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Found 13 results

  1. Hello I would like to buy a couple of unicorns, male and female, around Xanadu Q25. PM me here or in game
  2. Looking to buy a beginner priest, extra stats not a huge deal but always nice. Prefer a female character. Can pay silver or paypal (verified) (prefer silver) Doesn't need to be premium. From any server is fine, but if on Xanadu that would help. Found what I was looking for, please close - thanks!
  3. As title says, I'm in need of 5 speed female horses on Deli. Please PM me prices, etc. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello! Selling this decent fo priest. Some highlights: Female 16 titles Rock on the path of love (can enchant grass & refresh) QL80-85 studded set QL85 spear, iron (enchanted) Statuette and some basic tools & items @se-inde, can deliver her around inde-deli. Pm for details. No prem. "You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Sleep, week 3 of the starfall of Omens, 1021. That's 1495 days, 18 hours and 53 minutes ago." SKILLS (also on Niarja) AUCTION RULES Starting bid: 40€ Min increment: 5€ Buyout: Taking offers! Reserve: No. Im paypal verified and expecting that from buyer as well. I prefer payment in €, £ or $ (daily exchange rate). If you have any questions pm me! (in game Cormax, forum Corrax) Auction time: about 3 days, check the timer below: Thanks!
  5. Hi guys I'm looking to buy female deers that are traited. At least two. Preferably two different sorts. I would need them delivered also. Located: Across from Vilmanstrand, inside of colossos lake/ Deed Name: Denderwindeke. You can contact Marah in game various hours or message me here. If you have deers available and the pricing. Thank you
  6. Good luck to the new owner! Thank you for fast trade and hope you have fun with her!
  7. I am looking to purchase a male and female sheep. I need them delivered. I am located across the street from Vilmanstrand around Colossos Lake where the IKEA Market is shown. I will of course pay a delivery fee. Please message me with your offers. If you only have one sheep that is fine. Age not important. Located on Indy Server.
  8. I don't care if it is a priest, I can always unpriest, I want to buy a new female main account. In terms of skills I am flexible it can range from mid to very high end, I don't really care. Pm on the forum please.
  9. Just wondering as I've never seen a female grown before so I was wondering if female hatchlings were able to lay eggs. Thank you.
  10. Missing Horses

    Looking for 2 of my horses, the names are Taffygolden and Dalipick. If found pleas pm me or message me here on the forums. Thank You, Huntgrem
  11. Hello, i am on deli and i am looking for a female bison. will pick up from anywhere. Pls post here or send me a pm ingame or on the forum. Thanks
  12. I think it's a legitimate request.It's been mentioned in other forum posts. Can we just get this topic recongnised?
  13. Hey everone, I'm quite new although I've played Wurm several years ago (in Golden Valley). I'm a female of age 26 and looking for a village to join and to gain some game skill and knowledge of the game. I'm not intrested in one particulary skill; i like cooking(3), foraging(4), crafting(6) and pottery(5) very much. I would like to learn farming, working with animals & metal, fighting and building structures. Working together with others and just having some fun, creating things as a team and helping each other out, is what i enjoy most. As long as I can have somewhere to just leave my items (and share them), I have no craving for a house or belongings of my own. My main playtime is in the evenings(20:00 to 0:00), weekends and holidays. I'm working on my thesis as I write this, so currently don't have a lot of time. But the time that I am online, I would like to have 'goals' instead of just running around as a vagebond Currently I am in Esert, most times near the traders or claypit. Please PM me or contact me ingame (Nadineb). Regards, Nadine