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Found 35 results

  1. WTS 14k Corn 10s Delivered - PM to Bozo - Live in Deli f24
  2. Deed consolidation sale, our granaries are overflowing! Winning bidder will be given a key to the granary building and can pick all items up or resell at their convenience on Indy at J14. Starting bid 45s, 1s increments. 1 Hr sniping protection. Good Luck! Item QTY QL Barley 1078 98 Brook Trout 1 90 Cabbage 2436 97 Carrot 2584 97 Cooked Meat 219 93 Corn 8056 91 Cucumber 2589 97 Egg 879 99 Green Apples 6 94 Handfulls of Strawberry 2989 94 Hazelnuts 418 99 Lemons 382 99 Lettuce 1935 97 Meat 44 93 Meat, bear 74 93 Meat, beef 48 93 Meat, canine 109 94 Meat, feline 15 94 Meat, fowl 11 93 Meat, game 14 95 Meat, horse 306 93 Meat, Humanoid 81 92 Meat, insect 83 95 Meat, lamb 13 94 Meat, pork 15 94 Oat 2912 98 Olives 475 99 Orange 368 99 Pea Pod 2281 97 Pike 1 93 Pumpkin 1811 95 Red Cherries 217 99 Rice 6793 97 Roach 10 95 Rye 2786 98 Strawberries 12848 95 Sugar Beet 1911 97 Tomato 2168 97 Wheat 2278 98 Sub 61244 61244 Barley 425 84 Chestnut 599 81 Corn 18763 87 Corn 6809 83 Meat, tough 3 89 Orange 376 89 Perch 9 89 Sugar Beet 10 81 Wheat 546 84 Oat 124 84 Rice 387 82 Rye 427 85 Sub 28478 28478 Meat, bear 204 79 Pumpkin 137 71 Garlics 3269 77 Olives 45 70 Handfulls of Strawberry 443 77 Pinenut 309 79 Potatoes 2464 79 Onions 3152 77 Meat, horse 1246 78 Lemons 561 77 Green Apples 973 74 Cooked Meat 2533 71 Brook Trout 8 75 Meat 57 71 Fish Fillets 6 73 Roaches 50 78 Meat, Tough 30 79 Walnuts 199 74 Meat, Canine 337 79 Potatoes 2464 79 Meat, Pork 60 76 Meat, Insect 298 78 Meat, Beef 150 79 Meat, Lamb 84 77 Meat, Fowl 47 78 Meat, Feline 38 78 Catfishes 5 75 Meat, Seafood 4 79 Perches 43 79 Carp 1 71 Meat, Game 39 78 Meat, Humanoid 268 78 Sub 19524 19524 Lovage 561 60 Cumin 533 62 Sage 589 59 Basil 556 60 Mint 549 62 Parsley 563 58 Ginger 530 62 Oregano 566 59 Belladonna 559 61 Rosemary 540 60 Fennel Plant 530 62 Paprika 546 62 Turmeric 547 61 Thyme 576 59 Sub 7745 7745 Total 116991
  3. Garlic 34,000 98.38ql Corn 34,000 97.04ql Onions 3,000 97.14ql Starting Bid 42.6s (0.6s per 1000) Bid Increment 1s Buyout 64s Late Special buyout offer of 52s for the final hour. Sniper protection 1 hour Price includes delivery to all coastal locations expect pvp.
  4. Greetings, I am looking to buy 1k of high quality chopped corn, to sacrifice for favor. This first time I will pickup at your location, but if the deal goes well I may buy larger quantities in the future and utilize delivery. Please send me a message here or in-game, to let me know what your price is. Thanks!
  5. Selling bulk dirt, corn, clay and high quality iron ore. See Merchant ad here:
  6. WTB vegetables up to 60k (different).... Interested in: corn/potatoe/garlic/onion Pickup is possible PM with your offers
  7. Big food sale! Do you want to have enough food to feed your village for years? Maybe you need to gain large amounts of Hot Food Cooking, Mind Logic and Soul Depth fast? If your answer to one or both of these questions is "yes", then you have come to the right place! We are selling large amounts of food - enough for all your needs! Our offer Corn (3k in stock) - 1s/1k Garlic (1k in stock) - 1s/1k Cooked meat (4k in stock) - 3s/1k 1k corn/garlic + 1k cooked meat - 3,50s (-12% = 0,5s discount!) 3k corn + 1k cooked meat - 5s (-16% = 1s discount!) 3k corn + 3k cooked meat - 9,5s (-21% = 2,5s discount!) Everything - 12s (-25% = 4s discount!) Contact Forum: Warlander In-game: Warlander, Kenshi or Mackordian
  8. Wemp: 2.4 k @ 61.34 ql for 1 .2 s Cotton: 1.4 k @ 52.07 ql for 70 c Corn: 6.7 k @ 73.44 ql for 3.3 s Potato: 2.2 k @ 64 ql for 1.1 s Pick up only Location: Xanandu (R15) on the map (near starter town Lormere ) In-game name : Greminz
  9. Do you want to grind HFC? Maybe you want to have food supply to feed your village for years? If so, you have come to the right place! 3k corn ql 91,80 + 1k cooked meat ql 31,09 - 5s Pick up on Xanadu at Nowe Wszczniesz (C14), can arrange delivery for a fee.
  10. Karvajtanya (Xanadu) vendor Onto an order cultivate ql76 1K/1s: Rye, wheat, strawberry cotton, wemp, pumpkin, corn, potatoes. Growing time 3K/week (If you need it faster, we have to talk), ryce 1-2K/week, reeds 500/week Now stroed vegetable: 2K rye, 1K Strawberry The customer is transport until that of his harbours. (1-1,5s)
  11. WTS the following bulk goods. Coastal delivery available, fee depends on your location. I am located in SE Xan. Veggies are 1s/k all over 90ql. (free pickup at Southern Comfort S24 on Xan) Garlic:1733 Onion:1130 Corn:1137 Potato:1164 Strawberries:1666 Bricks: 2k 2s/k. (free pickup at Whisper Cove M23 or Southern Comfort S24.) Update: Back from break, goods and locations updated.
  12. Hi all, I am selling: 1k Stone Bricks 2s 1k Wemp 77ql 1s 1k Pumpkin ~78ql 1s 1k Potatoes 68ql 1s SOLD 1k Cotton 74ql 1s SOLD 1k Garlic 64ql 1s SOLD 1k Corn 69ql 1s SOLD Pickup Pickup from O19. Delivery Pristine- Free delivery to closest harbor to location Release- 20c, free for orders over 2s Xanadu- 30c, free for orders over 3s Deliverance- 50c, free for orders over 4s Independence- 60c, free for orders over 5s Exodus- 60c, free for orders over 5s Celebration- 70c, free for orders over 6s Custom orders I am available to supply custom orders and have 200 tiles that I can custom grow most crops to a quality of 78.
  13. Heya ! As title says i would like to sell: - 50k Garlic - 99.3QL for 50s - 20k Corn - 99.2QL for 20s I can sell it per 10k stack, not less ! I can delivery: Inde / Deli / Cele / Exo Good discount if picked up (6x60y on Inde) ! Pm me here or ingame "Syhl"
  14. Selling up to 70k of corn QL 93. Location: South-East Deli, Anagrom Ataf, 38x 36y (harbor location) Price: 1s/1k - discount negotiable for large amounts
  15. So I have almost 2000 very High Quality corn. It's more like 1900, but ill throw in 400 QL55 Potatoes for free. If you are interested, you can make an offer, I'll accept highest price and will deliver for free if you are on chaos.
  16. Black Forest Smithy 3k Cooked Meat 1.5s/1k 1.5k Corn 80c per 1k 45c per 500 500 wemp 50QL 45c 1.5k Cotton 60+QL 80c per 1k 45c per 500 2 sleep powder 2s each See for delivery fees
  17. Hi, Selling: 8k....corn....75ql.....7s (or 1s per 1k) 2k....wemp....75ql.....2s SOLD 1k....onions..69ql.....1s 1k....meat....23ql.....2s I can deliver (PVP servers not included) for orders of min 2s. Also I'm IMPing and selling iron tools up to 90QL PM me if you need my services.
  18. Looking to sell 20k corn at the standard rate of 1s/k. Pickup is at Independence, at coordinates (41x, 34y) (just east of Hell's Harbour). Willing to deliver to coasts on all servers but Chaos, IF buying at least 10k corn at once. No delivery fee if we can set up proper details on when and where to deliver, etc. PM me ingame (Raamkozijn, Blahsonson) or on the forum (Raamkozijn).
  19. Hi, wurmians! I have some veggies to sell: wemps 76ql 18k 1s/k pumpkins 74ql 10k 1s/k barleys 82ql 1k 1s/k corns 80ql 2k 1s/k enchanted grass 1s/each You can pickup on the Thornfield Farms (x35,y25 Exo) or free delivery on Exodus server if you live near to coast. (other freedom servers +20c delivery cost) In game name is same as here Regards, Remete
  20. 50k Corn for sale - QL92 Price: 1s/1k Min. amount: 10k Location: Deliverance, Anagrom Ataf, 39x 36y Easily reachable by boat. Harbor is at 37x 36y. Just follow the sign through the tunnel. No Delivery! Only Pickup!
  21. Pumpkins 231x 36QL Onion 759x 45QL Corn 988x 41QL Potatoes 1022x 44QL (All Weg 3000x) Wemp 2000x 35QL Cotton 500x 28QL 1k =1s loc Zbucyzn docks (north coast) Pm Wiluss here or in game Free delivery on deliverance if you buy more than 2000x If you pick up 1k = 80c
  22. Hello I have 21k total of veggies to sell all 82ql. 10k garlic & 11k corn. Im located at Deli, delivery is extra in other servers. 1s per 1k
  23. I will just paste the argument from wikipedia, which redirects corn to maize. Basically, as you will read, the word corn actually means lots of different kinds of plants, and maize is much more specific. "Maize" is precise, "corn" is ambiguous "Maize" is the vernacular word that means only the plant that this article is about, in all regional varieties of English. "Corn" has a confusing variety of meanings that vary by locality. In particular, one common meaning of "corn" is the staple cereal crop of a given locality. 3a. collective singular. The seed of the cereal or farinaceous plants as a produce of agriculture; grain. As a general term the word includes all the cereals, wheat, rye, barley, oats, maize, rice, etc., and, with qualification (as black corn, pulse corn), is extended to leguminous plants, as pease, beans, etc., cultivated for food. Locally, the word, when not otherwise qualified, is often understood to denote that kind of cereal which is the leading crop of the district; hence in the greater part of England ‘corn’ is = wheat, in North Britain and Ireland = oats; in the U.S. the word, as short for Indian corn, is restricted to maize (see 5). 5. orig. U.S. Maize or Indian corn, Zea Mays; applied both to the separated seeds, and to the growing or reaped crop. corn on the cob: green maize suitable for boiling or roasting; maize cooked and eaten on the cob. Wheat, rye, barley, oats, etc. are in U.S. called collectively grain. Corn- in combinations, in American usage, must therefore be understood to mean maize, whereas in English usage it may mean any cereal; e.g. a cornfield in England is a field of any cereal that is grown in the country, in U.S. one of maize.—Oxford English Dictionary's definition of "corn"
  24. As the title says! Normal bulk pricing applies; 1s per 1k. 1k Corn (58ql) 1.5k Cotton (60ql) Pickup at Allure (40x 33y); accessible by water via Hell's Harbor (North Crystal Lake). Comment / PM here, or contact Mayrin (Indy) / Mynli (Pristine) to set up a pickup time. Thanks!