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Found 1 result

  1. What is going on?: Regardless of how many characters I am playing, whether it's just my main, Dairuka, or all seven of my premiumed alts at once. I will experience a constant stream of disconnections and reconnections over the period of anywhere between 40 seconds, to 10 full minutes. Recently it has gotten worse, and I've experienced spikes like this which have gone on for up to 20 minutes. Inbetween disconnecting and reconnecting, I will see the "refreshing" message whenever I right click something, up until the problem disappears on it's own, or until the client disconnects and reconnects again. I can experience anywhere between 2 disconnects/reconnects per client over a 40 second period, to up to 50 disconnects/reconnects over a 20 minute period. (I am not joking about this number, it is a fair, and relatively low estimate to what I have experienced before.) Worse yet, I recognize that I am not the only one experiencing these problems. Fellow alliance mates, Mavv, Dinkleberry and Exmortis all experience this issue in varying degrees. The only common connection is that we're all Canadian, despite being found in different parts of the country. This issue appears to be a Wurm issue only. I do not experience it with other games, or programs, including those using Java. While experiencing connectivity issues, I will often be running either EVE Online, Netflix, or actively chatting with someone through Kik on Bluestacks or Skype. My internet appears to be functioning fine. Turning off everything that could be using the internet connection does not help. I will still experience this problem regardless of what I am running. Other people experiencing the problem: (25 individuals so far) Dinkleberry (Canadian), Exmortis (Canadian), Mavv (Canadian), Shagsangel (Canadian), Webleyvickers (British Columbia, Canada), Gumbo (Canadian), Dairuka (Alberta, Canada), Milosanx (Australian), Fazz (Australian), Delone (Australian), Urban (Denmark), Notre (Canadian), Chikiza (Germany), KillerSpike (South Africa), LorraineJ (Unknown), Empress (Texas, USA), syncaidius (United Kingdom), cmiddlebrook (United Kingdom), Pingpong (Mordor), punishlife (United Kingdom), Stinky (Unknown), Rhianna (Australia), Aetherwalker (Unknown), Delone (Unknown), Felthanne (Michigan, USA) What does it look like?: As I experience this issue, I will continue to update with more information and screenshots. When did this begin?: This has been going on since April 2014. I've actually moved, and changed my computer's specs once over the last three months. This means that I've experienced the exact same problems, with two different machines, two different internet providers (Telus and Shaw Cable) - in two different locations in Canada (Vancouver, BC - Calgary, AB). When does it occur?: Commonly occurs at: 3am - 12pm MST (9am - 6pm GMT) It normally does not occur often outside of that time-frame, which is very unusual. The errors messages: Network error: <an established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine> Network error: <Failed to connect to the new game server> Network error: <Connection timed out: connect> What suggestions have you tried to fix the issue?: Cleaning 32-bit Java from my computer, and running only 64-bit Java with Wurm, and other programs. (Suggested by the Forums.)Rolling back to older Catalysts for my ATI Radeon 5850. Gave up on this suggest, currently using most recent Catalyst 14.4. (Suggested by the Forums.)Disabling GLSL Shader Support and V Sync in the options menu. (Suggested by Waarokku.)Do you have a Java Runtime Environment Error Log?: The last error log found on my computer is from September 8th, for a totally unrelated reason. The disconnects and reconnects are not creating .log files - if they were, I'd be inundated with .log files on my desktop and folders. If you have suggestions, please let me know. I will try anything to try and stymie the rage these disconnects and reconnects are causing me. If you're one of those extremely stupid people (you know who you are.) who still keep telling me it's on my end, I only have this to say to you: Just because you aren't afflicted by this right now, (it's spreading. You're next.) doesn't mean it isn't happening. Get your head out of the sand.