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Found 25 results

  1. Join the ancient Kingdom of Mol-Rehan. Our group is experienced and we have decent players willing to help out new people. Want to have an adventure with good folk? Search no more. Come and build a new home on Mol-Rehan Epic, or Mol-Rehan Home on Desertion server. Wurm is waiting for you! Build, craft and hunt alongside friends! Meet characters such as Beardyman the Bald (for he always dislikes the helmet) who prefers to let his pate blind his enemies. Or Speedy the Blitzkrieg who gets lost in his own deed. Meet player gods such as Gary and Smeagain or Tosiek, and let them share you the histories of Mol Rehan.
  2. I'm, & I've, been JK since 2011-ish, but as there are no villages interested in having me, seeing if anyone in MR would for a while. No problem helping with projects as I get myself back into the game, or setting up good quality armour/weapons/house planning/stuff. Unsure how this works as I've only ever been in JK, & 1 deed in 2011. Plus points if you/your villagers recently joined Wurm. GMT+00.
  3. Looking for a new home on Desertion, Just returned from being away. Thank you all in advance -Chronos
  4. Stand As 1

    Hi guys im back and im really missing Wurm but still don't want to part with my hard earned cash for game that has got worse not better since Xanadu. Server population seems to be worse than ever and ive been in the back ground reading the forums about players concerns but as usual they get slagged off and nothing gets done. So i think its time to stand as 1 if you like me love wurm but but feel the game is lost and going nowhere put your thoughts here. My main thing i want is to see better advertising (Steam it works ) because this game is an Masive Mutiplayer Online Elevation players 37/400 Deliverance players 36/400 Pristine players 24/400 Independence players 54/800 Exodus players 16/800 Celebration players 17/400 Serenity players 51/400 Desertion players 28/400 Xanadu players 262/2000 Golden Valley players 1/400 Release players 45/400 Chaos players 49/800 Affliction players 4/400 Total players 624/8000 Dont look like it to me. So come on i think we can all agree that Wurm need a lot more players and it would make playing so much better. So lets stick together and get the devs to do something about it.
  5. Hey! Resurrection is recruiting! Looking for active (premium players) new or old players are both welcome! We are offering: Starting kit (optional)Horses Huge mine w/ (Iron, Lead, Tin) Tar pit Clay pit Sand pit Desert Steppe Village priest Healing supplies Housing on the deed Friendly alliance Water (spot for fishing) Port What do we need from you?: LoyaltyRespect Active If you are new to the game we will help you and teach you the basics. PM me here on forums or in-game if you'd like to join! (name: Johnnny/Drkaszana)
  6. EbonHeart StrongHold This is a huge settlement with a lot of great ideas to how it should be developed. there is currently a lot of work to be done, but it is walled in for security and protection for those who need it. This is a city for both experienced and new players. Ideas and creativity is what makes this game what it is, so we welcome those as much as possible. You never know when someone has a great idea about something. Important Information: Deed size: 51x57 resources: Iron, Silver, Clay, Tar, Sand, Water, Copper, Tin, Gold Creatures in Area: spiders, hell hounds, lava spiders, scorpions, hell scorpions, unicorns Land Marks: Desert, Coastline, Mountain, lots of Forrest Religious Domain: Vyn in city area, Mag in the mine, Fo working on location Alliance: The Republic, currently am the capital of the alliance with roughly 10 villages NPC: currently have a trader and will setup locations for merchants very soon. What We are Looking For: Dedicated players willing to learn the game and build the city into what it could become. Loyatly Activity is a must. If your not able to login then let us know whats up so we don't assume you quit. Prefer premium Players, but non-premium are welcome as well Current and Future Projects: Mine Shipyard More guard towers in area currently have 3 redoing central part of village Stockpiling resources What Village Needs: Vyn Priest All and Any Specific trade type What We Offer: Security and Freedom Experienced players to help answer any questions you may have. Alliance and Village Communications: Team Speak Facebook Group Event Scheduling Village and possibly Alliance Website to come in the future. Photos: Will post them very soon! Contact: Eldarian in game or on forum if you are interested in more information or to join our wonderful community.
  7. Originally I had only planned to ask a few people here and there in-game about the topic at hand, however that wouldn't be fair to anyone else who has an opinion or a suggestion and would like to contribute. I intend this thread only to be as a check-in for those of you in the community who wish to talk seriously about the game economy. I do not intend this thread to be a place to debate opinions and facts. This thread is intended to remain friendly and free of bias. This thread should remain clean and void of any aggression or derailment. Following these guidelines, if you'd like to be part of a private group discussion concerning the current economy in Wurm, please leave a post here saying "Add me" All of those who ask to be added to the discussion will be added to a message group. Any of those who don't care to talk about the topic can pass this thread and move along. See you all during the discussion! As a reminder, please only respond to this thread by asking to be added to the personal-message-discussion. If the message group fills up (and it should) we will either start several message groups over the topic or use an outside source to host the conversation.
  8. Gladius Recruiting!!! New and Experienced players welcome!!! Gladius welcomes and accommodates any premium players who wish to join! At the moment there are 8 spots open for recruitment and we are expanding... Free to play but want to see how it is to be in a deed? You are welcome to build a house off-deed near Gladius, we can help you learn the basics and when you get premium you may choose to join the village as a full member Carebear? Crafter? Hunter? Maybe you build a home and get bored and keep rebuilding or moving every month? Maybe you need a place to build your PvP skills? You have a unique specialty that requires a less common material? We have anything you need here and can assist anybody with special requests, just let me know in a pm. Whatever you do, any and all are welcome and some may find it quite lucrative to join us...(See incentive program below) A full member will get the benefits of: Mine with every ore type Property to build any house you want Access to nearby sand and clay Access to nearby water source for fishing or shipbuilding Surrounding hunting grounds An active Alliance of knowledgeable and experienced players as well as a handful of new players A few alliance priests (Looking for a Fo priest to join) Other things that may concern you: Alliance uses Teamspeak 3, it isn't mandatory but is encouraged to download and use You may only have 4 animals on deed(subject to change) If you are dishonest, disrespectful or act like a troll on a regular basis, you will be treated like one and will be asked to leave(that being said...we can all take a joke) You may have a house but I will hold on to the writ for 2 weeks after completion of the structure to make sure you are planning on staying Alliance members are specialized in many aspects of the game and are happy to help new players get started or improve something for you but don't expect handouts, we like to help players who help themselves and lend a hand to village and alliance projects You may leave at any time, but if you are leaving the game, taking a break for a few weeks or just finding a new place to live try to let us know beforehand Introducing... The Incentive and Tax Systems (optional) Eligibility: Active, premium village member for 2 weeks Active: 18 hours or more of playing time in one real-life week Once considered active after the standard 2 week waiting period you may opt to join the incentive program or tax system Death and Taxes The tax system is designed only for the players who occupy deed space and use community materials to make in-game coin and don't contribute to the community as a whole. This is not meant to punish those who don't help, it is just a means to contribute without having to put forth effort (an option for those who spend a lot of time on their craft and can't help around the deed) As horrible as taxes sound, I would only ask for 25c per month added to the deed's upkeep Incentive program The incentive program is designed to reward those who contribute to our active community and this can be done in many ways. To name a few you can lend a hand to our alliance and village projects, help new players get started, create and improve items for allies and fellow villagers or all of the above. Of course those are the broad strokes and any helpful behavior will be noted and possibly rewarded. Those who choose the incentive program must be willing to spend some time and effort if they want to be eligible for rewards but the effort won't go unseen and rewards may come in many forms...for example, some help with a dig project might earn you an enchanted tool or maybe multiple productive days helping players get started will earn you a bonus to your monthly coin handout, either way if you choose to go above and beyond you will reap the benefits You wondering how much this monthly handout is? After the first 2 weeks are up your first month of the incentive program begins...If you have done what is expected you will receive 30c as a base payment including whatever you earned through extra effort. After your second month of activity starts and you do as is expected you will receive 40c...3rd month...50c After 3 months of being a productive villager you would have earned 1.2 silver and can earn a silver coin every 2 months for as long as you stay an active villager Welcome to the retirement pension program...after 3 months you will get the 50c and the option to become a "retired" player. This means that you will not have to contribute as much as you used to for the coin at the end of the month but will only earn 25c You just want to be a regular villager? well there is still a tax system in place..but there is a limited time offer, join the deed tax and incentive free for 45 days, get acquainted with people and the way the system works...then you can either choose the incentive program or the lower tax bracket and pay 10c a month or make 200 bricks or 200 mortar for the deed Sound Interesting? Pm me on forums or in-game if you have any questions If I'm not available or unresponsive in-game Pm Tylerdurden or Kingselassie
  9. Create a new map the size of chaos for epic without home-servers but "home islands" that are factored into the size of the map, because as it stands the current epic maps are either ruined by Valrei events or lack any true definition in land(lack of real mountains,real islands, or just in general lack of contours) or too small(Affliction). No skill resets just a map and item resets.
  10. Hello! Dun Jore is looking for active players (new or old) to join our village. Or land is 29x35 with plenty of room to expand. We are an active and friendly group who just want to set up a great settlement with friendly villagers. We are apart of The Repbulic, a new and upcoming alliance with many members. The village has a lot of resources that are available for pretty much any type of player whether you want tree or ore variety. We are also close to the desert so there is plenty of hunting available to work on your FS. If you are new to the game we will take you in as well and help train your FS and get equipped so you can battle. Reply to this or send Kieal or Malke a message if you would like to join.
  11. We are recruiting Polish speaking players to Stoned Deed on Epic Desertion. MolRehan: Twierdza Stoned Serwer: Epic: Desertion (MolRehan) O nas: Jesteśmy grupą Polaków zorientowaną głównie na PvP (7 osób chodź nie tylko ;-) Należymy do największego sojuszu na Desertion o nazwie: MRE prowadzącego działania PvP na Desertion jak i na Elevation. Większość czasu mieszkamy w Stoned na Desertion, ale zlokalizowani jesteśmy zaledwie kilka minut żeglugi na Elevation więc do stolicy MolRehan (EC) jest blisko. Dzięki temu uczestniczymy we wszystkich eventach PvP organizowanych przez nasze władze królestwa co dostarcza dużo emocji ;-) [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube] Szukamy graczy zarówno nowych jak i doświadczonych. Gwarantujemy szkolenie i pomoc, sprzęt. Kontakt: pm w grze Tosiek, Teosen, Vill, Villz, Kuciak, Tedix jak i przez forum:
  12. I do not know about the other server starting towns, but Glittershore on Desertion is so barren and that is the first thing newbies see. I think it would be so cool if Glittershore was a bustling town when newbies arrived, with merchants or residents within the city walls. Right now, no one can invest in the town because it is deeded. Why not open the deed up to someone who will make it a village like the other player created deeds, so some can join the village of Gliitershore and build houses, motels, etc.? Thanks.
  13. Together we rise, Together we shall fall City of Oaksted Lore The fires where fresh, the shouts and screams as villagers where slaughtered within there homes. Frostalphus stood infront of him home, as it burned and crumbled to the ground. His deed was in flames. He looked around, The unknown enemy had broken in through the town walls. It was unexpected. Frostalphus remembered all the people who had helped build this place. And felt a pang of regret as everything crumbled. Right before his eyes. He turned in time to see a nogump come crashing through the gates and charge towards him. He closed his eyes and felt a painful slam as the nogumps grafted morning stars slammed into him. He slipped into unconsciousness. He awoke to the sounds of birds chirping and the sound of the lake. The Morning air smelt fresh and warm, he slowly opened his eyes and looked around, nothing was left, only ruins. Only piles of rubble where houses used to be. A nogump lay slayed in the plaza. The kingdom banner tattered and ruined lay upon the nogump. Frostalphus slowly got up and walked towards the banner, he picked it up and rolled up the cloth, he put it in his backpack along with the rest of the tools he still had. He began walking forwards, Past the rubble of the old mine door. But all of a sudden a man came out, it was his second in command, klickguy, he joined frostalphus on his journeys. Day and night they traveled. Following wherever the roads would take them. Until one day they stumbled across the steppe, and they looked through the barren wasteland, just as they began to walk a familiar and warm voice shouted. The two travelers turned in surprise as an old friend rode up on his cart. Thatdamnkid told the two to hop on and come with him to his deed. The two travelers quickly got on and they began riding through the steppe. Thatdamnkid had heard about what happened to the town and told them if they ever need help, he would be there to assist. The two travelers thanked him. And as they entered the desert Frostalphus told thatdamnkid to stop the cart. He had spotted a spot of land. The two travelers walked forwards and told Thatdamnkid they had found there location. To start afresh. Start there lives over. They began working, Klickguy cut the trees down and Frostalphus turned them into planks. They worked together and soon they had built a shack. Within this shack frostalphus planned the city on paper, buildings, rules and whatever he could think of. His imagination ran wild. City walls thick and defended well, Catapults on every tower. Frostalphus had it all planned out. Days passed as the two worked hard. People came and helped. And soon the entire land was being raised. New friends where made and skills where learnt, Frostalphus vowed that whatever happened. He would not let this city fall. Recruiting Oaksted, a city of safety, comfort and warmth, no fear of the outside world. But that is still a thought, we require assistance in the creation of this idea. We are recruiting, we need dedicated players, new or old, no matter from which background, to assist. There will be a rank system. Ranks: The Oaksted High council Lord: Frostalphus [Me] Military Strategist: Klickguy High Priest: Military General: Watkins Head of agriculture: Head of trade: Drewkatski Public relations: Military: Sgt - Bowman - Swordsman - Mauler - Scout - Pike men - Axe-men - Civilian Classes: Farmer: Smith: Craftsman: Militia: Trader: Shop owner: Healer: Priest: Hunter: Elite class: From within the military ranks of oaksted, a group of elite soldiers are formed, the knights, the knights are oaksted's task force, These specifically picked group of soldiers are trained and toughened to there best. They assist anyone looking for help. If it's its carrying out missions behind enemy lines or defending the city or its allies. Grand Knight: The brains of the knights operation, they send out the knights on there tasks. These are the highest of the order, only 5 at a time, they each have there own company of men. Grand knights must progress through the ranks of the military and exceed all tasks given. However, the are specifically picked by the Military general and the high council. Require 75+ FS and can be a priest. Knight: Knights are elite soldiers and shadows of the city, they move swiftly executing there moves, Knights require 75+ FS and can be a priest. Squire: Squires are knights in training, these young knights are trialed and judged over a period of time, until deemed worthy of knighthood. Elite buildings: With the knights comes the chapel, this is only allowed to be entered by the knights and members of the high council. This is were they do there meditation and prayers. ================================== At the moment that is the ranking system. ================================== We plan to create a wide variety of buildings and areas. We want to name different areas of the city and streets. We plan to create: Blacksmith Forge Public Workshop Barracks Armour Castle Public Stables Cart stables Warehouses Farms [barns etc.] Public inn General housing, for the civilians. Church And so on. Laws Oaksted does have laws, these are customary for citizens. No stealing, No littering inactivity for two weeks with no good reason before hand or afterwards will be kicked out of the city. Militia will be called upon to fight if times become dire. Soldiers need to have 70+ Fs Militia need to have 50+ Fs Houses and or rooms are available via real estate. We require active players We do not want people who have a record of stealing, looting, and killing for fun. This is a community Jobs can be selected. You can do whatever you want, as long as your know how to do it. or want to learn it. We want to help each other out. We have alot planned and we need a lot of help, if anyone is interested drop me a PM on wurm, Frostalphus, and ill give you the location. We welcome all! [16:17:43] It is 10:30:50 on Luck day in week 2 of the Bear's starfall in the year of 1037. [16:17:43] The settlement of City Of Oaksted has just been founded by Frostalphus. We now have teamspeak Something useful for planning out deeds. deed-planner. Download it from here. Together we rise, Together we shall fall
  14. starting 25.01.2014 Greetings Fellow Wurmians "The Petre's Transport & Storage" company is looking for nice place to locate the warehouses. The company needs small buildings in a lively settlements. If your deed has some unused bulidng which could be used as warehouse don't hesitate to message Petre. Here is the list of things that we require from settlements: Deed must be inhabited, we don't care about the theoretical number of deed settlers what's matter is the average amount of people online Deed must have area open to everyone with building that can be adopted as warehouse (any building will do). Optional ones: Easy access to warehouse is welcomed - labyrinths of walls and fences are not welcomed - company belives that the amount of active people provides safety The building tighter the better. Trustworthy settlers who want to run business are welcomed. What we provide: access to trade network that will give you profits a way to attract new citizens a chance to become one of the most influential Desertion trade centers transport & storage services (read more below) STORAGE & TRANSPORT SERVICE As i noticed during my merchant's work it happens that people who want to exchange goods aren't online in the same time. I would like to propose solution for that inconvenience: The Storage & Transport service - how it works? From the seller perspective: The seller leaves his cargo at one of the warehouses along with instruction: to which warehouse it should be delivered for how much it should be sold to whom it should be sold In the meantime the authorized person writes down the details of the transaction on papyrus and put cargo in the warehouse. The goods between our warehouses flows a continuously, within a hour or a few the cargo will reach its destination waiting for the buyer. The buyer will be shouted to retrive his goods, from the warehouse. Warehouses will be placed in strategic locations you it will not be Necessary for you to travel much in purpose of selling your goods. From the buyer perspective: buyer recieves the shout from warehouse emplyee and goes to the warehouse buyers pays the price which was set by seller and some small fee for service and gets his cargo.
  15. Hello everyone, im the mayor of the newly founded village of Zwergenbucht, which is located on Desertion . We (a group of roughly a dozend people) are rebuilding the old village of Taol which i used to be a member of. The village disbanded while i was gone (roughly half a year or so) and we are good on our way to rebuild all the houses , walls and mineshaft. We are looking for german speaking people only because it would be a bit akward in village chat otherwise since some of us cant speak english that well. If your interested contact me (gerugon) or kyria ingame for details. Hallo zusammen, ich bin der Bürgermeister des neu gegründeten Dorfes Zwergenbucht auf dem Server Desertion. Wir (eine Gruppe von ca. 12 Spielern) bauen das alte Dorf Taol neu auf. Ich war dort einst Mitglied aber während meiner Abwesenheit hat sich das Dorf aufgelöst und fast alle Gebäude sind verrottet. Wir sind jedoch gut auf dem Weg alle Gebäude neu aufzustellen und suchen nun weitere deutschsprachige Mitglieder. Falls du Interesse hast schreib einfach mich (Gerugon) oder kyria ingame an.
  16. I'll start with criticism, remember i don't want to insult anybody this is just my point of view. PROBLEMS: Despite the potential of game and the possiblities it offers, servers i've seen are like big ghost towns, Maybe i will give some examples: We have tons of houses with beds that stays empty and owner use them for hour per week - but finding a bed for rent is like win in lottery. We have maaany ports and ships built - but no organized naval transport. The devs give us possibility of using carts for transport - but there is no possibility to transport your goods from point A to B, other than pulling your cart by yourself. ( transport service is perfectly possible with game engine but still nobody offers it) Allmost all settlements have access to mine - but there is no chance you could buy iron from them. There is tons of farms but still its almost impossible to buy food anywhere. There are many skilled players who working together would create marvelous items, but since trade is rare and settlements are sooo dispersed (and sparsly inhabited) the chance you meet somone helpfull are small This situation is basically against any economic rules - its just waste of space resources and time. Despite of tons developed settlements each and every new player start as poor beggar and has to walk the same boring path as everyone else before in aim to be self-sufficient (which is imho to large extent waste of time). If you don't belong to settlement there is no way you can interact with them - this makes gameworld one big uncivlised graveyard. What is the point of creating a new settlement which does exactly the same thing as every settlement before it? The things would SOOOO much easier especially for new players if there would be some real trade. Why all the settlements are closed enclaves which doesn't provide outside world with any usefull goods or services? I don't know the answer maybe the rest of players like that situation - not me. SOLUTION So i propose an idea to solve it: "Open Economy Project" The aim of project is to create a set of basic services for all players of Desortion server. Something that will resemble real medieval economy. Our aim is not to build new things but use modified existing infrastructure to provide services. Transporting network - renting a carts and boats, for travelling from post/port A to post/port B. Mines - with all needed eqipment to start mining, well lit and eventually guarded. Charcal stations - for fueling blacksmiths Workshops and blacksmiths - for basic tool creation. Inns - with beds for rent an kitchens for hungry travellers, The locations of all of those will be known to everyone even to raiders (they also form player community). All elements of OEP will be connected by trade network and will exchange goods between them (thats the point). Every player will be able to: buy goods from OEP for fair price or get them as reward for work some of OEP venture or just take them for free if the good is not that valuable The aim of project its to provide player community with the greatest amount of goods and tools using the minimal possible amount of resources and buildings. Well i will start with mine as I think it will be the most useful for new players If anybody is interested in helping the project pm me: my ingame nick is Petre. I will report about the progress (if there will be any) in this thread.
  17. Hi all, Anybody recruiting? Recently moved to the epic cluster, in Desertion.. I'm currently looking to be part of a town/village Coming from Release, I'm not new to the game, just to the pvp part... Anybody in Desertion, or MR controlled Elevation recruiting please pm in game to (Dragoromir)
  18. A friend and I have started a village not far north of Glittershore. We are now looking for a few new (or not so new) players to join us and help us create a nice place to live. We haven't yet formally created the settlement, but we are hard at work to create the necessary buildings and objects to make the village monster-free and safe. But don't worry, we have guards so the monsters wouldn't get too close. We have an iron mine for mining and smithing, and there is a gold mine nearby. We're also located very close to spawning places for a lot of monsters, so hunting is an option. Lastly, we're right next to the ocean with a large harbor area in development, so once we finish our fleet there will be easy access to basically every location on Epic. For more information, if you have questions, or if you want to come visit, don't hesitate to send me a message.
  19. Hello Good People of Wurm! The City of Albion, of the Desertion Server, on the Epic Island Cluster comes to you for a new important update! After a few weeks of updates not being present from the former city of Ashuria via our old leader, Bashur - I now come to you with new news! The Ashurian Revolution! We, the citizens of Ashuria, have overthrown the old Lord Bashur from his tyrannical rule! Under Bashur's rule, we were forced into doing tasks that were unpleasing simply in order to be appreciated. Much of this included bricks and mortar, but does not exclude other tasks such as terra-forming and tedious tasks. This was obviously very overwhelming for people, especially people new to the game, and it actually scared many of the new recruits away from our favorite game, Wurm Online. After Bashur's leave, his Royal Council followed him out the door. In their place, a new leader was elected. Tedrick, whom is very knowledgeable as well as level headed(a much needed improvement since our previous leader) was chosen in Bashur's place! King Tedrick elected a republic as our government, and under such rule the citizens have a say in everything that is done. Our town's citizens can do anything that interests them, including owning private homes and training skills they are actually interested in!(no more bricks and mortar!) The new council was voted on by the people, and was chosen for their yet again knowledge and honour: The New Albion Council! Under our Lord Tedrick, we have 4 current roles on the Royal Council. These include: MeetyourNaga(known as Naga) as Chaplian - In charge of Priesthood and Priests in AlbionDeletingVirus(known as Virus) as Advisor - In charge of advising the Albion council on veteran knowledge of WurmLei(known as Lei) as Chamberlain - In charge of logistics and organization of bulk and non-bulk itemsJackeylegs(known as Jackey) as Chanceleor - In charge of any Royal functions under Tedrick - second in command.The Wurm Wednesday Update! ~By DeletingVirus, This was last weeks Wurm Wednesday Update, another coming very soon! The Recruitment! If anyone who is reading this is at all interested in Epic, Desertion, Mol Rehan, or the Albion town or community, and looking for more information about us, the kingdom, or joining up, contact the following: Private Messages In Game: Lei, Meetyournaga, SinisterPrime, DeletingVirus, Tedrick On the forums: Lei Contact Via Albion Forums: Also Available: Teamspeak! Thank you everyone in Wurm for supporting our cause! Remember, we are no longer associated with Bashur or the Bashurverse due to the recent events. Thankfully we are under free rule, and request all of your support as fellow Wurm players! Thanks for all your interest! The City of Albion, of Mol Rehan Chamberlain Lei~
  20. About us: Once we first joint Wurm we didn't know where on earth to start. Starting out by yourself, building a house to keep safe, whilst trying to do that, run away from monsters, then worry about food, water, trying to find cotton..and of course the many other things to go with it. We finally found a village to stay and the people who owned it were incredibly friendly, offered pretty good QL armor, weapons, meals, helped us build our very own house and helped raise most of our skills. We soon became village elders and ran the place ourselves. Unfortunately, the village got abandoned. We then decided to head off to find our own place where to stay, came across a place close to sea and main sources, which we would need. Plus it was surrounded by dozens of unicorns.. We then deeded the area and started to civilize it. After building the basics we thought about recruiting a handful of people to help out with the village and help them out too, just like we had offered to us. So far our deed is yet to be finished and generally make it look better, so there may be future plans with structures. Currently building the community housing, this will be finished soon and will be fully furnished for players. What we're looking for: Ideally this would be for experienced players. Please be aware as it's a small village only a few may join. We're looking for people who just want to chill, get on with their crafting and getting skills up, training up to go elevation and of course, help maintain the deed. (for experienced players who are ready to go to elevation, you're free to join and use the village as a pit stop to make your boat and head off from there). What Waters Edge can offer to you: Safe deed. (Deed is all blocked off by tall walls).Community housing.Community farm.Community mine.Community forge shop.Easy access for fishing.Located nearby sand, clay and peat.Free meals.Easy to build a boat. (as we're right near the sea and offers more protection as it will be docked on deeded land).Always have healing supplies.Supplied with basic weapons and armor.Regular hunting trips. (For supplies, skill gain or just for the heck of it).Live near a forest area. (never gonna run out of wood to make that boat).Deed guards.Small animal keeping area. (gain animal husbandry skill and keep your own animals in there). Part of a large alliance. Interested? If so, please message either me, Mclovin or Teal. I'm hardly online at the moment, so it would be best to message Teal. Happy Wurming. Mclovin
  21. Recruitment Rivendell is looking for new premium account players that have recently joined the game. Rivendell is a trading village so your job will be to for fill customer orders. Unlike most villages you will be paid for what you make, all Rivendell asks for is a 20% tax which goes towards upkeep and maintenance, there will also be a village economy where you will be able to spend your wages on food weapons tools etc. There will be space to build your own house but there are to ways on how to do it 1st choice is to rent the space eg you want a 3x4 area so 12 tiles x rent per month but you would not own it and Rivendell keeps the writ. 2nd choice is to buy so again 3x4 area 12 x cost of tile plus rent ( council tax lets call it) but this way you keep the writ. I'm doing it this way because some people might want big houses but tiles cost money on a deed and space is costly , also gives the village a real estate economy where people can buy and sell there houses. If you like the sound of this please message me we need lots of hard honest working people to help grow our village to have thriving economy and most of all to make friends and have fun. What you will need to achieve before you earn your citizenship Ranks Miner : mine 1k rock shards & 60 iron ore ( reward x1 stone chisel) Mason : make 1k stone bricks Lumber jack : chop up 100 logs Carpenter : make 100 planks 100 shafts Black smith : make 50 large & 50 small nails Fine carpenter : make large cart Tera former: dig 1k dirt Citizen : collect your free armour chain set sword and shield The stone bricks will go to the village as we only sell 30ql + Congratulations you are now a citizen of Rivendell. You are now free to take what ever career path you choose wether that be a warrior , powerful priest, black smith, or farmer the choice is yours. Rivendell Rules Rivendell business should never be discussed outside the village. No privet bulk deals will be set up unless asked to No bullying of any kind in or outside the walls of Rivendell, if you have a problem with some one please tell me so we can deal with it professionally. Theft is the upmost crime and will not be tolerated, the offender will be KOS on many deeds. The most important rule have fun look out for each other and be proud of Rivendell . Regards Mayor Swistony
  22. Hey Verdens Ende looking for Norwegains wurmers. We live on a large deed on Desertion (MR-Home).... For more info send me a pm or pm ingame to: Skald Lundu Twiixx Bethy Cya folks
  23. *THREAD UNDER CONSTRUCTION* Location Epic - (Desertion - Mol Rehan) Why choose us? If you are looking for a clan with an organized, and growing military, then you are looking for the Valigarths. We are a great group if you are just looking to hone your fighting, mining, farming, or engineering skills. We emphasize on having fun and our staff does everything in their power to assure that our clan is as organized as possible. Our primary focus is to control territory and unite fellow Vikings under our banner. We are friends with the loyal people of Mol Rehan and proud ourselves on keeping that relationship strong. When we watch our fellow allies lead their people it saddens us to see the way they do things. There is a lack of order, the roads are unsafe, and people are under constant threat. Our warriors train constantly day and night to assure the safety of our citizens. We are currently working on our capital city and we are doing everything in our power to make it perfect. From the beginning our primary focus was on building an organized clan from the ground up ridding all of the flaws. Economy One hundred iron coins (100i) = One copper coin (1c) One hundred copper coins (100c) = One silver coin (1s) One hundred silver coins (100s) = One gold coin (1g) 1i = 0.01c = 0.0001s = 0.000001g 100i = 1c = 0.01s = 0.0001g 10,000i = 100c = 1s = 0.01g 1,000,000i = 10,000c = 100s = 1g The Valigarth Economy is completely player driven. Players will be taxed to live under our banner and ways of doing so are by coin, labor, and military service. Taxes are placed on the Jarls by the Chief and in order to fulfill their requirements they tax their villagers accordingly. It is very expensive living in the city but living in the city has it's perks. Trade We do our best to build up strong trading relationships with the people of Mol Rehan. We trade coin, labor, military service, and our natural resources, in order to improve the wealth of our nation. Players may worry about how they are going to transport goods that are a decent distance away but we do so through caravans, and trading ships. Our caravans and trading ships are fairly guarded so you should rarely run into trouble. Requiring the service of a trade caravan or trade ship does cost you though and the methods of payment vary and are very flexible. Jobs We are currently looking for citizens of Wurm to fill positions in our great civilization in order to stay strong. Farmer Hunter Blacksmith Carter - Delivers goods to our settlements and allies Carpenter Mason Inn Keeper Priest Messenger Soldier There are many more jobs available you just have to check the village board for work! Social Structure King - Nasgarth Jarl Karl Thrall Three social classes existed in Norse society. The classes were nowhere near as rigid as they were in other parts of Europe at the time. Mechanisms existed such that a person could move himself from one class to another. The vast majority of Norsemen belonged to the middle class, the karls. These people were freemen and land owners. They were the farmers, the smiths, and the just plain folks. Families of karls usually lived in clusters of two or more buildings, typically longhouses supplemented by barns and workshops. Above them were the jarls, the noble class. The stories indicate that jarls lived in fine halls and led refined lives filled with a myriad of activities. But archaeological evidence to back up these details is lacking. Jarls were distinguished by their wealth, measured in terms of followers, treasure, ships, and estates. The eldest son of the jarl was on the fast track to becoming the next jarl. But, by gaining enough fame and wealth, a karl could become a jarl. The power of a jarl depended upon the goodwill of his supporters. The jarl's essential task was to uphold the security, prosperity, and honor of his followers. Below both of these classes were the þræll. These included the slaves (usually booty from a raid) and bondsmen. If a Norseman of any class could not pay his debts, he was obliged to become a bondsman and to work for another man until the debt was paid. Icelandic law (Grágás K229) allowed for someone convicted of theft to be handed over as a slave to the victim of the theft. The þrælar must have led very hard lives.
  24. If your norwegian Nidaros looking for a few more villagers. We are located on MR Home server Desertion (Epic Cluster). Relaxing village and always something to do. Send a pm here on boards or send a tell ingame. Skald Lundu Twiixx Himythu