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Found 7 results

  1. There are quite a few things in Wurm that you cant craft (for good reasons, with some). This mod allows for quite a few more items to be crafted. Uses Ago's Server Mod Loader Initial Release: The item id for each item can me modified within the properties. All items can be improved. All items can be dropped. All items crafting difficulty can be modified within the properties. If an item had a special ability, (e.g. Royal Crowns). The custom craftable counterpart included in this mod has had it removed. Each category of item can be disabled/enabled within the properties. Craftable items include: Staff of The Land (Weapon Smithing (Staff Steel + Steel Lump)). Highly configurable, default combat damage is same as Hammer of Magranon. Most Masks: Mask of The Challenger (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Silver Lump)) Mask of The Returner (Leather Working) Mask of The Enlightened (Leather Working) Mask of The Ravager (Leather Working) Mask of The Shadow (Leather Working) Didn't include pottery ones as there behavior to create is somewhat tricky (will add at a later time) Horned Helmet of Gold (Plate Armour Smithing (Large Anvil+Steel Lump)) Plumed Helm of The Hunt (Plate Armour Smithing (Large Anvil+Steel Lump)) Gold Challenge Statue (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Gold Lump(6.4kg))) Silver Challenge Statue (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Silver Lump(6.4kg))) Bronze Challenge Statue (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Bronze Lump(6.4kg))) Marble Challenge Statue (Stone Cutting (Stone Chisel + Marble Shard(20kg))) Jenn-Kellon Crown (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Gold Lump(1.5kg))) Mol-Rehan Circlet (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Silver Lump(1.5kg))) Horde of The Summoned Cage Crown (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Steel Lump(1.5kg))) Version 0.3 Version 0.4 Version 0.5 Download/Source
  2. Tools like Wurm Assistant and wurmpedia are useful, hence my opinion versions of them should be integrated ingame. For example a craftable almanac or calendar for looking up what is harvestable on what seasons, the order of seasons, and how long in game time (and RL time) till said season.
  3. Been away for a while and want to get back into Wurm again. Seems like the game is making huge headway on new features and options, like WU. I don't expect to find an account with all the skills I have listed (in no particular order of importance), but PM me with what you have and we can discuss price. I bet someone needs some extra Christmas cash? Hoping for 80+ in the following: BS WS PAS JS LW CT NS Farm WC Mine Dig Carp FC Masonry HFC Pottery Rope 50+ in the following Metalurgy Firemaking AH Taming Forestry Gardening Paving Coal Butchering
  4. We have too much stuff. Chests, armor stands, rafts, carts, boats... all storing our junk. If not in storage, it is dropped in piles of 100 all over the outside ground. Enter a well established deed's local area and watch your FPS tank. Also, there are those spam crafters, just looking for more rares to post in WTS and Auctions forums. I've heard of deeds with countless piles of 100 junk crafts, left outside to rot. What if we make a craft creation limit, much like fatigue, which limits you to creating only a few complete crafts a day? Building components excluded. Does anyone need to craft 100 picks a day? Imagine how much less storage we would need if we weren't creating thousands of tools a month. How much less lag and compute. Just a thought.
  5. RAMA EMPORIUM OPEN ! Some of our products & services listed as below. *** We would be glad to work on any other orders which are not on the list. *** We are located @ Xanadu 14-S . Also you can search Rama using left panel from this map ---> We may deliver to short distances but for longer routes - depending on location - extra fee may apply. We will take our crates back or exchange with yours after delivery. If you want to keep the crates, 15c per large crate will be charged. And again, please feel free to ask any other orders which is not listed, after a price check we may talk and decide on price & availability time together. Also doing imp. orders too. You can PM; Alpykun - Albedoesp - Aono - Atuan . Let's do some trading together ! Blacksmith Ql Price Lantern ( iron ) 70 12c Lantern ( iron ) 80 55c Lantern ( copper ) 70 22c Common Tools 50 10c Common Tools 60 25c Common Tools 70 35c Iron Lamps 30 8c Iron Lamps 50 10c Iron Lamps 60 25c Iron Lamps 70 35c Horseshoes ( set x4 ) 70 80c Bulk Ql Price Bricks x 1000 - 1.7s Out of Stocks Mortar x 1000 - 2.5s small nail x 400 - 70c large nail x 400 - 70c rivet x 400 - 70c hook x 400 - 70c ribbon x 100 - 70c frying pans x 100 - 70c sauce pans x 100 - 70c iron ore x 100 70 40c iron ore x 1000 < 70 90c plank x 500 - 70c shaft x 500 - 40c Dirt x 1000 - 90c Out of Stocks Woodcutting Ql Price 100 x logs Low (Bulk QL) 20c 100 x logs 40-59(avarage) 50c 100 x logs 60-69(avarage) 70c WS Ql Price All Weapons 60 30c All Weapons 65 40c Plate Armour Ql Price Set 60 1.2s Set 70 25s Shipbuilding Ql Price Knaar 60 9.8s Rowboat 60 55c Sailboat 60 80c Carpentry Ql Price Large Crate 40+ 15c Small Crate 40+ 10c BSB / FSB - 12c Farm Ql Price Harvested Unit x 1000 82 1.2s ( pumpkin, garlic, cotton, wemp in stocks right now ) Gems Ql Price Normal Gems 1199,19 11s Black Opal 40,19 4s Gem List Below
  6. selling account corrax level 9 on the path of love. Skills dumped at Oct 19, 2013 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 100.0 Faith: 29.95 Favor: 29.95 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 28.083448 Tracking: 21.349522 Coal-making: 19.285685 Prospecting: 60.46984 Religion: 7.671012 Prayer: 17.54681 Channeling: 6.55305 Healing: 20.857115 First aid: 41.430725 Archery: 1.0 Long bow: 1.0 War machines: 1.958845 Catapults: 3.156873 Thievery: 1.129128 Traps: 1.0 Lock picking: 1.233063 Climbing: 23.533548 Shields: 21.428617 Medium wooden shield: 2.5063295 Large metal shield: 30.422417 Medium metal shield: 25.120947 Axes: 36.527542 Hatchet: 43.38843 Swords: 1.8424066 Shortsword: 2.6699727 Longsword: 1.0 Knives: 29.251064 Butchering knife: 35.333416 Carving knife: 30.995367 Woodcutting: 67.027626 Mauls: 27.893066 Medium maul: 59.150536 Large maul: 1.1928012 Carpentry: 73.89836 Fine carpentry: 51.26348 Ship building: 32.413586 Fletching: 17.699068 Bowyery: 5.854739 Nature: 39.71565 Gardening: 34.26306 Fishing: 7.224552 Animal husbandry: 35.3691 Meditating: 32.512463 Milking: 16.22135 Farming: 62.17059 Forestry: 32.246655 Botanizing: 14.144052 Animal taming: 14.103494 Foraging: 11.945123 Cooking: 29.277191 Dairy food making: 16.145073 Hot food cooking: 52.229103 Beverages: 1.1465933 Butchering: 33.965485 Fighting: 70.55045 Shield bashing: 3.0915077 Taunting: 1.7290726 Normal fighting: 52.074028 Defensive fighting: 20.983385 Aggressive fighting: 4.2653437 Weaponless fighting: 3.6428576 Toys: 1.0735297 Yoyo: 1.3833284 Alchemy: 16.93923 Natural substances: 36.78837 Miscellaneous items: 76.53619 Stone chisel: 48.598118 Hammer: 74.77453 Sickle: 30.843138 Scythe: 4.7776427 Repairing: 56.726715 Saw: 22.53489 Pickaxe: 92.957825 Rake: 47.730873 Shovel: 77.63574 Pottery: 11.344092 Firemaking: 20.973846 Digging: 92.35829 Mining: 90.98838 Smithing: 49.310425 Jewelry smithing: 33.448082 Locksmithing: 29.250593 Blacksmithing: 94.05087 Armour smithing: 17.171062 Shield smithing: 25.20377 Chain armour smithing: 45.598087 Weapon smithing: 15.02748 Blades smithing: 24.171875 Weapon heads smithing: 22.434496 Ropemaking: 6.0091915 Masonry: 75.60876 Stone cutting: 52.523872 Tailoring: 11.840226 Leatherworking: 10.902961 Cloth tailoring: 25.844582 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 29.656713 Soul strength: 35.492477 Soul depth: 26.28908 Mind: 38.366154 Mind speed: 23.093987 Mind logic: 46.67238 Body: 48.12979 Body stamina: 40.069355 Body strength: 46.25966 Body control: 29.469923 looking for offers dont really plan to play this game any more so dont be shy.
  7. I am taking orders for and selling crafting supplies. I will list prices below here. I am on Celebration and live south of the Great Plains. Stock will vary depending on quantity. Send me a pm in game if you have any questions. PLEASE NOTE: Prices are subject to change OFTEN, and may be lower than what was is posted. 1K = 1000 S = Silver C = Copper 1K Cooked meat - 2S 1K Onions - 80C 1K Pumpkins - 1S 1K cotton - 1S 1K stone bricks - 2S 1k mortar - 2s 1K dirt -1S 1k planks - 1S 80C Will be updating regularly.