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Found 13 results

  1. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has encountered this problem. You make a forge, chimney, or fireplace in the middle of you building and the chimney does not extend out the roof, making smoke come out inside or in the second floor. My suggestion is optional chimney extensions. They should stick out the roof in the middle of a building, and if you stack them you could extend them up several floors past the roof. This would be more realistic and make thing look better in general. What do the rest of you think?
  2. Hello I have a Rare Open Fireplace, Unfinished. Starting Bid: 1 silver Increment: 50 copper Sniper Protection: 2 hours Delivery: I will sail by boat to your location No Buyout *If you change your bid without a PM/explanation in thread... any further bids you place will be considered invalid and not count. *If bids are being changed I will more than likely add time to the auction - with a posted explanation as to why I am extending. Have a happy auction! Launce~
  3. Starting Bid: 1s Minimum Increase: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: 4s Delivery to coastal areas (Except Chaos) is free to the winner
  4. Hello, I have a rare unfinished open fireplace. Starting Bid: 1 silver Increment: 50 copper Buyout: 4 silver Sniper Protection: 1 hour Delivery: I will deliver via sailboat edit: forgot the timer *facepalm*
  5. Rare Oak Fruit Press - 2.5s each Rare Open Fireplace - 3s each Rare Needle - 2s I have at least a couple of each, Post or PM how many you want, and who to send to. Fireplaces can be delivered to Coastal Areas except Chaos or picked up at S25 Independence, Blackmoor.
  6. Since the latest update ("auto-light fireplaces on deed") my open fireplace is always shown as lit, even if snuffed: Examining the fireplace: The fireplace is inside a house on deed. It is shown as burning (also with smoke and crackling sound) by day and night. I can light and snuff it - no change. Btw: The "Snuff" option only appears if I activate my steel and flint. Oh: Relogging doesn't help
  7. So for filling of lamps and now fireplaces automatically within a 24 tile perimeter on deed we have the huge oil barrel. This barrel will hold up to 2,250kg's of liquid. Impressive isn't it, what I don't understand is why this mechanic is limited to olives. If you wanted to fill the barrel with olive oil you would need to harvest 12,500 olive tree's, that is assuming each olive tree has a olive during olive season. Chances are, maybe 2 out of 3 olive trees will bear this little fruit and then you must turn this olive into oil, so depending on your skill the amount of olive tree's needed to harvest to fill this barrel to the top could well go beyond requiring a person to harvest 20,000 trees. Don't forget that making olive oil use's the beverage skill, for oil that is not actually used as a beverage. Is this wurm logic at its best? What we need is an alternative fuel, one that is more readily available year around such as tar, and a means to turn this tar into oil and in-turn giving us more options for filling lamps and huge oil barrels. Save the olive's for compass building and of course the martini.
  8. My characters who live on second floors are suffering from severe eye problems because of the pollution caused by smoke coming out of lower floor fireplaces, ovens and forges. This condition is becoming epidemic across the WURM world. The solution is quite simple it would seem but no one appears capable of helping them. Is there anyone else who has this serious eye condition? What have you done to remedy?
  9. Rare Fireplace [18:57:23] A decorative open fireplace which provides light and warmth to those nearby. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The open fireplace has some irregularities that must be removed with a stone chisel. Ql: 65.56764, Dam: 0.0. Starting bid: 4 silver Bid increments: 50 copper 1 hour snipe protection NO PRIVATE BIDS! It is a public auction not a pm bidding war. Buyer will have to arrange for pick up or delivery. I will sail to external coast on Xanadu only. Location: H9 Deed Name: Wengen
  10. the stone fireplace shows through the floor above
  11. I think it would be nice if fireplaces could work as lamps and light every night.
  12. Chimney of stone brick and maybe clay brick. Mantle from slabs - stone, marble, slate. For a hearth, the inside is an oven. Builds like an oven plus a slab for the mantle. Must be on a wall maybe (otherwise, it would just be an oven but a stand alone hearth might be nice too).
  13. Currently being a wanderer is a bit of a pain in wurm, so people tend to throw up 1x1 shacks around the place, swiftly abandoning them once they are strong enough. I'm thinking the following items/mechanics are for players who want to wander the world a bit without settling down quite yet. Fire Ring Takes 10 stone fragments to build, acts as a campfire when fueled. Lit like an oven. Gives the same penalties as a campfire when used for cooking/smealting. Not movable. Can be improved using masonry. Fur Bed Takes 5kg of furs and 0.3 thread is crafted with a needle. Liftable, not repairable/imrpovable. Quality is based on fur quality alone? Must be placed on the ground to use. When in use cannot be moved/destroyed like beds, otherwise can be taken as per normal. If the person using does not log in for 3 days decays away within a further 24 hours. Acts like a bed in all other respects. Mass wise will fit inside a backpack? No rental prices can be set. Traveller's Pack (Backpack upgrades) A backpack over 30ql can hold a fur bed without it couting towards the total mass in the pack. (Weight still counts) A backpack over 50ql can hold a hatchet or a pickaxe without it counting towards total mass in the pack. (Weight still counts) A backpack over 80ql can hold both a hatchet and a pickaxe (or 2 hatches or 2 pickaxes) without it counting towards total mass in the pack. (Weight still counts)