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Found 144 results

  1. Final offering for the moment, Rare Fo statue! Also in two pieces for easy mailing and so you can have your own makers mark. Starting bid: 10s Increments: 1s Reserve: No Private bids: Yes Sniper protection: 1 hour Buyout: Make offer
  2. Fo/Libila spells to enchant unicorns/hell horses to be passive and hitchable/rideable while untamed. In reality I'm just bored to death on Epic and I want to make use of my absolutely useless unicorn farm.
  3. Have another Supreme Fo Statue fragment plus enough to finish it!!! Starting bid: 25 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 50 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted *Example from Wurmpedia*
  4. Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted
  5. Vynora custom enchants on your own item - contact: NelsE (not forum nickname). Current Vynora priest skill: 99.6 channeling + benedition (+5 flat power), Fo 95 chan + bene Can do precasted items also, but you will be not able to requrest specific power, you must select item from list of pre-enchanted items - its cheaper than enchants by request. Why enchant by request is higher price? Read under spoiler The custom enchats price list (can request specific power, but not lower than 80 power) Vynora Utility 80+ 90+ 100+ Description Wind of Ages 1s 1.5s 3s Increase action speed 1% per power Circle of Cunning 1s 1.5s 3s Increase skillgain 1% per power Opulence - 9c 18c Will make the food item satisfy your character better Mend 20c Repair item with ql cost, scales by ratio 0.01ql per 0.1dmg, up to 20dmg for 2ql per cast Weapon 80+ 90+ 100+ Description Mind stealer 2s 3s 6s Chance to steal small amount of characteristics, that higher than yours, on kill non player creature. Nimbleness 1.2s 1.8s 3.6s Slighlty Increases chances to hit. 0.02 Combat Rating per power, 2cr at 100power Frostbrand 90c 1.35s 2.7s Add frost damage to a weapon, up to 33% on max enchant power. Animal demise 30c +3% damage versus non-legendary "animal" creatures (Wild cat, brown bear, hell horse, etc.). Monster demise 30c +3% damage versus non-legendary "monster" creatures (Troll, goblin, hell scorpious, etc.). Legendary demise 30c +3% damage versus legendary creatures (Black dragon, Kyklops, Troll king, etc.). Jewelry 80+ 90+ 100+ Description Glacial - 1.01s 2.01s Increase any frost damange you cause (works with Frostbrand and Frost Imbue) Lurker in the deep - 90c 1.8s Locates rare fishing spot tiles Fire protection - - 90c Reduce any fire damage you take Armour 80+ 90+ 100+ Description Aura of shared pain 70c 1.05s 2.1s Small damage return up to 30% to creature that land hit to enchanted armour part Fo Utility Description Courier 101 power 1s Tempts messenger spirits to inhabit the target and work for you (101 power is instant mail delivery) Humid Dizzle 20c Tends to animals and cures disease in area Genesis 20c Cleanses a creature of a single negative trait Travel to your deed 0-3s Depends on trevel distance. Weapon 80+ 90+ 100+ Description Life Transfer 2s 3s 6s Heals the wielder when acausing damage to an enemy Venom 2s 3s 6s Causes a weapon to deal poison wounds instead of normal damage, but reduce damage Jewelry 80+ 90+ 100+ Description Toxin - - 81c Increase any poison damage you cause Acid Protectiion - - 90c Reduces any acid damage you take Lurker in the Woods - 90c 1.8s Locate rare creatures (locate only champions, does not work for uniques) Incease accuracy (Nim) and speed (BoTD, WoA) enchants does not stuck. CoC or Woa does not stuck with BoTD Damage and life steal enchants doesn’t stuck each other (LS,Esd,FB,FA,BT,RT,Vnm) on one weapon. Exclude demise, but only one demise can be cast on weapon. Cheap casts like Opulence, Mend, Demise form the sheet have independent price(if you are customer for other enchants these are for free). Shatter chance for my current skill (depends on item QL) 1QL: shatter 1 of 51 casts (1.96353077%) 10QL: 1 of 112 (0.89561183%) 30QL: 1 of 771 (0.12956765%) 50QL: 1 of 3319 (0.03012512%) 70QL: 1 of 4588 (0.02179130%) 90QL: 1 of 4686 (0.02133788%)
  6. With the Valrei teaser posted yesterday showing us some information about new holy sites, I have a suggestion that can make it a little more interesting to begin following one of the gods or becoming a priest of that religion. This is not intended to replace the existing conversion options. Occasionally, an avatar of a god will appear on servers for various missions or possibly at these new holy sites. I'm proposing some new interactions with these avatars. Pledge Fealty This allows a player to pledge fealty to the chosen god to become a follower. They are converted and begin at 10 faith because they made the pilgrimage to seek out the representation of their chosen god in our world. To pledge fealty, the player must seek out the Avatar of their chosen god, activate the appropriate statuette, and right-click > Pledge Fealty. If the player is already the follower of a different god with more than 10 faith, there is a small chance that the avatar will attack them instead due to their fickle loyalties. Declare Devotion This allows a follower to interact with the avatar to be granted the honor of becoming a priest of that god. Due to their resolute beliefs and faithful pilgrimage, they are awarded with a 1 week affinity to both faith and channeling. To declare devotion, the player must seek out the Avatar of their chosen god within an area of influence for this god (This might mean they must show their determination by constructing an altar nearby) then right-click the avatar with a statuette activated > Declare Devotion. If the player is the follower of a different god with 30 faith, the avatar will become enraged by their infidelity and attack the player. *Because both of these mechanics would put the presence of the avatar at risk for the sake of completing the mission, should the avatar be killed, a replacement will be sent to a new location on the server where a player has prayed to that god within the last 24 hours, and the mission would be reset and updated appropriately. The new avatar may not be needed for the new mission, but will grant a small boost to prayer for followers and priests within a set tile radius (larger or smaller based on the prayer skill of the player that had done the prayer). Renew Faith This allows a follower with 20 or more faith or a priest to interact with the avatar during the mission for a temporary (24+ hours) affinity based on that god's domain. This might look like: Vynora Toymaking, Magranon Prospecting, Fo Gardening, and Libila Butchering. This option does not appear for players that do not follow the god represented. To do this, the follower must choose a rare or better item to gift/sacrifice to the god, activate the item, and right-click the avatar and choose to "Renew Faith". Rare gives 24 hours, Supreme for 48 hours, and Fantastic for 72 hours.
  7. Looking for farming relevant runes, like gold fo, gold libila, iron jackal, etc Blank or enchanted, any ql
  8. Hi, I am looking to join the globel cast of Holy Crop. Need it for my journal. Please contact me in-game, Silberlocke or my friend Kupferlisa (she know how to find me)
  9. We are located at Sklotopolis on Harmony f,g 14/15 on the ingame map, north from Heartland. Wagooner Didi ondeed. Runed c 99 Mailbox ondeed. Sermons we hold also here with a nice 24/7 group, 6 listeners online most time, with free food and water, if i have u on my friend list xD
  10. The priests among you who strive for great things and strive for the title divine and the advantages that go with it (benediction), know that some entries are more difficult to access than others. I'm referring specifically to "cast a global spell" (or link you with a prister of the this ") Unfortunately, I keep hearing that some priests who can afford the luxury of having various alts as "favor batteries" cast the global spell alone. that sucks for those priests who cannot afford it, because a LOT of time and effort passes between the individual rituals to recharge the "strength" of the respective deity through prayers and preaching. So it is more or less a collective effort of the community that the ritual can take place. This achievement is then destroyed by individuals by stealing the "cast". ((That'S what I heard at least)) So I suggest that when the time of a ritual should come, that a group of priests as large as possible meet who still need the journal entry and then do the magic together. that should take place at a time when as many as possible "can" be there I would like to hear your opinion on this
  11. Welp, I finally decided to finish the Colossus of Fo we had started and was so excited to place that final brick! I stared at it, gave myself a high five for my accomplishment, and stared at it some more. And then I realized that compared to the other Colossi of Wurm, Fo is just a bit...bleh. Underwhelming in his colossus form. And that is confusing to me. This is the god of nature. Yet he looks menacing and cartoonish and not at all like a god. I looked back at the forums and found I wasnt the only one truly disappointed with it. Many have asked since the Fo Colossus was brought into being why he looks like, well, a big ol' blob. I saw many very cool alternatives offered by fellow Wurmians. With all of the awesome changes in how Wurm looks and feels, why can Fo not be more impressively represented?? As a Fo Priest, I am happy to create this and look at it with pride. But as a fellow gamer, dang Wurm lets take this up a notch puhleeze! I can hear the other gods in the distance whispering "Yeah...try taking that guy seriously."
  12. You sense that Fo is brimming with power. Attempting it August 25th, 3pm UTC (10am CDT/CST) R-10, New Beginnings One spot open, contact @Jakkuor Smidgen in game.
  13. Looking to buy one or two cheap priests. Doesnt need anything spectacular 30ish channeling would be good. Prefer fo or mag but any with a transfer is fine. Dont care about other skills. 50ish faith plus is also preferable. Can send me a message here or in game. In game name is Jaded. Can pay via paypal.
  14. I am looking for priests of Fo, Mag and Vyn to priest up my alts. If anyone can assist me with this please respond or PM please. I live on Deliverance near Greendog and am willing to pay 1s per conversion if you come to me. Thanks!
  15. This handsome Rare Marble Fo statue can be yours! Join the bidding Weight: 50kg, Free delivery to winner. [18:38:01] A statue of the forest god Fo. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.ua...u.'. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Ql: 28.818151, Dam: 0.0. Can be improved Handsome Rare Marble Fo Start Bid: 20s Bid Increments: 1s ***DON'T SHOOT THE AUCTIONEER*** -Do not post in this auction unless you are bidding.
  16. Could I get a price check on this character please? Faith 97.925820 Natural Substances 79.959620 Farming 79.483340 Rake 69.946075 Prayer 67.113075 Shortsword 63.076344 Religion 58.210155 Digging 52.678830 Channeling 51.029156 Nature 50.499530 Meditating is 30, on the Path of Love, can enchant grass. Body Control is 21, Mind Logic is 29.92 and Fighting is 38.6. Naked, no premium time.
  17. Min Starter Bid 25s/E ~ Min bid increase 2s/E ~ 3 hour snipe protection ~ Buyout 37s/E
  18. Hey guys, Im very interested in creating a Fo priest. I understand that this takes a lot of time and dedication to get anything back from priests, but id like to think im here for the long haul :). One of my concerns is favour restoration. I understand that you can sacrifice certain items at an altar to restore favour, but what is best and what kind of skill levels will i need to get decent items to sacrifice? I here that making cordage rope is good, but you need some ridiculous level in rope-making for it to be good enough. I hear that you can make toys or something similair, but not sure what these are to be honest. I also here that you can chop vegetables and sacrifice them, but im not 100% sure of that. If that is the case, what skill would i need to raise to quality of vegetables chopped? Thanks, Journey
  19. Avatar of fo

    I was on my way to the southern sermon priest party, when I saw the giant fo avatar. This was a couple days ago, South western part of pristine I believe. I haven't seen an avatar for about three or more years. I had seen the vynora avatar, was just a standard default model of a character. White shirt, brown pants, and was a guy lol. I'll get my screen shots on here in a few moments ^^
  20. Want to buy Fo priest, im not looking for good/maxed one as i dont have that much money I can trade it for Paaweelr priest - 21BC, 24 Channeling, 40 Faith + prem till 8th june Got one!
  21. I"m seeking a Fo priest for a conversion. Preferably near Whitefey or Greymead in Xanadu, but i can travel if its not too far.
  22. closed

    I have a rare unfinished colossus of Fo for auction. It is my understanding that these unfinished rares are nerfed in game making this even extra rare. Unfortunately it can not be mailed so it will need to be traded. Pickup NE Indy (F22) Starting Bid - 5s Bid Increments- 1 s No Reserve 1 hour Sniper
  23. I've got a deed owned by my main, and all my alts, including my Fo alt, have permissions to do anything on deed. They have individual permissions, and are also members of the village, and village permissions are set the same. According to all permissions, any of my priests should be able to tame/charm/dominate, as well as cast deity spells. What really confuses me is that it was working just a little while ago. I used my Fo priest to charm a champion crocodile. About an hour later, I tried to charm a champion cave bug and I couldn't. It said that would be very bad for my karma and was disallowed on the server. I hadn't changed my permissions at all. I checked, and they were still all the same. I tried with other animals, and I can't charm any of them now, but I don't get what's changed or how to change it back. All I did on my main was feed some animals and do some farming; there's no way that should have magically changed the permissions, and even if it did, I checked and all the same boxes are ticked that were ticked when I charmed the crocodile. All of my animals are branded, the crocodile is now untamed, I had enough favour and permission to manage all animals on deed. The Fo alt can still do other spells like Genesis. I've tried reclogging and ticking some other boxes in the permissions just in case they needed to reset, but nothing is working. How on earth am I supposed to change whatever it is back so that my Fo can charm again?
  24. Hi, I am looking to buy a Fo priest and Vyn priest with 100 faith PM with offers.