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Found 7 results

  1. Hello guys I don't know if someone already proposed that, but here I am. I was thinking it would be very nice an option to move the objects in the center of a corner, it would work like this: you go near the chosen corner, right click on the object, select "move", and select "move in the centre or the nearest corner" or just "move in the nearest corner". There is already an option to place the objects in the centre of a tile, and I find it very usefull I know there is already the option "place" too, so we can move the object around but, in this way they would be all perfectly placed in the exactly same position.
  2. So if you pave a tile using the nearest corner you will get a nice tidy corner tile pave. I noticed while paving marble tiles as corners that once done if you dig/adjust slope on a adjoining tile, the paved corner tile reverts back to a full paved tile.
  3. Can only be done on a tile that has two perpendicular walls visible and may only be done on the right angle visible, must be stood on the cornering tile. Result is a right triangle (a=4m, b=4m, c=5.66m). May be reinforced. Takes 25 actions to mine out, reinforcement same as usual.
  4. I have a land bridge, both sides dropping into the water. I can pave the wet east side, but not the wet west side. I have a patch of tar. I can plant a hedge along the east side, but not the west side. I have a plot of wet dirt where I want to plant reeds... have to have the west side at between 1-4 deep, but the east side doesn't matter. I can only level or flatten tiles if trees or pacement are a certain location to my work. So many little things like this that tie into a specific tile corner, but the rule does not apply to the other corners. Suggestion: Give equal properties to all tile corners or sides, rather than having a dominant corner or side. How would this work when deciding to dig clay or dirt, on the border of the two? Simple, just make the tile types have dominance. Dirt would have to be dominant over clay, allowing us to gain just a little more ground against that evil clay. Stone over dirt, allowing for surface mining on a dirt/stone border. Pavement over dirt, requiring the removal of pavement for any dirt lowering or raising - seriously, anyone else thing raising or lowering a paved road ever made sense, without first tearing it up? Paving any wet tile that has any corner above water. Digging and adding dirt regardless of how many trees are around it. Etc. What else am I missing that seems to have a senseless connection to a specific tile corner or edge?
  5. Could we add this function to the other types of paving?
  6. Can we add "Plant nearest corner" for trees and bushes? There are sometimes where you want a tree in the same area as the one across or to make something fit right but it plants on the wrong corner and it is fixed on that tile, We need a way to change the corner or have each time we plant on that tile have a random corner so we can "find" the corner we want.
  7. How about adding Level to the tile edges as well so we can level one corner at a time? It would be a pretty good workaround to rock stopping all leveling. There would be no flat tile requirement, so all it would do is take the corner of the tile you're standing on and level the other corner alongside the edge you're leveling by either digging dirt into your inventory, or using dirt from your inventory to raise it. It would be nice in my opinion. Copied from my post here: http://forum.wurmonl...100#entry765431 - The thread was getting too messy.