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Found 34 results

  1. As the title says, looking to sell 100k 99.73ql garlics with delivery to coastal areas except Chaos. Starting Bid: 80 silver Bid increment: 1 silver Buyout: 1 gold Sniper protection: 2 hours
  2. Garlic 34,000 98.38ql Corn 34,000 97.04ql Onions 3,000 97.14ql Starting Bid 42.6s (0.6s per 1000) Bid Increment 1s Buyout 64s Late Special buyout offer of 52s for the final hour. Sniper protection 1 hour Price includes delivery to all coastal locations expect pvp.
  3. close

    the sword enchants: [2017-05-28] [09:26:14] A long and slender sword. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. [2017-05-28] [09:26:14] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Cerber.s'. [2017-05-28] [09:26:14] It is enchanted to deal frost damage. [2017-05-28] [09:26:14] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [80] [2017-05-28] [09:26:14] Frostbrand has been cast on it, so it will cause frost wounds. [99] [2017-05-28] [09:26:14] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [72] [2017-05-28] [09:26:14] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [90] also for sale: rocks - 70c/1k dirt - 70c/1k clay - 1s/1k 90ql logs - 2c/1 100ql logs - 5c/1 100ql metals - pm for info 100ql digging mats - pm not on picture star emerald also for sale
  4. This wiki entry ( indicates that garlic "is a herb contrary to its real-life status as a Vegetable." This other wiki entry ( lists it as a resource, not a herb or vegetable. While it can be debated that both are accurate descriptors, when you forage, you can locate garlic under resources. The foraging wiki entry ( doesn't have garlic under the resources list. Thank you
  5. Hello All! I am currently trying to keep up with 2 deeds, with a total of 7s in upkeep combined, I have been having trouble selling my veggies over trade channel... I have 60k garlic at a quality of 98. Great for those Nahjo Priest who needs to sacrifice for favor or those who are trying to cook really high quality meals. Perhaps you have another use for the veggies. I am doing a one time sale on my veggies selling at a 10% discount so that is 90c for 1k of the veggies. There is no limit to how much you can order, with only the exception to Xanadu. Any order on Xanadu that is less then 5k veggies has an additional 1s delivery fee. If you buy all my veggies, you pay 54 silver flat, I will deliver it all to you. If you have a deed inland I can bring a wagon with me, but you will have to provide me with the animals to use for transport while I am there. Please PM Sugarfoxx on Deliverance. I am slow to reply to forum pms
  6. Would like to by onion and garlic at price 1k=0,7 S/€ Anyone interrested -> PM
  7. sold

    Now selling my Deed Fledermausland (Bat Country) South west Independence Kinossbay Including: The size of Fledermausland is 36 by 33. The settlement has 11 silver, 38 copper and 17 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 2 silver, 37 copper and 60 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 134 days, 3 hours and 4 minutes more. 2000+ Tiles Faming on/offdeed ~150 grape bushes Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [94] rare fsb 2x rare bsb Finished Colossus of Fo Finished Colossus of Vyn Finished Obelisk Rare unfinished Colossus 6 small 2level Houses Colored Lights at the Docks rare Guard Tower ~ 30k Garlic (90ql) ~ wemp fibre 3k (90ql) ~ wemp plants 7k (70ql) ~ cotton 1k (60ql) ~ cotton 2k (90ql) 4x5speed horses 8 sheeps 95x90ql woad ~ 4k shafts ~ 4k iron ore 2-3k NS items set of good ql rainbow dye some good ql forges Starting Bid: 50€/s min increase: 2€/s Buyout: maybe
  8. Pick up only pls sw inde
  9. WTS 7k onion and 7k garlic QL75+ Any offer? We make deliver by sea to any dock in Freedom
  10. WTS 15k Onion and 15k Garlic 1k = 1S or 1€ Could be delivered to you by water. PM here on forum.
  11. Big food sale! Do you want to have enough food to feed your village for years? Maybe you need to gain large amounts of Hot Food Cooking, Mind Logic and Soul Depth fast? If your answer to one or both of these questions is "yes", then you have come to the right place! We are selling large amounts of food - enough for all your needs! Our offer Corn (3k in stock) - 1s/1k Garlic (1k in stock) - 1s/1k Cooked meat (4k in stock) - 3s/1k 1k corn/garlic + 1k cooked meat - 3,50s (-12% = 0,5s discount!) 3k corn + 1k cooked meat - 5s (-16% = 1s discount!) 3k corn + 3k cooked meat - 9,5s (-21% = 2,5s discount!) Everything - 12s (-25% = 4s discount!) Contact Forum: Warlander In-game: Warlander, Kenshi or Mackordian
  12. As title says, selling 40k Garlic + 30k Onions + 10k Pumpkins, pickup: 0.9s / k delivery; 1s / k Info for pickup:
  13. WTS the following bulk goods. Coastal delivery available, fee depends on your location. I am located in SE Xan. Veggies are 1s/k all over 90ql. (free pickup at Southern Comfort S24 on Xan) Garlic:1733 Onion:1130 Corn:1137 Potato:1164 Strawberries:1666 Bricks: 2k 2s/k. (free pickup at Whisper Cove M23 or Southern Comfort S24.) Update: Back from break, goods and locations updated.
  14. Hello ! As title says i am selling 70k Garlic + 60k Onions both 99.8QL. Selling this as a single part or 10k parts minimum Thats why im selling those 130k at a 0.9c ratio. Im located at 6x 60y on Independence, this price is for a pickup. For a delivery on old freedom cluster (except Chaos) the price will be the standard 1s / k Pm me if you are interested
  15. Hi all, I am selling: 1k Stone Bricks 2s 1k Wemp 77ql 1s 1k Pumpkin ~78ql 1s 1k Potatoes 68ql 1s SOLD 1k Cotton 74ql 1s SOLD 1k Garlic 64ql 1s SOLD 1k Corn 69ql 1s SOLD Pickup Pickup from O19. Delivery Pristine- Free delivery to closest harbor to location Release- 20c, free for orders over 2s Xanadu- 30c, free for orders over 3s Deliverance- 50c, free for orders over 4s Independence- 60c, free for orders over 5s Exodus- 60c, free for orders over 5s Celebration- 70c, free for orders over 6s Custom orders I am available to supply custom orders and have 200 tiles that I can custom grow most crops to a quality of 78.
  16. 5k Garlic 85 qlty 4s the lot or 1s-1k. 1k cooked meat 1.8s the lot or 1s per 500. Sw Xanadu.
  17. As title says 50k Garlic 99.7QL for 45s but pick up only Refer to this thread for location/infos: (Those 50k are in 10k stacks so you can buy 10k for 9s too)
  18. Due to the previous buyer not honoring his end of the deal, I bring you 60,000 garlic and onion 90ql+ Would like to sell it all to one person for ease of delivery, but will consider other bulk interests. Delivery charge will be based upon how much you are interested in and your location! 1s per 1k Buy it all for 110s and save your self some (comes with free delivery) Can also continue to supply bulk garlic / onion on a weekly basis if interested let me know!
  19. Heya ! As title says i would like to sell: - 50k Garlic - 99.3QL for 50s - 20k Corn - 99.2QL for 20s I can sell it per 10k stack, not less ! I can delivery: Inde / Deli / Cele / Exo Good discount if picked up (6x60y on Inde) ! Pm me here or ingame "Syhl"
  20. As the title says, I willing to buy extremely large amounts of onion and garlic crops. I live at C23 - The Rose Gardens (Xanadu) and it would have to be delivered, I would also be interested in other crops, but onion and garlic is preferred.
  21. Another fine auction, brought to you by The Gnome Depot! Click here to visit The Gnome Depot bulk goods store! Sold Plz Close You are bidding on the following 50,000 Bulk Garlic 88ql Starting Bid: 20s Minimum Increments: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: Offers Accepted Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Pristine and Release Coastal delivery available for a fee. Free dockside pick up on Release.
  22. Willing to sell 5k 80ql Garlic and 5k 80ql Oats. 1s/1k + free delivery to anywhere in Deli. Same price but pickup only to any other server, the closest I can get it is the North Deli coast near the old boat bridge.
  23. Bulk sales available for collection from Animal Sanctuary (Exodus) Potatoes 4k @ 1s per 1k QL 60-72 Garlic 3k @ 1s per 1k QL54-71 sold 4k @ 1s per 1k Ql69 sold Meat 1.5k @ 1s per 500 Ql 29-38 6k @ 1s per 500 ql 42 Pumpkin 5k @1s per 1k ql90 Wemp 2k @ 1s per 1k ql 58 Wemp Fibre 2.5k @ 1s per 1k ql 55