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Found 381 results

  1. Hi! Do you have any gems below 10QL lying around and are wondering wth to do with them? Introducing: "Neo wants your low QL gems!" I am currently grinding my priest from 74 channeling to as high as I can get it and am therefore willing to buy ALL your low QL gems! Any amount. Think 1 gem is too few? It's not! Just make sure it's below 10QL and I'll buy it. If you have any you want to sell; reply here, send me a forum PM or /tell Neopherus or Pheroneus in game.
  2. ** Recipe goal completers! If you don't care what recipes you want, you can PM me screenshots of your cooking journal and which goal you are trying to reach. I will do the rest.** **Yes, I will be offering discounts/swaps-10% off of orders of 100 recipes. Large orders may take a few days** Now selling some natural/bulk goods, archaeology items, and cooking supplies, as well as recipes. Almost everything can be COD'd at a cost of 1c from a new, fast mailbox (10c for barrels, 1i for recipes) each or picked up from J16 Indy. Bulk goods are pick up or wagoner on Indy, though I may be able to deliver to some coastal areas, if you ask! I have a merchant at CLUB Market, by Haven's Landing with a small sample of recipes, cooking items, rares, and barrels of bulk ingredients. I accept payment in silver and sleep powders (1s each), but I accept barter as well! Barter/Swaps accepted for payment: Recipes- 10c, includes the subrecipes, if you need them. Subrecipes alone (at the bottom) are 3c. COD is 1i per recipe. Recipe count: 624! (How many are there? I don't know. I'm hoping there's an achievement to let me know!) Desserts and sandwiches -10c each - Baking skill: Meals- 10c each - Hot food cooking skill: Cold dishes- 10c each - Cooking parent skill Sub-recipes-3c each Various skills, used in multiple recipes: Drinks/Alcohol-10c each -Beverages skill (All alcohol recipes are the unfermented recipes, where necessary. Complete the recipes through to the final product for more recipes, if you are pursuing goals.) Cooking Supplies Rares, gems, & archaeology Bulk and Organic Goods
  3. Greeting fellow citizens of Wurm! Come, come from far and wide and buy our best goods for a reasonable prices! Here are some examples of what you can get in our shop: Some fine tools, that will help you in your hard work! Some gems for jewels or favor! You always can order bulk items like stone (sandstone,marble) shards,dirt,sand,peat etc. We also provide landscape and construction works, check it out here! All prices are negotiable, you always can leave a message here, or contact me ingame typing in chat "/tell DaaDaaa" without quotes. Cheers 0/
  4. Updated 22.02 Looking to sell these items! Send me PM or /t Antuan ingame Rares: supreme rock shards 24ql iron frying pan x2 grindstone iron saw Rift stuff: lump, glimmer 89.20ql 0.36kg human skull, boar, small, curved shoulder pad x1 each socketed ring, seryll rift stone shards sold 54ql average rift wood sold 45ql average rift crystals sold 54ql average Gems: star ruby 1ql Other: yellow potions x23 easter egg source crystal x4
  5. Welcome to Port Royal's 'Stonewall', found @ K-9 on Exodus. Stock gets updated once a week, usually on fridays, sometimes more frequently. Welcome to my warehouse on the docks, the place to go when you can't find the bulk items you need. Bulk items: If you ever need something that isn't in stock, drop me a /tell, or a pm here on the forums, we fill orders at discounted pricing rates. Rare items, vintage items, and moon metals: The prices are highly negotiable, and although you're encouraged to make an offer, it's okay to ask me for a price. Gems: They're being sold at the lowest we're willing to go, sorry if you don't like the price. Total desired price is 14s 76c for all gems, 1s for star diamond. Current bulk stock: Rares (including vintage items, sleep powders, event items, blood, and dragon leather) Gems Moon metals (including lumps and armor) Enchanted tools Feel free to message me in game with 'tell Gobab', leave me a pm on the forums, or post in the thread.
  6. I'm looking to sell all my gems. I have 389 regular gems, 1 is ql1, 30 are ql80-90, and the rest are ql10-79.99 I also have 2 Star Emeralds, 2 Star Diamonds, and one Star Ruby I would like 1G 25S for the entire lot. PM me (here or ingame) with reasonable offers, I may be willing to sell them in smaller quantities, if the request isn't too difficult. I can COD them to you or you can arrange to pick them up at my place on Deli.
  7. Welcome to Kyoko's Fine Emporium of Mostly-New Stuff Hello, young man (or woman). You look like you could use some of my mostly-new items! ...what's that you say, Wolfey? These items aren't new? I didn't say they were new. I said they were mostly new. In the world of sales, you got to learn to accentuate the positive. ..."In other words, lie"? I didn't say that, Wolfey! You want to blow this sale for me? Just you listen and keep your mouth shut. Don't you worry about Wolfey over there, he's just trying to critique my amazing selling skills. As I was saying, I have the finest selection of mostly new items in the land of Wurm. What can I sell you? Here is my current inventory: 1 unfinished rare open fireplace - 4.5s 1 ruby 22.48 QL - 22c 1 emerald 45.16 QL - 45c 1 emerald 54.59 QL - 54c Large Crates of Dirt - 25c/ea Small Crates of Dirt - 10c/ea NEW! I am now proud to announce that I am part of the highway system and can make deliveries all across Xanadu! If you use the wagoner system, I'll even pay for shipping! PM me if interested! And be sure to check back; I may have more items for sale later! ***the "sales pitch" is mostly quoted from a certain old Sierra Online game and is not in any way challenging any copyrights. If Sierra still exists in any form, please don't sue me. Thank you***
  8. Selling the following: - 422 Gems, over 10QL, total QL 11.757 (11.7k) Price: 40 silvers (smaller amounts possible) - 198 under 10ql gems, total QL 783 Price: 15s (smaller amounts possible) SOLD! - Around 20kg of HQ (upto 99ql) Adamantine Lumps 5s/kg (smaller amounts possible) - Around 20kg of HQ (upto 98ql) Glimmersteel Lumps 5s/kg (smaller amounts possible) For all items: - Prices are fixed, if mailed; buyer pays mailcost, delivery on gems negotiable (might involve extra cost), Pickup from Jellyfish Outpost : 8/9G Xanadu Drop a message here or contact me ingame: Macoofer
  9. Hi all. I have 100 gems. A mixture of all types. All under 10ql. Total QL is 373. Asking price is 6s. I will deliver. PM offers in game or here to Ajala. Thanks.
  10. Gems

    Gems, Gems and more Gems. 100 gems equalling over 6300ql for sale. Make me an offer for the lot. Postage will cost just over 1s.
  11. This is 7 auctions for 7 bags of gems. Each bag contains 100 gems. Gems Over 10 QL Gems Under 10 QL Diamond Emerald Opal Ruby Sapphire Low QL 1 Low QL 2 Total QL: 2,681.09 2,840.83 2,790.03 2,698.94 2,968.50 Total QL: 410.45 356.35 50i per QL converted to silver: 13.41 14.20 13.95 13.49 14.84 2c per QL converted to silver: 8.21 7.13 Starting Price: 10 silver 10 silver 10 silver 10 silver 10 silver 6 silver 5 silver A spreadsheet with the QL of each gem and the formulas used the get the numbers above is at: If any of the winners bid over 15 silver on a bag of over 10 QL gems they will get a free star gem of that type. Minimum Bid Increase: 50c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 30 minutes I'll deliver to any reasonably easy to get to coast.
  12. You are bidding on 55 Gems, 10 Quality and less. Based on 2c per ql with a minimum price of 2c per gem. the tally for this batch comes to 3.92 silver. I'm setting the starting bid at 3 silver, no reserve. Happy bidding Starting bid : 3 silverMinimum increment : 50cReserve: noneBuyout : 10sSniper protection : None
  13. Hello, I hope to sell over 4600 Total QL in 86 gems. For 16 silver. I'm throwing in a Star Emerald for free All gems over 10ql If you'd prefer buy sub-10ql gems, here's my auction thread: Calculations; opal 755.52ql - ruby 929.67ql - sapphire 463.87ql - diamond 649.56ql - emerald 1794.8ql - = 4626.42 @ 50i per ql = 23.13 silver / savings = 7.13s SOLD - FOR 12s and a Rare Carving Knife
  14. As title says: I'm selling 13.4k of total ql in gems @50iron/ql, minimum order ql amount is 1000ql Drop a pm on the forums or pm me ingame. Macoofer
  15. Gem auction! - Starting bid lowered to 5s!!! More than 3000QL of finest Gems. Starting Bid: 5s Min. Increment: 50c Reserve: NONE Buyout: PM ME Pickup on Deliverance Darkwood Stormhold
  16. Hello all I would like to sell the items in my picture, please post or pm your offers. My character is named Wynd.
  17. pm me in forum or in game @ mrzodiac
  18. Starting bid : 5s increments : 50c Reserve: 15s Buyout : 30s Sniper protection : None 26 Emeralds (1151.07 Total QL) - 1 Star Emerald (60.22 Total QL) 15 Sapphire (492.5 Total QL) 23 Diamonds (770.51 Total QL) 8 Rubys (320.16 Total QL) 25 Opals (809.56 Total QL) 16 Source Crystals (585.16 Total QL)
  19. 4189.18 Total QL 26 Emeralds (1151.07 Total QL) - 1 Star Emerald (60.22 Total QL) 15 Sapphire (492.5 Total QL) 23 Diamonds (770.51 Total QL) 8 Rubys (320.16 Total QL) 25 Opals (809.56 Total QL) 16 Source Crystals (585.16 Total QL)
  20. Will take individual offers on items or can sell as a bundle Feel free to PM me here or in game to discuss anything you are interested in
  21. I want to buy gems for a total of 10s. I'm able to pick them up. Please make your offers here or ingame. IGN: Fhinnion Thanks!
  22. Bunch of low ql Gems - Ideal for vesseling - channeling grind. Highest QL gem is 19.93 Total ql = 1460+1411+1464+1520+1449 = 7304QL Free delivery (coastal freedom) SNIPER PROTECTION TRIGGERED : Ending 4 hours from last reply Starting bid : 1s Increments : 1s reserve : nope sniper : 4hrs Buyout : 75s
  23. Hello. Looking to sell some gems as i get tired of polishing them every week so they keep sparkling. Total quality is around 3645. Can deliver them to you if you live by the coats in any Freedom server besides chaos. You can also come pick them up in Celebration or have them codded to you (you pay cod). Asking price is 20s (0.548c/ql). Contact Syd (in-game and forum).
  24. WTS Gems

    Want to sell my stock of gems: rubies, sapphires, emeralds, opals, diamonds total ql - rounding down: emeralds: 1,983 rubies: 1,934 sapphires:1,576 opal: 1,365 diamonds: 979 selling entire collect at 0.75c per ql or 60s for the entire collection Free Delivery. not included: 1x star diamond 1x star emerald black opal
  25. Welcome To the Merchant Ad for Helm's Deep Located just West of The Crystal Canal on Indipendence (on the line of R18 and R19 at the base of the mountian) (page still under construction but here is what ive got) Runed Mailbox A decorated model of a castle that works as a mailbox. It could be improved with a rock shards. Ql: 30.4232, Dam: 0.0. Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [97] A single zinc rune of Magranon has been attached to it, so it will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%) Private message me on the forums or in game Jessemason If you don't see a price next to the item name then send me an offer Rift stuff & other things Weapons Armours Tools Horse Gear