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Found 3 results

  1. Freedom Festival

    Hello everyone! There was much talk of a summer festival in this other thread, but sadly the organiser stopped playing and so the event wasn't going to happen. Upon hearing this fact, we at Guild of Artificers, with the help of our neighbours and friends, have decided to do one ourselves! To contact us directly about anything, please use /t Wraithglow or Kristoff in-game, or send a forum post. Alternatively just post in this thread! The dates and location for this festival will provisionally be: Friday 27th to Sunday 29th of July at Guild of Artificers (41x 45y on Maple Island, Independence) Most of the organised events will be taking place on the Saturday and Sunday, but I hesitate to predict what shenanigans people will come up with as they start appearing on Friday. Current events in planning include: Boat Races organised by Docterchese - Rowboat Race, Short Sailboat Races, and a Long Sailboat Race. Archery Contests Catapult Contests (distance judgement - no spyglasses allowed!) Short and Long-Distance Horse Races - multiple events so people can bring their own horses and gear, or use some provided by us. Cow Races - by popular demand, there will be cow races (track yet to be determined!) Treasure Hunt - whoever finds the most of a particular item scattered round the island will win a prize! Individual treasures will be worth searching for too: finder's keepers! Iron Wurmian - a contest of determination as players take on a gauntlet of challenges. Impalong-style atmosphere - I'm sure that an Impalong will spring up between events. Common Prizes All participants will get a silver medal for their particular contest just for taking part! (necklaces really) First and Second place in each contest will receive a trophy (gold + silver statuettes respectively) The winner of the rowboat race will receive a sailboat Treasure hunters will find many gems and silver jewelry Uncommon Prizes For these, we will be relying on donations from charitable members of the community. The winner of the Long Distance Sailboat Race will claim the prize of a Caravel - kindly donated by Hauler The winner of the Short Distance Sailboat Race will claim the prize of a Knarr - kindly donated by Hauler The winner if the Iron Wurmian contest will receive a complete set of 90QL Green Drake (including cap) + an RT Longsword + 80QL Shield of choice, with second place taking a set of White Drake (no cap) at 90QL, and 3rd place receiving a 90QL White Drake jacket - courtesy of Xallo Winners of horse races will be given the chance to select a free 5-speed horse from our stock, complete with 70ql horseshoes and other equipment. The winner of the Archery Contest will receive an 80ql longbow with 76 coc and 78 nimbleness, with second place taking one with 82 coc - courtesy of Thorgot The winner of the cow race will receive a 70-80ql puppet, courtesy of Blahsonson Prizes yet to be assigned - 90ql spindle or 90ql fine fishing rod, 90ql chain set, 90ql halberd What to do now? Let us know if you would like to come, or if you would prefer different dates, which events you are most interested in, if you would like to donate a prize or lend a hand, or if you have any more ideas for events! I will be posting updates with how the courses and facilities progress as we approach the date.
  2. This is the signup thread for the boat racing taking place at the Summer Festival this year at the Guild of Artificers. They will be exciting to compete in and to watch! There will be 3 different types of boat race at the festival, all organised by me. You can sign up for any of the races in this thread - and I'll also post details about racing here too. Please use the main Summer Festival thread for general discussion and feel free to PM me if you have any questions. The festival runs from Friday 27th July to Sunday 29th July. I'm hoping to run races 1 and 3 on Saturday afternoon and race 2 on Sunday evening. These times however are NOT finalised. All times are/will be GMT and race 2 may be moved to Saturday afternoon/evening, leaving Sunday evening as a "backup slot." You can view rules for the racing here. It's important that you read through them before races start. Don't worry though, they aren't long and are relatively obvious stuff. If there's anything you're unsure about then I can answer questions in-game. To apply for a race you should fill out one of the forms in this post and reply to this thread with it. Anyhow, now for race details. 1. Long sailboat race This will be a single-handed sailboat race set over a long course. The prize for the victor is a Caravel! Competitors will have to sail around a course of ~15 minutes in length, rounding buoys and pieces of land. The start will be on the water and I aim to run 3 separate "rounds" of this race. 2. Short sailboat race This will be a race for teams of 5, around a shorter course nearer the shore. I am to run 3 rounds for this race. The prize for the winning team is a Knarr! The course will be of ~10 minutes in length. The start will be in "Le Mans" style from the shore - and all 5 team members have to be onboard the boat before you start... making this race one for the spectators too!! xD As for applying, there are 3 options. You can either apply with your own full team (minimum 5 people, you can have reserves,) apply with a partial team (2-4 people) or apply on your own. Race staff will then work together to make sure that everybody is a member of a full team and that nobody will miss out. Your team Captain is responsible for organisation and he is who race staff will talk to if necessary; however, any team member may helm the boat on the day. 3. Rowing boat race This race will be for new players only. If you enter in race 3 you may not apply for races 1 or 2. The prize is a sailboat - something worthwhile to any new player! The race will be around maple island with a water start. I intend to only do 1 round. Race Courses for today: Direct Link: Direct Link: https://dl.dropbox.c...ap Dump RBR.png I hope to see you there! More details are in the posts below. Links: How to apply I'm also in need of more race staff. ~4 people are needed to help out on the day.
  3. Summer Festival

    Hello everyone, There has been a thread going on for a while about having a summer festival on independence. However, since this was in the Independence sub-forum I figured I would just let everyone else know that you are all welcome to come as well! The link is here: And the dates are 27th - 29th July. I'm posting in Town Square because it's possible that maybe some people from epic might like a little holiday where you can mess about with some contests or a treasure hunt without being super serious. Also if freedomites from the other servers are anything like me, they don't watch the sub-forums for servers other than their own! There will be races and contests for all levels, so if you are coming from epic you don't need to worry about having zero skills! Also for those coming from other servers, who want to take part in the horse races, feel free to bring the gear and we will lend you one of our speed horses for the race.