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Found 72 results

  1. For the last 2 days I didn't manage to catch a thing. I know that I need to click on the float once the fish start nibbling on the bite etc. but it does nothing. I know that my skills are low but I hoped that for that time I will catch at least 1 fish (in comparison before the patch I've managed to easily catch bunch of fish in no time.) The net is the same. My neighbor tried to fish 30 minutes with it, with semi good skills and net on 25QL and again didn't catch a thing. So till now we had and easy fishing system and a lot of players with very good skills on fishing now, and on the other side now we have super messy and unnecessary hard fishing system which will not allow you to raise a single 0. point for 2 days. I like the part that we can fish with spears and with nets now, and the new multi-part fishing pole system (even that id doesn't fits perfectly in Wurm). I like how we need float and bait now, and all this little things to store your fish, looking for bait and float etc. However this clicking thing on the float like in World Of Warcraft is excessive.
  2. Hello and welcome to crafters legion merchant ad ! Latest update: 09/18 Currently there are two public wagoners in market for everyone to use. Location: Crafter's Legion Market Xanadu M7 north of cave canal. Our crew: Martynas Mrcoolman Richtje Richardcheese To order item post here or pm crafter ingame. Currently thread is WIP, if you dont find item you need tell us. 10% discount on items with crafter's signature ! Alternative payment methods: Favor[NEW] Enchanting Alchemy: Carpentry: Hot food cooking: Masonry: Smithing: Tailoring: Up to 99QL
  3. I'd like to see a journal in game, similar to the archaeology journal, where you could make records of different fish caught, maybe with more fishing skill you can record more information, like bait used, water depth/type, time of day, total of that type of fish caught etc. It would be a nice record for the fishers, in game reference for specific fish caught, but also a nice decoration item and another good use of books/paper!
  4. Animals can shy away regardless if lead or not. Takes up the action of grooming. Time to next groom ( availability of catching flies ) can be seen by Inspecting animal. Takes .01kg of honey per fly. Fly will be inside pottery jar until taken out of. Gives Animal Husbandry skill. Inventory Picture Ground Picture
  5. Hi Guys! o/ I have a rare willow fishing rod up for auction today! Starting Bid: 5s Increment (minimum): 1s Buyout: 20s Sniper Protection: None Goodluck and thankyou for your intrest in this item!
  6. Fishing is in a very strange place right now, compared to virtually all other skills in Wurm. It has extreme length action timers (which can end at any time), and does not benefit from WoA, but does not have the enchant protection for CoC that Meditation has. The QL of fish caught is very random, even at high level, similar to old gathering skills (eg. Foraging and Botanizing, pre-update). Fishing also is unaffected by virtually any of the new runes. Too large of fish (Roughly 3+ kg), when fileted, also do not give any butchering skill, making higher QL large fish useless for trying to grind. My suggestions for fishing are as follows: Have fish of any size give butchering skill no matter the number of filets produced Have fish QL follow the new harvesting formula: Skill +/- ((100 - Skill) / 5), and fish type more reliant on skill (less likely to get Catfish at low skill) Give fishing rods enchant protection similar to meditation rugs Have fish QL affected by the Bronze rune of Libila (+10% gather QL) With these changes, it brings fishing more in line with other similar skills, lets high fishing skill not be a detriment to grinding butchering, and gives more reliable QL of fish.
  7. Fish until timer runs to 0, action says on lower part of screen finishing fishing(doesnt recall exact words) but timer doesnt "ever" run out,
  8. Hello everyone, so here's a not really original idea but a different way of looking at it. So you're going out fishing and on your way you merrily pick bark/twigs and search for bait and after getting down to the water and fishing for a bit you have a nice haul of fish... but what about all of those smaller fish we keep throwing back in! Id much rather take them home with me and put them on display! Wouldn't it be nice to have something decorative but is also actually unique to the player other than just say changing a color with dye? This being said an aquarium could be an interesting addition to the game and would complement the amazing changes to the fishing system. This would most likely have to be made from glass. This brings me to the other less unique suggestion of adding glass to the game. This could be used for decorative reasons only, so possibly add two more skills such as Glassmaking and the other Glassblowing, consider this as carpentry and fine carpentry. This could also be used to fill in those drafty windows! These additions if even applicable should for for mid-game to end-game skill progressions e.g. 50-70. Thanks for reading.
  9. Fileting a fish now takes a number of seconds equal to the number of filet produced, at a rate of one per second. However, after the first 10, they stop giving butchering skill, even if the filet falls within the standard 1.01-39.99 QL range. If a player stops the action and then starts it again on the same fish, it will start giving butchering skill again, for the next 10 filets, and then stop again. This should be fixed, either make one fish give no more than 10 butchering skill ticks (which would be strange, why should a large fish not give more skill over more time), or change it to not stop giving skillgain after the first 10.
  10. Fishing hooks shouldn't fall under skill/5 rule.. and to improve them after... it's stupid to spend 5-15-20minutes on 1 item and to lose it in few seconds for the RNG LOLz. Hooks's creation should depend on blacksmithing skill, anvil ql and some rng.. resulting a somewhat hq-ish.. hooks on creation with no need to improve them. +1
  11. I'm curious if there would be any interest in drumming up sponsorship for fishing tournaments or anything of that variety. I don't fish myself but I might be interested in giving back to wurm through sponsorship. Note: this isn't limited to only fishing
  12. I would like to say I totally love all of the new items added to the game, But I have a suggestion if I may, I have my tackle box and fishing net, in my cart and at a time in my inventory, if possible could they fit into the fishing rack, so all fishing items are in 1 location when they are needed, Again love the new items and keep up the good work ,You have my support and blessings in a job well done ~ be well and blessed~
  13. Hi There, I was out trying the new fishing and managed to catch a few salmon. I noticed that there was no weight/QL number on the Fishing page so here is a screen capture of the ones I caught so you can up date that particular fish.
  14. So this is what I got when my fishing line snapped! I'm assuming this isn't meant to happen.
  15. I'm honestly heartbroken about how the fishing system works now. I know some people love it, and I know some people hate it, and I am honestly impressed with what the devs (R.I.P. Tich) have achieved with it. However, for my part, I miss that one activity that was so afk-able and simple in this game. I didn't get to do it much but it was relaxing and the new fishing system has not relaxed me a single bit. I'm proposing that we add the old fishing system in addition to the new one, perhaps as a new skill such as Angling, as an addition, and allowing players to fish in the way they prefer.
  16. I must say, as much as i love the new fishing updates, with the baits and floats and lovely new tackle box, I am quite disappointed in the rate of decay for items placed in the tackle box. Even keeping my tackle box in my inventory constantly, things inside such as bait and fishing lines etc are taking quick damage. Also, most of the baits and some of the floats can not even be stored in bulk storage containers, so there is no way to stock up these items. This forces players to go make new lines, find new bait / floats almost for every time they decide to go fishing. Yes this is realistic, but yes its also a big pain I would love to see the tackle box be fixed to greatly reduce decay on these items, and/or all baits and floats be storable in bulk or food storage bin as appropriate for their type.
  17. Starting bid: 1 silver Increments: 50 copper Buyout: none Reserve: none Sniper protection: 30 min
  18. Starting bid: 1 silver Increments: 1 silver Buyout: none Reserve: none Sniper protection: 30 min
  19. Starting bid: 1 silver Increments: 50 copper Buyout: none Reserve: none Sniper protection: 30 min
  20. Some people are happy to search for bait, other folks just want to fish! Currently it seems wurms and other types of bait will only fit in a small tackle box. It would be good if we could store and carry bulk wurms, grubs etc in a large crate or BSB for transport, so that we can actually get the bait to the fishermen and fisherwomen, either by wagoner or by ship.
  21. Greetings, Wurmians! What a fortnight! We've been hard at work with the big things coming in the next update. A huge update planned before Christmas! This update will include the priest overhaul, the fishing update, and a whole lot more, so let's see what it is! Consider Us Inspired! There was quite the response to our recent “You Have a Moment of Inspiration…” contest. With all of you taking the time to share your inspiration in the game, it really showed that everyone plays Wurm for their own unique reasons, and that inspires us! There are so many different play styles in Wurm Online, and this contest served as a perfect example of how differently everyone in our community enjoys the game. We had such a hard time choosing winners that we’ve decided to reward everyone who submitted entries with a coupon for 2 sleep powders each. Be sure to check your forum PMs if you entered for your coupon code. Now, for our winners… In 3rd place, receiving a rare strange bone… Koreal, who shared a spooky story of a dark castle in Wurm. In 2nd place, also receiving a rare strange bone… Champagnedragon, who is inspired by shaping the land and seeing their ideas come to life, as well as traveling Wurm to enjoy the beautiful views. And in 1st place, receiving a supreme strange bone… Fabricant! Who is inspired by… Well, we don’t know what he’s inspired by, exactly… But it was sure unique, with each picture having us laughing for ages! Congratulations to all, and thank you once again to everyone who participated! Keep on the lookout for more contests in the future. Here, Fishy Fishy As we’ve discussed before, the next big update will include Tich’s major fishing overhaul. Tonight, I was a guest on Emoo’s stream as he joined us on our super secret dev test server, home of our 50 speed scorpion testing track, and a nice big lake to showcase a bit of the fishing system live. You can check out all the discussion and fun here: There's a lot to unpack in all this, namely rods now contain choice of reel, line, hook, float and bait! Each impacts your chances of catching different fish, along with different zones to fish in, and time of day changing what's around too! It's a hugely in depth system with lots of customiation and that usual depth Tich's updates always had. It's been an honour to be able to finish it and have it out, and we hope everyone is looking forward to it too! Xanalag-a-bit-less These past few weeks, we have been quietly working on additional optimization for the servers with a focus on improving performance. The most noticeable change will be on Xanadu, where we have been prioritizing our testing. We’ll continue to work on improvements with the lag, but have already made significant back-end advancements. Please note that this is not in relation to specific lag spikes, but to general performance all day round. You Can Tap Dance if You Want To Coming up next in the starter deed redesigns will be Celebration’s Tap Dance! As usual, we are seeking design concepts to be voted on. For the full details including a deedplanner file of the current deed, please visit the thread here: Submissions will close and voting will open with the next (standard) Valrei International, so get planning! Chain My Heart Another long requested feature in PvP is the reintroduction of a tower chaining system, so guess what’s coming! We’ll be introducing a system that requires chaining towers and influence between the PMK capital and outlying deeds in order to avoid penalties. This system will change how towers and influence currently work by a huge amount, including removing the ability to capture towers, and require demolishing and rebuilding. Linked deeds will get certain bonuses, with unlinked deeds taking penalties over time. Unlinked towers will also be easier to bash so establishing and maintaining those links will be vital to success! There is more in the works with this system, and we’ll go into depth more before the big update so everyone is aware of what’s coming. Haven’s Whispers Many rumors abound about the purpose of Haven’s Landing, with rumours of creatures hopping about, and groans of the CRC being heard all around. Imagine that! All some a little bit will be shared this weekend with the Factional Fight brothers on their stream. Can you guess what it’s for? Community Content Shrimpiie’s Shrimpalong Shrimp-travaganza of Shrimp and Fun (aka the Blackmoor Christmas Impalong) is on again this year! Starting December 7th and running through the 16th, this year’s impalong seems to be shaping up into a huge event with a ton of things that you won’t want to miss! Be sure to come along and take part in the fun. We’ll be there to crush, kill, and maim anyone we can with our crazy spawns… so the more, the merrier! That’s it for this week! We’ll see you next Valrei International (or sooner) with some more exciting news. Until then, though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde and The Wurm Team
  22. This is fishing related mod which will let you: Option to remove proximity requirements. This lets you target any tile (game doesn't let you target more then ~10 tiles away) , start fishing, and move anywhere you want all without the fish action not getting canceled. Option to change it so fishing in caves is more productive. Option to remove the limitation that blocks you from fishing and swimming at the same time. Option to add additional information to the initial fishing message about the fishing action. e.g. "[21:31:48] You throw out the line and start fishing in the deep sea. It's at most -310 deep near here." There are three types of water: pond, lake and deep sea. A pond is a very small body of water. Deep sea is many water tiles and a depth of at least -250. Lake is whatever doesn't fit into the other two. Each water type has restrictions on the type of fish you can catch. For the pond it's roach and perch. For lake it's roach, perch, trout, pike and catfish. Deep sea is everything. Latest release tested on WU * Required: Ago's WurmServerModLauncher. * Releases are here: * Install: Get one of the archive releases and unpack it into the mods folder. The folder path should look something like this: ~Steam\SteamApps\common\Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server\mods
  23. Hi, I was out fishing and talking with the mayor of our village and we thought it would be nice to be able to bait fishing hooks. It would be nice to add a little more to the dynamic and it could be done without adding any objects or textures. To bait a hook you would use a small fish, like a perch or roach, on a hook. The mechanic would work like this: A baited hook; has a slightly higher chance of catching a fish. can not catch a fish that is smaller than the bait on an "fish escape" condition the bait could be lost If you want to get fancy and add an object then perhaps; putting raw meat in a bucket/barrel of dirt can create maggots maggots can be used to bait hooks as described above the size restriction inverted so the size of the fish is limited but chance to catch is a little higher. having maggots in a barrel state as above causes food and/or organic things to decay really fast. Thanks for your time. Morlanius of Bearfoot Vinyard (Xan)
  24. I was just thinking how "cool" it would be if the smaller lakes and ponds became frozen during the winter. If they did we could chisel ice blocks to put in the fridge that would work similar to snow balls, but would last longer. Also, maybe there could be ice fishing that would get different types of fish or other items. Maybe you could make fun ice sculptures, or the ability to ice skate. Ice skates could be made by leatherworking and blacksmithing. Another idea that might be to hard to do but in a larger lake there could be other dangers during winter like icebergs that could damage your ships. I'm sure there are many other ideas that could be made with frozen lakes as well but those are a few that I thought of off the top of my head.
  25. Please could we make pendulums give the type of fish, instead of saying there is a fishing spot nearby? We've already done it with lurker in the woods giving specific champions. It's beyond infuriating spending half an hour searching for a fishing spot, spending another half hour trying to park the stupid boat over it, only to find out it's the wrong one. I've been searching for 4 hours and I've found spots for an octopus, two tuna, two sailfish and a blue shark, but no marlin, which is what I'm searching for. A specific pendulum would make this considerably less nightmarish.