanation is apperciated , thanks also =) so happy christmas is here , i hope everyone has a happy christmas =)
  13. I was not sure where to post this and thought i might just as well make a topic for others to share their ideas for new christmas gift ideas too. My thought/idea was a candy cane this would be 99ql and would give you a refresh on use/taste (same timer as the skill) each refresh would use up 1ql with no decay as long as it is carried. This fits into the holiday theme and would be of some use without being any game breaking thing If you have any ideas for future gifts fell free to post them here i just wanted to get my idea out there so the developers could see it so feel free to post yours too,
  14. I've seen several different prices so I wanted to get a better idea through a price check.
  15. ... received that message when I checked for the first time today. I never got any gift - is this a bug, or have I just been a naughty boy? o.O
  16. Just wanted to make a thread for people to put down what they would want for a christmas present this year. Ideally new ideas. So here is mine... "Universal Crafting Liquid" Single use item, used on any non-crafted base material, like Iron Lump, or an apple. Once treated this item may be used to start any crafted item (exclude scale and drake) with imping being now based on the base material. What I would make with this: Lemon Longsword - imp with lemons !!! Spider Meat Sailboat -- eeeeew !!! Should have no real game impact - don't mess with textures either; for weapons/tool use iron stats still. Items made this way would become very rare years from now. Need more gift ideas !!
  17. Someone recently posted a thoughtful suggestion in the Town Hall forum for people to buy a little extra silver on the Wurm Online Shop next month, in order to send a thanks to Code Club and the good work they do. It struck me as a generous and kind gesture for the holiday season. In that thread, some folks also lamented their inability to buy a gift certificate for premium time for their friends. This would be a wonderful thing, but since we don't have the option yet, something else might be more appropriate. Other servers have their holiday traditions, such as the Impalong and summer festivals. These are wonderful, and things for them to be proud of. And Celebration has its own burgeoning tradition of festivals, commerce, and trade--I have friends who come down from the north and are amazed and surprised at how vibrant our markets are here, and how much innovation in trade there is. To me, it's a source of great pride that we have such amazing commerce and trade, so I'd like to promote it while also sending a thanks to the developers. This holiday season, if you're thinking of buying a little extra silver on the shop to show your appreciation to the devs, perhaps consider bestowing a gift of a merchant contract to some hard-working player who could use one. What better way to encourage someone to play, help the community, and show your thanks to the devs than helping a friend open up their first vendor stand and sell the fruits of their labor? Merchants don't decay! They never need repairs. They can't be lost or stolen. They require no maintenance or upkeep. They need no grooming. Merchants are really the gift that keeps on giving. Regards,
  18. 1x Spyglass Start Bid: 25s Minimum Increment: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 30s Sniper Protection: None Auction Ends: 72 hours from this post Delivery: Pick up on celebration, north area near server border
  19. Hi there! I would like to sell Garden Gnome (19.5 ql, clay) - 4s (+ CoD, Deliverence). Send me forum pm if intrested. My ingame name is Archerpl.
  20. Hi there! I have a Garden Gnome (clay) for sale: [14:30:03] A small serious gnome stands here ready for christmas. [14:30:03] Since its creator tag has faded, you decide to keep history alive by scratching your name on it. Afterwards you proudly read ''. It's 15 ql. Starting bid: 3s Minimum increase: 10c NO BUYOUT No reserve Free CoD Auction Ends at 8th August 12PM CEST Good Luck!