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Found 10 results

  1. Ebonaura Reborn

    Hey my Ebonaura brothers and sisters and fellow Wurmians. I created a dedicated server for Wurm unlimited and I would love to have you guys play in it and shape the land. It is running on a 20 core server with plenty of RAM and HD space in my house. It is open to anyone and I also need GM's to help out running the server. I have plans to make it a multi server with a freedom style one and a pvp style server like Chaos if we get a good enough player base. The info to join it is below: Server name: Ebonaura IP: As one of Ebonaura's founder I would love to keep the kingdom alive in this server. HMU if you want to have a GM role as well.
  2. Dear lost soul, The Army of Murkham is looking for extra volunteers to man the forlorn hope while the Navy is looking for fresh vikings to man the oars. The outpost of Murkham wears the tabard of Ebonaura and every volunteer gets one for free. Potential recruits need to be able to resist the smells of the sewers, have a strong and rather small stomache, have a sense of discipline and be able and willing to learn and sacrifice themselves for the great cause. Out of the box thinking is encouraged. Murkham is easily reachable for goodwilling people. Murkham guarantees replacement of combat equipment for the fallen. Utilities and facilities for the newcomers are provided and it is discouraged to bring anything you do not want to lose from Freedom Isles to Chaos. Interested? Contact Maurizio. (All recruits need to be approved by Ebonaura) Signed, Offices of the Duke of Murkem, Ebonaura.
  3. Going to be without internet for a while so want to sell my 84ql supreme forge and 30ql Ebonaura wagon 30s for both. Can deliver to any coastal area except Chaos.
  4. My characters Evarya and Evayla had been stolen from me. Over 2 years ago I joined Ebonaura over on Chaos and became a trusted member and I eventually made my main character Evarya a Champion. I put a lot of trust in Ebonaura and vise versa. However by the time my Championship ended I was burnt out of playing Wurm and for personal reasons I quit. I had a lot of respect for the King of Ebonaura and he (by the time I quit) knew my passwords to my accounts. Evarya had over 100s in the bank also. I told the King he could use my accounts while I wasn't playing and said I didn't know when I would come back. Nine months later, I couldn't access my account by password or email. I have since spent the past 3 months trying to get hold of various people from Ebonaura including the King himself but I have been told nicely they will help, never to hear from them again or ignored. I accept that the 100s silver is gone, but I want my main character back.... please give her back.
  5. Another quality auction brought to you by Black Forest Smithy (Click to view merchant) In celebration of our new market in SW Xanadu (Here) We are auctioning a rare Ebonaura wagon Rare Cedarwood Wagon 70QL Bidding starts at 10s 1s increments 20s reserve No buyout All items have 1 hour sniper protection Buyouts are placed high to encourage bidding All items marked with ~ are rounded up or down to nearest whole QL Items can be based at Q13 Black Forest Nemeton on Xanadu if you wish to collect Happy bidding!
  6. I'm looking for tall kingdom banners from Chaos. 1x tall kingdom banner - Mol Rehan (bought) 1x tall kingdom banner - John Kellon (bought) 1x tall kingdom banner - Horde of the Summoned (bought) 1x tall kingdom banner - Black Legion (bought) 1x tall kingdom banner - Ebonaura Please pm me with prices here or in game. Malajane
  7. Finally after making a few adjustments the design is complete. Im sorry it took so long but I had to learn to use photoshop myself to finish the hyena. The design represents Libila (ghostly Libila background) ordering her minions (hyena) to destroy all her enemies (Anaconda, Gorilla, Wildboar) In the design you can see the hyena ripped the head of the anaconda off; mauled the gorilla to death and forced the wild boar to submission. Hope you guys enjoy the design. It will be in-game very soon.
  8. Hello my fellow Wurmians! The Demonocracy or Ebonaura is glad to announce that we will be giving a set of a flag and a banner to the first 20 lucky players to reply to this thread. The items will be sent out for free having the player pay only for the COD of the items (20c). Here is what you will get: Please reply with your ingame name and I will make a list of our lucky winners. Disclaimer: If you are currently in Chaos and you are part of a different kingdom; it is not possible to mail items to you as you are considered an "enemy" by the game.
  9. Closed!

    FINALLY!!! We have the first Ebonaura flag and banner for auction. You will rarely see this item on auction. Be one of the proud owners of this beautiful design. They look tattered in game and the holes in the flag actually wave with the wind. No other design is like Ebonaura's. Starting bid: 2s Increment: 50c No reserve
  10. I wanted to start this thread to give props to my wife that spent about 8 hours or more working in our kingdom's design. It represents Libila commanding her minions (hyena) to destroy all her enemies (anaconda, gorilla, wild boar). As you can see in the picture the hyena destroyed the anaconda and the gorilla and forced the wild bar into submission. I hope everyone enjoys the design and feel free to give props to the creator. If you are interested on having a design made by her please contact me. Edit: Changed Libila silhouette