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Found 29 results

  1. Welcome to Riviera! (Image: Rivia, Capital City) A giant island-cluster separated by rivers and lakes. You will wake up in the capital and it's up to you where it goes from there. Will you take the random spawn portal to put you in the wild, or will you stay near the safety of the guards? The server has been online since 2018, however there is plenty of available land to claim and rich pickings for archaeology. Deeding is free and 3s will be placed in the settlement upkeep fund on founding. When you start, you're in Rivia, the capital city which has a market with player merchants, some facilities to do some basic skilling, a public mine nearby, free basic horses, a julboard (fill your food bars!) and a random spawn portal that can teleport you to a random location on the map (if you choose to use it). If you don't like where you end up, you can teleport back to Rivia to try again. The community is active and friendly, the team is constantly working on improving the server and are responsive to feedback. We have players from a range of time zones worldwide. We run events (mostly unique slayings) weekly on Saturdays, and periodically there are larger events such as rifts and other special invasion events where you can acquire special loot such as sorcery tomes, different kingdom wagons, cosmetic items, rift resources and moon metals. On special days in the calendar (eg. Valentine's, Easter, Christmas) you will receive or be able to win special gift packs. If you like puzzles, there are many mysteries to discover here too... We have a Discord server with a chat relay bot so you can keep in touch even when you're not in game. Server Info Name in Serverbrowser: Riviera PvE - Free Deed - Epic - Bounties - Modded Address: Listed since 09. February 2019 General Server Settings Map Size: 4096x4096 PvE (No PvP) Epic Skill Curve (Increased Skillgain & Skill Scaling) Skill gain rate multiplier : 3x Action Timer multiplier : 3x Max Creatures : 35.000 Aggro Creatures : 35% ==> Homepage ( <== ==> Livemap <== ==> Discord <== Mods and custom features An up-to-date list can be found here Quick tutorials and guides Expand for some useful info.. Images / Other Media Original map dump Join us today!
  2. KangaWU is one of the longest-running Wurm Unlimited servers, with the primary map having been up since a day before the official release in 2015. Hosted in Oceania, we offer a rarely-seen lag-free version of Wurm for a dedicated community mostly located in the ass-end of the world – though we welcome players from all parts of the world. In the years since the release of WU we have been creating custom mods and alterations to the server to make it entirely unique, with some notable features like increased rarity tiers, a custom decoration system, regular hunting events and permanent rewards for killing creatures, metallic golems and a new metal type, an exploration-treasure system, and so much more. Check it all out below, or join us in-game or on Discord and say hi! KangaWU – 2048 x 2048 – PvE Only Taniwha – 4096 x 4096 – PvE Only Increased percentage of aggressive creatures All creatures are 20% stronger and 20% larger Accessible via portal from KangaWU and sailing across any border Deeds are free to place and have no upkeep costs Each character is able to have a deed on each of the maps The maximum deed size is 75×75, although players are asked to only deed the land they intend to use Each deed can have a maximum of 3 Spirit Templars at no cost The length of time a deed will remain around is dependant on the total playtime of the characters on that deed. When a character logs into the server, their deed will refresh the upkeep time from that point and will last 30 days plus the total playtime of all characters of that deed. Every few days a hunt event will spawn on each server, spawning a rare+ seryll altar and 4 godspawn creatures at a random location Finding and killing all of the godspawn creatures will allow the altar to be mined out and some rare+ seryll lumps gained Any characters that help to kill the godspawns will also get relatively large Fighting skill gains and bonus gains in some random skills Scrolls may be found when killing champion or unique creatures, completing missions, and from archaeology Identifying a scroll will lead you around the map where you’ll need to kill strong creatures to find the final location of the scroll Upon killing the final group of creatures a chest will appear in your inventory with a varying amount of random valuable rewards We have a great and welcoming community of long-term players that love to help out new people In addition to Godspawn Hunts, the community regularly organises events like unique slayings and scroll hunts Occasionally there will also be GM-run events where participants can win special rewards like brooms and pets The Adventure server is a periodic server that pops up every now and then to give everyone a fresh taste at the game, with more difficulty Everyone spawns into the server at a random location with no items and low skills, and must survive a ton of aggressive creatures The server has increased moonmetal veins and other various rewards, which you can only bring back to the main servers by escaping alive Molds can be created of any non-decoration item in the game and can be used to create pottery versions of that item for display This allows you to create a decorational version of any item model in the game, and optionally as the pile model if it exists It greatly expands the options available when decorating your deeds and buildings, ensuring items stick around and don’t decay Any decorational item can also be raised and lowered in space, allowing floating items in the perfect position A new Summon Illusion spell lets you create a short-term illusion of any model in the game to let you plan out your decorating For a quick look at what’s possible with this system, we held a competition in 2020, and you can check out the gallery here Metal Golems are tough late-game creatures that spawn across the server in 4 sizes and all 15 metal types, including trinium Golems don’t tend to hit hard, but are very hard to take down – and once they are dead their corpses can be mined for lumps of their metal Normal and Small golems can spawn across both servers, Mini and Tiny can spawn from mining while a global boon is active Trinium is a new tier of metal above seryll, glimmersteel and adamantine that contains all of the upsides of those three Trinium can be gained from trinium golems, or a small chance to gain fragments when mining any metal golem Alchemy serums can be used to turn any metallic item into another metal, including moonmetal and trinium Each creature killed will generate a kill token with a value relative to the difficulty of that creature – with modifiers like champion giving a large boost to the value of the kill token Kill tokens can be combined and used in order to gain Spirit Points, which can be spent in the adventure shop (by typing /adventure) The adventure shop provides a wide range of permanent character upgrades and useful custom items to make hunting worth your time A small selection of rewards available in the adventure shop: Worker’s Satchel – Allows you to place any item used in the imping process inside of it, then use the satchel when improving to automatically select the currently needed item from within Permanently increased levelling and flattening speeds Permanently increased action queue slots Tokens to rename items and creatures that you own As well as the vanilla deities, we have 3 custom deities available – Budda, Frost and Veshnokash – information for each is on Discord All followers of gods can cast spells when they have at least 20 faith, and followers can gain faith up to 40 with priests able to gain more There is no limit on the amount of times a day that faith can be gained, however the cooldown for gaining faith is increased to 1 hour Custom spells include: Superior Genesis – 70 favor & 50 difficulty to remove a chosen trait from a creature instead of a random one Superior Dispel – 30 favor & 30 difficulty to remove a chosen enchantment from an item Increase Size – Custom sorcery spell that increases the internal size of a container, making it bigger on the inside Global boons are timed bonuses that apply to everyone across both maps, purchasable in-game with karma and the web store A few examples of boons include: Bonus Mount & Vehicle Speed 25% Bonus Skillgain Bonus Rarity Chance KangaWU+ is a premium-style character bonus that can be purchased from any deed token for 10s per month Characters with KangaWU+ gain four bonuses: 50% increased skillgain & 50% increased carrying capacity No movement speed penalty from equipped armour The ability to combine item rarities via Smooshing Three new rarities above fantastic: Epic, Legendary and Unique Each higher rarity gives the normal increased effects of rarity and items that are at least epic cannot be shattered via enchanting Epic and Legendary rarities are available via normal rare rolls, but Unique is reserved for special rewards and Smooshing only Smooshing allows you to combine two items of the same rarity for the chance of increasing the rarity of the target item The chance to successfully increase rarity is determined by item qualities, if they are the same item, and if they are bulk items or not Smooshing is only available to characters with KangaWU+
  3. Welcome to Elysium, A determined and inspiring crusade. A Kingdom of those who wish to achieve all that Wurm has to offer. Come be a part of a serious and sophisticated community striving for excellence. We pride ourselves in being an inviting down to earth people, who are united and stand as one! Our Mission is a simple one : Achieve Greatness Whether that means conquering all the land and bringing peace to the players, or building grand cities with impressive and intimidating structures that tower over our enemies. Key features of our group include: Structured systems and building placement strategy that allows PvPers to have more of a PvP setting and PvEers to have more of a safe haven for crafting and skilling. Council of 3 Members to take all of our members opinions and inputs into account when making decisions that affect the entire Kingdom Ranking System Forums (For all questions, Trading and Event Info) Diverse group accepting of all regions and play styles What we are looking for Dedicated/Committed players Players who can be respectful and accept opinions of others Players who want to have a great time and enjoy all that Wurm has to offer Current Sought after positions -Farmers -Leatherworkers -Tailors -Carpenters Code of Conduct: Respect others. Treat all other players with dignity and respect. Be respectful of other members of Elysium, their abilities, their contributions, and any extra duties they perform to keep the kingdom running. We all play to have fun. Don't ruin it for other people. It is you, and not the kingdom Leader, who is primarily responsible for whether you are having fun or not. Be mature. Immature and infantile behavior is not tolerated. This is a kingdom of adults, so make sure you act like it. You are part of Elysium. We succeed as a group, not as individuals. Self-centered and self-absorbed attitudes are not helpful. Not everyone will get along with everyone else. That's life. Not everyone will agree with everyone else. In time we hope this to be a large community and conflict will inevitably arise. As adults, members are expected to either try to resolve disagreements with other players civilly, privately and independently. Failing that, try to work around it. Approach a council member for assistance if you have exhausted all other options. Drama will not be tolerated. Disagreements or other behaviors which become disruptive are unacceptable. Elysium rules will inevitably change over time. Members are expected to accept and adhere to new rules regardless of their personal opinions. Be mindful that the kingdom Leadership tries to make decisions that are best for the kingdom as a whole and for the long term, which may not necessarily correspond to the best decision for you personally right now. Constructive feedback and discussion on all aspects of the guild and raiding is always welcome. Complaints should not be made unless accompanied by alternative proposals. All feedback and discussion should respect this Code of Conduct. Read the forums. The forums are the main way of communicating important information (as well as a lot of trivial kingdom information). Most importantly, changes to strategies and announcements are made there. It is your responsibility to check the forums regularly and stay apprised of any important information. Do not engage in any activity that will bring the Elysium name into disrepute. Behaviors such as spamming, trolling, ninjaing, begging, flaming, or other anti-social actions are not acceptable. Do not use excessive, gratuitous or explicit language. Justifiable mature language and conversation is to be accepted in a kingdom of adults. Politics, religion, and similarly divisive topics are embargoed. Abusive, threatening, discriminatory, or prejudicial behavior of any form is expressly forbidden and will be met with immediate expulsion from the guild. Intentionally vexatious, obstructive, malicious, hostile, aggressive, or insulting behavior is not acceptable. Follow the Elysium Rules and Code of Conduct at all times. This creates the infinite recursive loop of order. Rules of Engagement: Every Player is expected to do their best. We are not a hardcore kingdom, but we intend to make the most of our experience and so have high expectations of our players. Everyone should strive to give their best when doing most content. The Council are the ultimate decision makers. Follow their directions/intent. The council will discuss all concerns and use best judgement to render decisions that will best benefit the kingdom at all times. Be punctual. When attending a prior scheduled event, we ask that you are on time or send a message to the group lead if you will be late. Common courtesy rules apply here. Positive criticism is a good thing. Members should feel free to give advice and suggestions to other players to improve their play. Equally, Members should view any positive criticism as an opportunity to improve. If you are interested in joining up with us visit our web page here -------> And come chat in Discord!! ----->
  4. Brand new dedicated server launched! I handle the background stuff, my wife is the face plastered on the front (She plays, not I) Contact Evalyn for all your concerns. I only handled database, code, and networking concerns. Mods included; Discord link available in server alerts New server limited offer to help encourage early growth: Pick 5 skills to start at level 40 (No characteristics. Certain skills excluded such as Channeling, Fighting, or other skills that could break balance) 20 silver Kingdoms that have lower population or are further behind may receive larger boosts to encourage balance in early game.
  5. Ebonaura Reborn

    Hey my Ebonaura brothers and sisters and fellow Wurmians. I created a dedicated server for Wurm unlimited and I would love to have you guys play in it and shape the land. It is running on a 20 core server with plenty of RAM and HD space in my house. It is open to anyone and I also need GM's to help out running the server. I have plans to make it a multi server with a freedom style one and a pvp style server like Chaos if we get a good enough player base. The info to join it is below: Server name: Ebonaura IP: As one of Ebonaura's founder I would love to keep the kingdom alive in this server. HMU if you want to have a GM role as well.
  6. custom map is large and hosted on a professional grade collocated dedicated server with 4x Core 8x Thread Xeon processor and 64gb RAM. menu's cache instantly. Login's are quite fast.It is set chaos style with a flat 5x skill gain and action timer bonus. No Epic bugs. You can start as Freedom Isles, HotS, or any of the PMK's already setup by players.Be the first to claim your throne and begin your empire. Rule your lands and kill all those that oppose. Or, Setup trade routes, grow your riches, buy yourself neutrality from other players. Or, sail the seas pirating and trading. Or, do anything you want. But, login and do it before someone else claims your legacy! Links: Live Map : Vote Page: Website: http://hyper-core.netMods:- Farming, plants will not wither. Growth time sped-up- Priest restrictions removed, feel free to main character a Vynoran Priest- Naming Tags. Animals are born with no name, create a name tag for custom names- Dig to ground for dirt and clay- Ash accumulates in ovens and forges from material used as fuel to keep them lit.- Starter gear consists of choice of 40ql weapons and 40ql chain or 20ql plate.- New Characters are given 25 body control and 23 body strength, no feeling useless for 2 weeks.- Your first affinity will appear very soon if not immediately.- Meditation altered, no need to change where you meditate to gain skill- The 5 prayers per day cap has been removed- Carts and other vehicles are locked with a very poor ql lock upon creation- and More
  7. We want to inform, that You can get FREE VPS hosting package from How to get ? Sign up and submit request here Free VPS will be activated in few hours! Technical details: RAM: 1 GB CPU: 1 vCPU, Intel Xeon 2.6 - 3.4 GHz Storage: 30GB, RAID10 Operating system: you can choose from most popular Windows and Linux versions, FreeBSD Location: Serveroffer private data center in Europe Network: 100Mbps, multi-homed DDoS protection: available, let us know in advance if needed Period: 30 Days Full VPS description: read VPS hosting description Other services we provide: VPS hosting - Xen VPS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD operating system support Linux VPS hosting - OpenVZ with TUN/TAP support Dedicated servers hosting - physical server hosting, servers with onboard and add-on GPU, KVM Colocation service - data center space rent DDoS protection - advanced DDoS protection against world wide attacks Payment methods: Bitcoin, PayPal, Bank transfer, CashU, Webmoney, SMS, SafetyPay and many more Data center location: Lithuania, EU - Dedicated server hosting
  8. Fairytail Island Created by Mavis/Sprigor Website: Team Speak: Special Thanks to Miretta for the Custom Earthland Map! What is Fairytail Island? Fairytail Island is a Wurm unlimited Server Based of a Popular Anime called Fairy Tail! Using the Earthland Map of Fairy Tail and with the help of Miretta, we created a world very Similar to the design of Fairy Tail. Does this server have PVP or Just PVE? This server is a PVE world with a PVP Island. It also has "Hunt of the Ancients(HotA)" Events. Is this server dedicated? How long will it be up for? Fairytail Island was created as a place for players to join and play for a long time. It is dedicated and Open 24/7, 365. What kind of events does this server have? Fairytail Island will hold Unique Slayer Events, HotA, as well as Special Exp Events. (More Events to Come) What is the current server setup? Right now the Server is; 3x Skill Rates 5x Action Timers 15,000 Creatures with 35% Agreesive Plant Growth is set to 24hrs for full cycle We have a custom map, 4k by 4k Deed Costs are 50% OFF Deed Upkeep is On and Normal Starting skills is 1, Characteristics are set to 20 Mods are active on Server (see Mod Section Below) What kind of Mods does the sever have? Fairytail Island has quite a few mods actually. All of them to improve the way of life in Wurm. Current List of Mods; Bounty Mod (Mobs Drop Money Upon Death) Creature AGE Mod (Mobs age faster until They are of Adult Age) Creature Mod (Custom Creatures have been added to Server as well as few Reskins) Creatures On Water (You can now Lead Many more animals over water; Ex: Cows, Bulls, Sheep, Chickens, etc) Crops Mod (Plants will never Wither Away) Digging Like Mining (All Dig actions that put items in your inventory now drop them to ground; Ex: Clay, Tar, Dirt) Mailbox Mod (Mail now costs NOTHING to send. You may still COD Players) Meditation Mod (You wont fail meditating, and The 10 Tile Distance Limitation was removed.) Skill Fix Mod (Characteristic as well as normal Skills now correctly gain exp according to Server Rates) Spells Mod (Priest Limitations have been removed, This includes Building, Crafting, Skill Rate Penalty and Spells required Linking have been set to 90 Favor) Upkeep Mod (All Deeds now cost half price to Expand, Resize, and Deed) Ago's Client Mod (This is required to see the In game Map as well as Custom Graphics) **** Requires Ago's Client Mod Loader ( Click Here To Get It ) **** How active are the Staff? I am on Everyday. Be it my Main GM account or my Secret Leave me be account Will I be accepting more staff? Of course! We are planning to accepting Applications for Staff as well as CA Players. (some people will be personally asked for a spot based on what we see in game) How is money earned on Fairytail Island? Like most servers you can gain money from selling Items of High QL to the Traders in Spawn, Earthland HQ. Money can also be gained from Events held by GMs and of course Hunting Mobs and Selling Loot. Is there an Official Staff List? Staff Team Mavis (Dev: Owner) Precht (Arch: GM) CA Members Sprigus -More To be Added Later!
  9. The Beginning Mission Our mission is to create a fast, reliable, and stable wurm unlimited server that all players can enjoy. We pride ourselves in finding solutions to problems quickly and utilizing a 'hands-on' approach to server management, PVP situations are not included, of course. Our primary goal is fast response, whether it be for crashes, in game tickets, bugs or toxic players, response will be prompt. No more absent administration. Our secondary intention is to create a enjoyable server for players of most play types. Utilizing mods, we are able to reduce the mundane tasks usually associated with wurm. And our final goal is to make something unique. What we have to offer Currently we have one PVE server well as a linked PVP server. The PVE server launched September 7, 2016. Read on the server configuration Here or check out the quick look below. The PVP server launched September 29, 2016 and you can read on the server configuration Here. The server is hosted on a dedicated box in Montreal, Canada, providing ample uplink to both Europe and USA which gives the most even playing field between the US and EU in terms of ping. Quick look for the Reign of Man PVE server: Quick look At the PVP server: Zenath’s PvP Kingdom System So... Are you in? Join the official Discord Check out our website Take a peek at the PVE map
  10. With the introduction of highways it made servers small, and small servers tiny. Everyone can easily get anywhere and deed. Mobs don't spawn close to deeds (most times). I would like to request a server dedicated to hunting with buffed mobs, increased spawn rates and no deeds allowed. Would be awesome for the dedicated Wurmians who regularly need a hunting fix (or those of us who need cochineals so would be looking for a cave bug spawn).
  11. I do all steeps ( I think so) that figure on wurmpedia and also follow some suggestions that I read in other threads. I tested hundred of times but my dedicated don´t show on public servers tab. I use my own PC and standard router. 192.168.101 is the ipv4 that I check when type ipconfig on CMD Router Ports config: Dedicated server config: Help please!
  12. Hello there! I apologise for my English - it's not too good without any practice here at Russia. We engaged some kind of a bug, and i could'nt find any decisions via internet, so i created an account here and started this thread... We host a dedicated server with standart adventure map. Yestarday were in the dungeon and found a rare maul there and a bone, that allows to transfer it's rarity to an item, so we made a rare adamantine longsword. Later i was attacked by a chicken and after 3-5 hits my rare maul was damaged for 5 percents! I tryed the same with adamantine rare sword and got the same result: over 3-4 damage to the sword after 2-3 chicken hits. The 3rd stage was making my old steel longsword rare by gm and trying it again - the same result. So wht can it be and who could see this before? Thanks for your replies!
  13. Ages of Urath

    Ages Of Urath Closed to the public: Must apply for access. Apply on the website to get access. Live Maps: Irata Laoks (Advanced PVE) Featured on MMORPG Stat Perk System (unique) Boosted Starting skills Home City No pay-to-win In game Live map HUD. Mount Ticketing system: ADDED Dungeon Exploration, Adventure Maps Huge 4096 Maps Multiple Cluster servers. Hunt of the Ancients(HotA) Reduced Priest restrictions. In PVE priests can cast any spell. 5x Exp 5x Action Timers 5x combat In game map, New ships. Running Ago modloader Support for Ago Client modloader Event Timer Mod No crop decay Horse Names, ages, breeding MOD spawned random Boss encounters, with multiple stages (event timers) New sound effects (complete overhaul) Only map displayed on PVE Main Cluster: Live Map: Long time WO players. Very newbie friendly and helpful. Search "Urath" on the server list and it'll come up every time [in response to servers disappearing randomly from list]. Vote for us at: : Trade Packs: (Archeage Style) A simple explanation of the trade system breaks it down into three steps. A player first crafts a trade pack using raw materials or goods harvested from the game world, then carries that pack across the game world before depositing it for a profit at a target destination. The transportation process is not without its dangers, however, as trade packs reduce a player's movement speed and make him vulnerable to other players who may steal his goods. If a player is killed by a bandit or pirate, the trade pack is dropped and may be captured by the criminal, who may then deposit it themselves and usurp the profits. These would be interactive boards (much like the village recruitment boards) where players can choose the pact runs they wish to carry out. AI Pirate Ships: I have sloop models completed but need the AI behind it. The goal of the encounters is to create more of a PVE and PVP fear at sea. Pirates would also tap into the routes frequently used by Trade Pacts. Named captains. Bounties (see below) Bounties: ADDED As pirates sink player ships the fleets of the Captain grow. Bounty boards would also be created much like the village recruitment boards and the reward would be based on the strength of the fleet as it grows. Mount Ticketing system: ADDED Player made Harbormasters that can exchange a mount for a ticket which can be loaded into a cargo hold of a ship. The weight of the ticket would reflect the weight of the animal. Tickets can then be unloaded and activated to spawn the original animal without the use of the harbormaster. No more Lead ropes on ships! Revamp Player Economy Money system. Foreign currency for reach realm. Web based currency exchange rate. Investments in business. Stock market. Kingdom and Realm Hierarchy Titles & Nobility Voting & political system (PVE areas only) Realm vs Realm System The map is broken into 16 4096 maps with 36 fortresses. Keep defenses are rebuilt / repaired / NPC defended based on the success or failures of pact runs for each of those Realms. This encourages Realm owners to promote pact runs. Realm perks for capture of each keep. Complete MOD list Annoucer MOD Server greeting for each player which displays on the screen in and in the event log as they join the server Event MOD Custom Boss and minion generator for re spawning events. This will soon incorporate NPC movement, schedules, quest offerings in the future. Bagofholding MOD A spell a priest can cast to increase the storage capacity on a container. Betterdig MOD Changes dirt from digging/flattening/leveling to drop on the ground instead of going to the inventory of the player. Allows dirt from digging/flattening/leveling/dredging to go into a vehicle being dragged or ridden. If there are crates in it's cargo - it can automatically go into those. Uses dirt from the ground, a vehicle and even crates inside the vehicle when leveling. Allows overriding which actions can be performed from a mount or vehicle. Allows overriding amount of clay dug per action. Almost everything is configurable. Biggerhouses MOD Allows larger floor plans by increasing carpenter skill when laying out a floor plan for a building beyond the limit of 99 skill level. (only temporary math calculation change to skill level) Chestclaim MOD Allows players to "claim" random treasure chests, unlocking the chest and rewarding the players with some karma CreatureAge MOD Slows down the aging process of bred animals. Creature MOD New types of creatures and various new types and looks to some creatures in the game. Crop MOD Prevents crops from turning to weeds. FixGuards MOD Fixes villages spawning infinite number of templars due to a database error HarvestHelper MOD The command /season tells you what is in season and time to other seasons in real days. Hitching Post MOD Allows you to hitch mounts to a post to prevent them from roaming off. InBreedWarning MOD Meditation MOD Enables guaranteed skill success (no more "You fail to relax" or not getting a path question you qualify for) No delay between first 5 skill gains of the day No difference in delay requirements after the first 5 meditations (if the above setting is on, there's no delay requirements for meditation skill gain at all, if it's off, always 30 minutes between meditation skill gains, never 3 hours) Disable distance requirements for meditation skill gains (No more need to move 11 tiles for skillgain) A configurable multiplier for path question cooldowns. This can be set to half to cut these delays in half, set to 0 to disable them entirely, the choice is yours. Specify custom action duration for meditation (NEW) Configure the delay before joining a new path after leaving an old one (NEW) Now imposes a configurable maximum level a player may reach in any path Movement MOD Allows server admins to tweak many things related to movement of players, mounts and vehicles Speeds Weight limits for players Min/Max heights, depths and slopes Wind impact for boats Loading ranges Required skills Prospct MOD Prospecting cave floors provides the same information as prospecting a rock tile on the surface above (i.e. detect nearby ore veins) QualityDamageToolTip MOD Gives you a hover ability to see Ql and damage, from a distance, to any object in the game without doing an inspect command Sacrifice MOD Adds a configurable chance for a rare item to award a bone of the same rarity, instead of the usual benefits Salve MOD Adds "power - " to the beginning of newly made healing cover names, so you no longer have to figure it out in your head. Spell MOD SpellMod: a mod that makes all spells available and removes many priest restrictions to make playing a priest with only one character more enjoyable. Allows all spells to be cast by any priest on PVE cluster only. increase spell timers, removes penalties for offending actions by your deity. Settings: removePriestRestrictions=true allowAllSpells=true unlimitedPrayers=true noPrayerDelay=true favorLimit=99 StableMaster MOD Any animal that can be led can be exchanged into a ticket to load into a cargo ship or cart for easier travel, especially to other cluster maps within the world of Urath. See patch notes and video tutorial on using this NPC. TimerFix MOD fixes action timers in the game for various functions. LiveMap MOD An in game mini map that shows objects, terrain, around you as you move about the map. Menu / Live map toggles this feature on an off. Better Sound FX MOD Over 100 new types of the sound FX have been done by me to give you a better submersion experience in the game. More updates to the sound file as i get time. ClusterTalk MOD Better communication between cluster servers and login server. RMITool MOD Custom tool for Server wrapper to check server health, and reboot the server during maintenance windows. Ago Server Modlauncher v.20 This allows the mods to work and communicate with each other. Bulk Items Separated MOD Mod that allows you to use one BSB for any quality material. It separates items stored based on items QL, so you would have e.g. 10 stacks of iron lumps in ranges 0-10, 10-20, 20-30, etc up to 90QL. After 90QL each QL unit gets its own stack. There is an option to revert the mod functionality, by simply blessing BSB. Don't forget to rename your blessed BSB, however, since blessing is not visible on "Examine"! Bounty MOD You recieve bounties for killed creatures, when you bury them. Harder the creature, better the bounty! Decay tick MOD This is one of several bandaids mods that we run. Wood scraps, rock shards, dirts and logs left on ground off-deed would be rmoved on first damage increase. Tweaks MOD Sets number of sleeping powders on every trader to 9. Domestics replacement MOD This is one of several bandaids mods that we run. Most of domestic spawns are replaced by hostile creatures, so it is harder to find a horse or a ram, but easier to find an adventure. Kingdom stuff MOD Mod that adds every single kingdom item available to list of craftable items. Tabards and towers are not craftable yet! Event & Loot MOD Adds various non-craftable loot items to creatures killed. During events,adds higher chance of dropping specific items from specific kills. Nofogspiders MOD This is one of several bandaids mods that we run. Removes fog spider event from game, because said event drastically affects server performance. Dead Shoulders MOD Adds rift shoulderpads to riftcreatures loot table. You can even get rare,supreme or fantastic shoulderpad if you're lucky! Dead critters MOD Adds progressively increasing chance for every creature to die, starting from "Old" age. Cared, bred, unique and champion creatures are not affected.
  14. Wyvern
  15. Welcome to Woodstock Commons! Our server is a personally owned dedicated server located in a data center in Atlanta. It is highly secured and established for a max reliability, low ping service. The server is set to allow ease of play. The mindset of this era in time is the aftermath of an on-going exodus, forcing hardy adventurers to make their way and re-establish themselves in far away lands. Features of the server include: Server Map - Dedicated Server ran inside Intermap ( ) - 8192 x 8192 squares in size - Modest resources scattered throughout the islands - Web based map to server updated every 24hrs ( ) - Minimal down/maintenance time (24 hour restart, generally 9.30 EST) - PvP only island (in progress) - 75,000 animals on map - New predators and prey (mod) - Skill multiplier is 5x - Max server population 200 - Body control start is 22.00 (enable immediate mounting of horse due to size of map) Starter Town (Woodstock Commons) - Accessible mine - Usable forge and ovens - Numerous traders - Public mine - Docks - PvP Arena (in progress) - Open stalls for establishment of Personal Traders Alternate Starter Town (In Progress) - Located on different end of map - Public Mine - Public Forge and Oven - Traders - Docks - Open market stalls Settlements - Settlement size is 6400 tiles (You can build smaller and should, as while there is no cost to found a settlement, upkeep is enabled and your settlement will decay if the fee is not paid for the upkeep) - Two settlement deeds per player - Free to establish - Monthly maintenance (upkeep) costs - Crops do not wither Used Mods - Live Map - In game map - Stablemaster - Deed Mod - Creature Mod - Crop Mod (No rot, 8 hour crop cycles) - Harvest Helper (Announce Season) - Stable Master - Hitching Host - Inbreed Warning - Bounty Mod NOTE: As the numbers of the server increase, an option of a Teamspeak channel dedicated to server may be established. This will ease in the correction of server issues and fixes GMs can assist with as well as allow players to interact with each other.
  16. Drakeal Network

    A New Server, seeking new more players as so far we got 5 dedicated players and 1 GM... Server is hosted on a dedicated box that I manage. A code of honor should be applied in pvp, if your in the wilderness we recommend to allow players to bypass PvP unless they trespass on deeds or attack first. I Prefer players that want to fight will fight and willing to lose. Server Settings Skill Gain= 1.5x Start Characteristics= 20 Mind Logic= 25 Body Control= 25 Fight Skill= 5 Overall Skill Start= 5 Free Deeding Disabled Settlement Upkeep Enabled Mining hits= 35 Breeding time= 1.0x Aggressive %= 28.5 Action Speed= 3.0x
  17. Hello all, what are your experiences with headless dedicatet server. I try to run a custom map at my server - but wurm unlimited server will not start., Last line in log: INFO: Finished loading Wurm IDs, that took 1.879341 millis. ... for more than 15 minutes it will not be go on and i abort. Map size 2048 will work wothout problems an fats. Maybe map size 4096 is to big for RAM and wurm server gives no feedback? AMD Athlon II X2 RAM 4GB CentOS 7.2 Greetings
  18. Hi people, I'm trying hard to open a server on my Root-Server for me and my friends to play on. Unfortunately this is not as easy as it seems. Currently I'm getting this problem (taken from the connection_log_3724.txt): [2015-12-02 15:16:53] Log session started [2015-12-02 15:16:53] [0,0] SetSteamID( [A:1:0:0] ) [2015-12-02 15:16:54] CCMInterface::YieldingConnect -- no CMs cached locally, calling ISteamDirectory/GetCMList web api. . . [2015-12-02 15:16:57] CCMInterface::YieldingConnect -- got 100 CMs from ISteamDirectory/GetCMList. [2015-12-02 15:16:57] [1,4] Connect() starting connection (eNetQOSLevelMedium,, UDP) [2015-12-02 15:17:02] [1,0] ConnectFailed('Connection Failed':0) (, UDP) [2015-12-02 15:17:02] [0,0] StartAutoReconnect() will start in 0 seconds [2015-12-02 15:17:02] [1,8] Connect() starting connection (eNetQOSLevelMedium,, UDP) [2015-12-02 15:17:07] [1,0] ConnectFailed('Connection Failed':0) (, UDP) [2015-12-02 15:17:07] [0,0] StartAutoReconnect() will start in 4 seconds [2015-12-02 15:17:11] [1,10] Connect() starting connection (eNetQOSLevelMedium,, UDP) [2015-12-02 15:17:16] [1,0] ConnectFailed('Connection Failed':0) (, UDP) [2015-12-02 15:17:16] [0,0] StartAutoReconnect() will start in 7 seconds [2015-12-02 15:17:23] [1,12] Connect() starting connection (eNetQOSLevelMedium,, UDP) [2015-12-02 15:17:29] [1,0] ConnectFailed('Connection Failed':0) (, UDP) [2015-12-02 15:17:29] [0,0] StartAutoReconnect() will start in 5 seconds and so on, this keeps going 'till the cows come home. No connection to steam established --> can't see my server in the browser. I've already gotten the server to the point where it connects to steam and shows up in the server browser, but then I couldn't connect to it, because it couldn't establish a connection with my client. A short overview of the stuff I tried: 1. Server-Software via Steam-CMD - Connection to steam established - Server is visible in the Server-list - Can't connect with my client (Error-Message: "connection timed out: connect") 2. Server software downloaded through the Steam-client ("Tools"): - Connection to the lobby can't be established (see "Connection failed" from the log-file above), although the settings are the same as in #1 - Can't see the server - In both cases I've tried it with an active logged in steam-client on my root server and without. - I've tried setting the external IP to my real external root-ip and the internal ip to the localhost ( - Auto-detect sets the external and the internal ip both to my external root-ip - I've tried setting both ip's (internal & external) to - The ports are opened and routed correctly (UDP: 8766, 4380, 27000-27036, 3724 / TCP: 7221, 3724, 8766, 27016-27030) - I can connect to other servers Any of you braniacs know a solution? Thanks in advance
  19. Nothing is created by GMs except the initial kingdom settlements (Starter area's). The starting map is mostly PvE with a large HotA zone. And the PvP server is a large map with rivers and lots of land. The server is up 24/7 hosted by Blue Fang Hosting in Dallas, TX. Both maps are 2048x2048. There is is TONS of land. Get in while the good parts are still available! Now there are 2 servers in a cluster Login server is the PvE server. The PvP Server is east with it's own unique map and everything PvP Server name is Consortium-PvP. The PvP server allows larger deeds, has full PvP rules, and has Moon Metal! Forums for server updates/status: SERVER SETTINGS All 4 kingdoms represented Each kingdom has a starting area with merchant, guide, bartender, mine (with iron), clay. Hunt of the ancient area in the center of the map on PvE server Ago client loader support (For maps and others as we add them) 20,000 Creatures Trader economy 3x Skill, 4.5x action rate Cost to start settlement No upkeep Mining at ~21 hits (for mining through that stone faster) Tree regrowth at 10 Animals mature to Adolescent faster MODS Mod: No priest restrictions Mod: Seasons can be viewed using the /seasons command Mod: Dig like Mining Mod: Meditate mod, guarantee to ask question. Time for next question at 0.25x rate Mod: HarvestMod - No crop decay Mod: Ago's mod to load custom maps and others as we add Mod: Seasons Mod (/seasons to see what is in season) Mod: Bounty Mod (Little change for killing stuff) Mod: Moon Metal (Only available on PvP server)
  20. (Mods Please remove old topic, Sorry). Laputa Kingdom Welcome, Traveler! Laputa Kingdom is open to all. While catering for PVP, we're also heavy in other areas, creating PVE 'Safe-Zones' for you to relax without fear of death or having your settlement destroyed. Settlement owners my choose to have a safe-zone created for their settlement, however this means they will not be able to go to war with others unless they first have the zone removed. We are based in the UK though we welcome anyone! x6 Skill x5 Action Community Events Free Deeds! No Upkeep! RP Lore! (We are actively expanding lore. Would you like to be a part of it!?) Map Size: 4096 Default Religion Custom Map - Dark Island by Jerico 200 Players Friendly, Active GMs Starter Town fully equipped with everything you need! (Forge, Ovens, Mine, Clay and Tar pits, Altars, Meditation Rugs, Training Dolls, Archery Targets and more!) Character We build with character in order to bring our settlements to life! From decorations to careful molding of nature. - (If you think you're a pretty good interior designer, maybe you could lend your hand? ^^) We do encourage other settlements to follow our lead as it not only brings life and character to settlements, but it's also a fantastic way to level those much needed skills! Friendly, Fun, Creative! We have a small yet dedicated team working on the server. Fun and Friendly GMs promote creativity within our community to help make it flourish. We have implemented fair systems to ensure a caring and understanding community for all to enjoy. Newcommer Friendly! We've all been 'The New Guy' at some point or other. We happily help new and old players alike to get settled into our community. You'll never be slandered for your lack of knowledge in our world or the Wurm world. Bonus Experience While we love how the system lets you build up your skills, using a wide-variety of items to craft with, we also understand it's sometimes daunting having to start all over again when starting a new server. This is why we've gone for a x6 x5 approach, allowing you to catch up with where you left off and get into the spirit of creativity! A Helping Hand Our 'Spawn Town' Sora, is equipped with plenty of resources to help you get started on your adventure. We have public mines, Clay and Tar pits, A Cooking and Forge area, Altars and Meditation rugs, all set up and fully equipped should you wish to use them. PMKs While we have started everything off with just one kingdom (Laputa) We're also very happy for others to form their own kingdoms too! Go out and create your own alliances and enemies as you see fit! Free Deeds! We allow totally free deeds without upkeep. The only condition? Keep it active! If we notice the deed is unused for a long period of time and the space could be better used we may remove it from our server. Events and Quests We love community! And we love to get everyone involved. We'll be hosting events and quest nights where you get the chance to take part in some awesome adventures with us! From pilgrimage to settlement founding. Wild hunts and dragon slaying! All sorts of fun is waiting to happen in Laputa Kingdom. Come on over and check us out!
  21. Nothing special, just somewhere for the casual player to hang out. Location: France Map: Vanilla Creative Kingdom: Freedom, all spawns at a fixed location. Skillgain: 20 Action timer: 10 Base skills: 30 (inc. Body & Mind Logic) Free deeds and traders are enabled, there is one currently at the starter deed who starts with 1s. Breeding is set to 5 Wurm days (1 real day) Field growth stages at 4h each. Events & Activities I've just opened the Maze of Infinity, not for the faint hearted. Halloween treats all around!
  22. Currently 2 servers with 1 more in development/testing. Interactive maps, cluster info and a tutorial on how to install the maps for our servers in to your client can be found with this link. We've been running VWT Home since 23rd of October 2015. VWT Home - 2048x2048, landing server, 8000 creatures (30% hostile), altars VWT South - 4096x4096, 16000 creatures - will be increased once population rises (25% hostile), has a couple of no-PvP zones, altars All new players have the option of 3 kingdoms to join: Freedom Isles (Freedom), Dragonsteel Militia (Mol Rehan based PMK) or Tenebrous Exiles (HotS based PMK) all with their associated newbie villages which have most newbie resources close by. We're currently looking for more active players to join Tenebrous Exiles and Dragonsteel Militia so as to balance the three kingdoms. There is even a spot for an active player to become the King/Queen of Dragonsteel Militia as we already have a King for Tenebrous Exiles. Game mechanic settings: PvP - yes Skillgain - 1x Characteristics start at 20 Fighting starts at 5 All other skills start at 1 Combat rating - 1x Action timers - 1.4x (subject to change) Upkeep is enabled Free deeds are disabled Minimum mining actions - 40 Breeding modifier - 1x Field growth - 8 hours Tree spread - 1x More active players are also needed to become priests and meditation leaders. We're hosting events every month (with prizes or loot) which are decided by polls so the players get to choose what we do that month. Silver (and gold) coins can be made available along with skill dumps from your Wurm Online character should people find playing on our servers enjoyable and wish to donate to the running costs of the servers. If you didn't check out the cluster info link above: to connect to the servers search for "VWT Home" in the server list. The Violent Isles waits for you...
  23. I am having problems connecting to my dedicated server. I have followed the steps relating to running ipconfig in order to confirm my ip addresses, making sure the external matches, and one post suggesting I clear the ip fields in both tabs on the launcher (including the advanced tab). Clearing the two ip fields, reloading the dedicated server then restarting actually worked one time, but since then I am having no luck. I reinstalled the dedicated server app from steam as well to no avail. I have also updated java. Any suggestions?
  24. North American Gaming Network (NAGN) We have recently Launched a Dedicated Wurm Unlimited Server using the Creative Map slightly customized for your play pleasure. Included with playing on our server you may Join our Teamspeak to have voice communications with fellow players join up and form settlements. Settlements established with 4 or more members can request and obtain a permanent Sub-channel they can password or leave open. Server Stats: 5 x SkillGain 5 x Actionspeed Public iron mine at Spawn to get started Creative Map Player Limit of 250 (max server limitation) Teamspeak 3 (Wurm Lobby Channel is just above the Default Lobby when you join) Server= All hosted on a dedicated box in a data center in Chicago 6 Core Intel Xeon E5-2690 @3.0 Ghz 16Gb Ram 50Mbps interconnect The intention of the server is to conduct as little admin interference with the game as possible its there for the players to build create and form their own economy. Deeds cost to establish and upkeep is required. Spawn hosts both a single Shopkeeper and Bartender to help you on your first few days (as well as a single source of coin injection to the world) Greifing / attempts to hack / damage or other acts of aggression will not be tolerated and players can be permanent banned without warnings. If the demand is there down the road additional map clusters will be added (PVP, No Hostile Monster Maps etc.) Come enjoy and have a good time.
  25. Tamriel Online

    I launched a test server with Tamriel map. Everyone can find the server "[RU/EU] Tamriel Online [x2]" Wipe is not planned. Map: Tamriel 8192x8192 Start in Imperial Island J-K 11. Settings: PVP is allowed x2 skill x2 timers 60 000 mobs max 30% agressive