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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings fellow Wurmians. Please indulge me while I tell you a story about a particular situation I have been involved with for the past month or so. Background Have you ever gone through the Cave Canal on foot? There's a wonderful footpath through there, with some torches and informational signs and everything. It's wonderful! However, you exit at the Crystal Lake end and where does it lead? Here's a picture to give you some idea: The distance between the Cave Canal and the end of the road is 40 tiles, at least half of which was not paved or even remotely even. I had some other concerns that related to this - namely that I lived on Maple Island and could do with some more neighbours, and that people starting from The Howl struggle to find space to live, despite me knowing several areas near me that were wonderful but just too hard to reach! Finally, I was fed up of struggling to swim round the coast from near the cave canal whenever I couldn't use a boat. The Situation And so, I can reveal that I have created a road (not a highway - i don't mind people modifying this as needed!) which I have been calling the Crystal Coast Trail. This now extends from the Cave Canal, south around Crystal Lake staying to the coast where possible, for a total of approximately 920 tiles to Harbor of Life (conveniently close to my small boat bridge to Maple Island). It is entirely passable by a horse-drawn cart (though there's one spot where you will need to be paying close attention!). Here's a map to give you an idea: The Awesome Club I would give enormous thanks to the following people for helping me each in their own ways: Amberflame/Ruriko - Collapsing some mine tiles to make the small tunnel near cave canal passable in a large cart. Anesita - Providing some bricks for paving the road. Cheshirekat - Helping with surface-mining, providing carts, and generally being very considerate to my pet project. Difrost - Providing several hundreds of dirt for flatraising, and helping create the tunnel. Eleangel - Providing carts, and helping with the tunneling work. Hauler - Providing severl hundreds of dirt for flatraising. Kristoff - Creating bricks, doing lots of paving, and helping with signs to save people from getting lost (also putting up with my obsession in village chat!). Pingpong - Helping with surface-mining in one, frankly mind-blowing, afternoon. Queenrocks - Part of the excellent tunneling crew, and creating all of the support beams for it. Snoopy - Helping with some of the surface-mining I missed on the first pass. Conclusion and Pictures So basically, I invite everyone to come wander the trail, and enjoy the scenery! Here are some pictures (sorry for my poor photography skills) to tempt you along. A crumbling fortress The hardest part - this is where you will need to pay attention! A Tempting Road? What a wonderful woodland path!