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Found 5 results

  1. I suggest releasing fixes for Wurm Unlimited as they are coded, as is done with WO, rather than waiting for larger content releases. Found out from a friend today that Sandstone veins in WU are still limited to ~50 rather than acting like veins. Was surprised as I know that's been changed in WO. I presume that's not the only small fix that hasn't made it over but would be nice. I realize some WU admins may not like the idea if it creates more work having to patch. I don't know how all that works, but if mods can be added without causing havoc, patches with fixes from CCAB could as well?
  2. This site has a few ideas. Not sure if they will help anyone but thought I would post it.
  3. In keeping with the theme of Wassoo's news today, I would suggest we keep a "bugs/fix/work around" thread running, that is updated by either PR or Devs on a weekly basis. I don't care if the list is a mile long. We already know there are many, so it won't scare us away. But think of how useful the info will be for players? Knowing in advance that getting out of your boat for a quick compass read, then reembarking, will leave you with splashing sounds for the remainder of your voyage (and so on) So lets get that list going, so we can all see the fix progress and all be forwarned of what not to do, so we can avoid getting into GM assist situations, or doing things that ruin months of hard work, simply because we were unaware of a bug?
  4. There are some silly skill-titles, some of which break the game rules to begin with (pop-culture references such as Tank Girl, Gepetto, and Tim-the-Toolman), and some of which are not gender-oriented, such as Soulman. I think they could use a bit of updating. Some of the titles pertain to a different skill, such as Alchemist for Natural Substances and Gardener for Nature while both of these do have actual sub-skills that relate to the title. Alchemy: Alchemist, Chemist, Shaman (Male and Female) Natural Substances: Apothecarist, Transmultator, Druid (Male and Female) Archery: Archer, Bowman, Marksman (Male) - Archer, Bow Woman, Markswoman (Female) Toy Making: Toymaker, Renowned Toymaker, Master Toymaker (Male and Female) - As mush as I like Gepetto, it is a pop-culture reference... Butchering: Butcher, Skinner, Taxidermist (Male and Female) Climbing: Hiker, Rock Climber, Mountaineer (Male and Female) Fighting: Soldier, Mercenary, Knight (Male) - Soldier, Mercenary, Knightess or Dame (Female) Shield Bashing: Stunner, Basher, Smasher (Male and Female) Weaponless Fighting: Bruiser, Boxer, Pugilist (Male and Female) Knives: Knifer, Stabber, Assassin (Male and Female) Carving Knife: Carver, Engraver, Whittler (Male and Female) Nature: Naturist, Tree Hugger, Ecologist (Male and Female) Botanizing: Botanist, Herbalist, Phytologist (Male and Female) Foraging: Forager, Gatherer, Wanderer (Male and Female) Gardening: Gardener, Greenthumbs, Horticulturist (Male and Female) Miscellaneous Items: Handyman, Toolman, Master of All Trades (Male) - Handywoman, Toolwoman, Master of All Trades (Female) Repairing: Repairman, Fixer, Materia Tamer (Male) - Repairwoman, Fixer, Materia Tamer ( Female) Stone Cutting: Stonecutter, Sculptor, Artist (Male and Female) Polearms: Spearman, Pikeman, Lancer (Male) - Spearwoman, Pikewoman, Lancer (Female) Pottery: Potter, Moulder, Master Potter (Male and Female) Religion: Reverend, Pastor, Minister (Male and Female) Body: Athlete, Body Builder, Olympian (Male and Female) Mind: Intellectualist, Scholar, Philosopher (Male and Female) Soul: Spiritualist, Soulman, Maverick (Male) - Spiritualist, Soulwoman, Maverick (Female) None of the sub-characteristic skills should have titles as it gets too confusing. I do know traditionally people are allowed to pick their own titles when they are the first to achieve the skill, but sometimes people pick a title without thinking about the opinions of others. If anyone has any other suggestions or improvements to this, please post away, but try to include all 3 titles for the skill.
  5. I started this game about a month ago on Epic (after having taken a 4-5 year break.. but that's another story, this is my first real go at the game ) and started a settlement with a few buds. Anyway, I've noticed that the crafting for bulk items can be very tedious, and thought this up. A menu that shows all the craftable items for the item you started on (Clicking a rock shard with a chisel activated would show the normal options for that, but in a nicer menu) and next to each item name on the list would be a little icon for the item. Then once you selected an item from said menu list, there would be a "Create" button at the bottom and you could just click that button after each craft to create a new one until you ran out of usable resource or your inventory weighed too much. Here's a picture taken from another game that shows what I mean. Any thoughts on this?