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Found 1 result

  1. Freeland! I know there is a large group that believes new servers just dilute our existing server populations even further, but keep an open mind if you would for a moment.. What if we created a new server, make it F2P only, linked it to Steam as a gateway for new players, then made it only possible to leave when you go premium? Here are some characteristics I'm envisioning and changes that would be made (or happen) on the existing servers: 1. GV tutorial could be reset to become the server, or stay as it is and just point a single portal to the new server. 2. On arrival, you will see a clear split in the server, divided by a river or mountain range (or just two separate servers), with signs directing you to the PvE or PvP sides. 3. Skill cap is raised to 50 - all wurm skill based content is now accessible for F2P as a result. 4. There is no currency, no deeding, no upkeep. 5. Decay is a beast! It is 3x the rate outside (keeps the server looking clean for new players). Buildings decay normally if used, but after a week of inactivity from the writ holder, buildings hit 3x decay. 6. Mines collapse rapidly. If no players walk over a mine tile for 3 weeks, the tiles will collapse, destroying anything inside. NO reinforcing can be created here. 7. Roads are like mines. After 3 weeks with no traffic, poof! 8. The land repairs itself - We can dig, surface mine, tunnel and destroy it, but any area that isn't actively being worked will reset. This gets tricky, when a resetting area borders on an actively worked area, but I'm sure devs can figure out how to blend it. 9. This will get some angry villagers and pitchforks, but I think all F2P alts on all other servers will be given notice "Prem or be moved to Freeland". Make a 6 month window, to give people time to figure out what to do with their F2P alts. So many are used for storage, deed holders, etc. Why do this? I think you get a world where new players have more time to experience what wurm is about. Riding horses and carts, making bigger ships, actually being able to fight and win against harder critters. Cooking great meals, all while keeping a huge carrot held out for going prem - Sailing off to the real servers, where stuff lasts, where you can deed, where you can go beyond 50. This should take considerable load off the Pay servers AND drastically reduce the "noob mess" that gets created. Now most of that mess is going to happen in Freeland, where the server's auto healing will constantly clean up the clutter and scarring of the lands. Gives the new players time to learn some manners, learn some mechanics, learn if they really want to be part of the permanent communities of Wurm. Steam? Most of the Steam objections I've heard are "they come be like a swarm of locusts, ruining it for all the existing players". So this gives us a place to help guide and mature those chaotic Steam players, before they are let loose on the world. Sure, they may decide to prem up and move over right away, but this will catch most of the chaotic ones. Two of the biggest complaints I hear from new players is that the servers look all mangled. Dead homesteads and deeds everywhere. Do we want them starting out seeing rotting ghost towns as their first experience? Feels a bit like the game is on it's last legs when you see that at the start. The other big complaint is the 20 cap. People hit it within a day or two. It just isn't enough time to make a decision on prem. Most games that offer a F2P and Prem model have a great deal more play-ability in F2P mode. Make the server Indy sized. Not a Xanadu monster and not a tiny server. Big enough that people won't get crowded if it becomes a big hit and Steam starts pouring in, but not so big that people get frustrated with travel like Xan. Make it travel friendly. Gentler slopes. Thinking of something like the Elevation reset. Lots of water access. I think 90% of players want a coastal deed, so give them coastal. Lots of big islands and fewer big mountains. -Wurmhole