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Found 19 results

  1. I cant download the game i press the play button on the website and then i download the client to my desktop. I checked my java according to suggestions on the forums and try to launch the client. It looks like its launching and i see a little box with a java icon showing. i see a java application on the task manager working. then both the box and the application disappears. I am using a Lenovo laptop. Could you please help me because i have been looking for a fix more than a year now and i realized i could ask here. Thank you. "Edit" By the way i dont know if its the right place for this topic or not i apologize if i am mistaken. "Edit"
  2. Hi - I am not being able to log in at all - the downloading just hangs at 0% - setting up is shown under packs, but nothing happens. Please advise. I am using Linux btw, dont know if that has anything to do with it. Thanks, Baloo
  3. I am running on a mac with Os x 10.11 I have not been able to get the patch update (not sure there is one right now) as of this morning, yesterday everything was fine. here is my error log:
  4. Hello All, The Steam Client stops downloading at 18.3mb. Then restarts the download at 0 again. Continuous loop of this. If I stop it after the 18.3mb then click on Play it crashes out. The download directory has all the file names and .jar files but they all say these are corrupted when I click on them. I have deleted the cache and download files and tried to start again but same issues. Can someone please suggest something?
  5. Has anyone else had trouble the last few days with the game trying to download a new application every time you open the game? It never actually changes anything that i can tell it just goes through the motion like there was an update. I know this because when it does change like with the update today it creates a new icon and moves it to the default new icon place on my desktop. All this on the unstable client Edit: I have tried to clear wurm out of my java list and let it download everything again but that did not help any.
  6. Yay a new update, but now my client wont continue the update past pmk.jar 3%. I deleted the jar files, this did not work. I deleted the game, this did not change it. I re-installed Java, its v 8 now, I think it was that before though.
  7. you will own this game if you download it this weekend. ship control = awesome net code = awesome battles = awesome
  8. After some more searching in the forum I found the solution! I am sorry for this post since there was already a topic for this. You may remove this topic =)
  9. I am usually a daily premium player, last week the big update was about to happen so I got off my horse and secured him in a friend's pen, after the update several people including myself were unable to access the game and we were told there were about 4 servers down that needed taken care of to fix the problem and to simply wait the time out, so we did; apparently that was done successfully and most if not all people that were having the incomplete downloads could now enter the game by the end of that day Sat. 21st Sept. 2013, except for me. *my inability to access the game seemed to me to start before that time, maybe Thursday or Friday, and I assumed they had just been waiting it out as I was doing, before making a report, but maybe theirs started on Saturday the 1st day of their reporting the problem. I play on Deliverance use Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 have no error messages to report simply keep finding the download not fully getting finished I have turned the computer off twice... My computer manufacturer is Sony Electronics Inc. VAIO computer Model Processor: Intel® Core i7 CPU Q720 @ 1.60GHz 1.60 GHz Installed Memory (RAM): 4.00GB System Type: 64-bit Operating System NVIDIA GPU-based Graphics Card To date... I am still getting incomplete downloads so that the Play button never lights up. It downloads to different places... sometimes 80% sometimes 97% etc. Tell me what else I need to offer to help solve this problem and how to find it thanks. Yours, Gemfinder
  10. When I try to download the game, it takes an insanely long time to download Graphics.jar. Is there a way that could be sped up?
  11. Alright, I've played Wurm Online before, decided to come back after seeing a lot of the new updates. Although for some reason when I hit play it allows me to open or save the download. If I hit open it immediately opens and closes a CMD screen. If I save and attempt to run from desktop it does the same thing. I have update the java to #25. I've googled plenty of issues no one seems to be having this issue, most ppl are atleast able to install the game before it gives issues. Thanks for any help really wanna get back into this game again
  12. Greetings everyone. So I am trying to download Wurm. I have done this successfully twice before with no problems. However, now when I try to download it it freezes on the file called client/wurmclient.jnlp It's not just downloading slow, because I left it on all night and it was still stuck on the same file. I have windows 7 and the latest Java.
  13. i cant find any other topics about this, but im trying to download the game by clicking play and it brings up the download for wurmclient.jnlp but my computer doesnt know what program to run it in, so im unable to download it ive already installed the latest version of java, and i also tried to tell it to open the download in java in every way i could find but it just makes it bring up a black window that closes immediately what am i supposed to do
  14. I'm having troubles with the latest pack update. while it's down loading it will just freeze right in the middle of a file down load. It's a random file, but it's all ways a player armor texture.
  15. So i've read a lot of these topics and none seem to even have the problem i'm experiencing. When i click play, on the main page of the site, to download, a download starts, but then crashes. I'm 99% sure i dont have AVG. if i do, it's hidden deep down in the depths of my computer's files and refuses to come up in a search.
  16. Hello ​if this interests​ you! This is the old Wurm deed Planner useful to anyone who cares to use it. The project for this was discontinued and the code along with others are available to be continued.. I my self am not the creator just another person passing on the project. Anyone who wishes to use this version or continue it i will include the two links to the download and the page. The Download to the working one- The Link to the Google code page- I take no responsibility for the making i am just advertising it or passing it on.
  17. Hi. Sorry for my english I do my best. I'm using Linux and when I run the wurmclient.jnlp it shows that,the client files are downloading,but after the download process is finished,nothing happen and the files are missing.Looks like nothing has been downloaded. After that,I have tried to download the client files manually,but it says The requested URL /client/libraries-stable-2011/...... was not found on this server. Anyone could tell me how to download the client files or where are the client files on the server to download manually? I have also tried to download the unstabel and test version,but same results.Client files are missing from the server At least it looks like. Please help. Thanks.
  18. For those of you that have had issues with Wurm, AVG and downloading updates: Update to the latest version of AVG 2012 and all should be fixed now. {Thanks to Wollschaf for finding this info}
  19. I just updated my Java to Java 7 Update 5, and now when i try to play wurm, I click the link to unstable client as I always do, and it brings up a "Downloading Application" box. It will go about half way, then stop, and stay there for hours. It won't download. Any ideas?