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Found 3 results

  1. Okay i recently seen that you could trade mayors of a deed by switching it to a democracy but is there a way to switch it back to a dictatorship? The wiki says that the "founding" mayor can switch it back but how can he do that if he was voted out? I had thought that whoever had the deed form could switch it but that is not working for me. is this some bug? Am i doing something wrong? Do i need to wait on a server reset or is it forever a democracy now?
  2. We've recently encountered a lovely little dillemma with our town on Epic. The village was changed to a democracy due to the founding mayor going MIA for the past 6-7 months. Everything was fine until we ran into a bit of a snag. We had a villager who nobody liked, to be blunt, so we wanted to remove him. Thing is, we couldn't do that ourselves. Not me, the current mayor, or anyone else with villager management rights. When we confronted him and asked him to /revoke, it took about an hour to finally get him to go, which if we didn't keep track of him (or if he logged off and logged back in during nighttime) could have potentionally been disastrous. Because of Epic's low GM-intervention policy, getting the fellow kicked for greifing wasn't a possibility. At best given the worst situation we could kill him, but he could still respawn on deed, or simply travel from spawn, and cause havok once again, since revoking is something he has to do himself. I would like to propose three possible soultions for this problem. 1) Institute a /votekick that functions like /vote but to remove the player from town instead of promoting to mayor. This follows the meaning of democracy and is possibly ideal. 2) Allow the current mayor to revert back to dictatorship. In our situation with the founding mayor being gone we had no options, though this solution might pose some problems down the line. 3) Remove the democracy aspect. I'm aware dictatorships can be outvoted still, (and probably would have been the better option for us if we weren't cycling through villagers left and right), but this political type seems redundant, especially since there's no way to turn back without the founding mayor.
  3. /me stands and applauds. EDIT: This was in today's change notes. I'm happy to see it.