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Found 85 results

  1. After finally harvesting some lemons I eagerly gathered my ingredients in the oven to make some long-awaited fish 'n' chips. Both attempts failed, with the well-fuelled oven finally fizzing out having never cooked a thing. On both attempts I used: Raw fries Lemon Fillet of fish ...and in the first attempt I used fennel oil, the second I used corn oil - both of which are apparently cooking oils according to the Wurmpedia. The ingredients were placed in a frying pan as per the recipe. So what went wrong? I've made plenty of meals in this oven before by the way, I definitely wasn't doing anything wrong. It must have been something to do with the ingredients but as far as I can tell, I satisfied all the criteria.
  2. The Webpage is LIve.. With alot of work from KaztheGreat. We give you Log in and you can save your char's and meals for use later use. Web page may be little behind the database part. but that will be fixed soon. (spreadsheet will be keep updated and working for all thows that want to use it till everything on webpage then i may turn it off if no one is useing it) Some of your may have seen i made a meal maker spreadsheet. i feel at this time. i should post it here so more can use it and injoy wurm cooking. i made a small be ez tutorial inside the spreadsheet to help people along. Hope you all Injoy it feed back welcome Beta... Use at your Own risk... hehe Link This sheet is the one i am actively updating it can be wrong or even broken your more then welcome to check it out. added a lot more things to it. A lot of Untested things.. All Untested things are know labeled with zItemName Old outdated Comment always welcome. errors and prob Welcome to Want Put a Huge Shout Out and Thanks to Stanlee Galatyn Others that want to remain nameless Icbash.
  3. Food affinities are a great addition to the game, but they are hamstrung because and new skills would change everyone's affinity food. New skills either need to replace an old one or not be able to be gained through food. A new method that is future proof against new skills being added. Normal cooking methods randomly assign affinities to food. To get a specific affinity on food: Right click the container and select "Prepare food." Choose the desired affinity from the pop-up menu. A timer (10-20 sec) counts down as some RP text plays. You fail, succeed or greatly succeed! Fail: Affinity is still random and unknown until cooked. Try again. Succeed: The chosen affinity is assigned to the meal Greatly succeed: A random second, minor affinity is also added to the food. Rarity, complexity and ingredients have their normal effects on affinity strength, duration and CCFP. With this method as many skills as the devs want could be added without ever needing to worry about disrupting food affinities.
  4. We are back in buisness again! 1000 Meal pans filled with our resources cost 2 s/€ We have a very good kitchen where you can get your skillgain very fast. Exodus Q_22 PM for details.
  5. Hello, using a pottery bowl and putting the ingredients for stew doesn't create stew but something else. A saucepan does work. Please remove the pottery bowl as a valid container for stew recipes. Thank you.
  6. Hi, when I use "lore" on a sausage skin I get this: [10:08:09] Have you tried adding a heart? [10:08:11] The heart will not fit in the sausage skin. Am I missing something or is there some sort of bug here? Update: I consumed some of the ingredients to make them smaller and that made it work eventually
  7. In WO patch notes: It was stated that: "Skillgain for anything that produces liquid has been scaled by the amount of liquid created." Does this apply to the latest patch of WU as well? My limited testing concluded as followed (creating lye): 45kg : Natural substances increased by 0.0065 to 20.5503 5kg : Natural substances increased by 0.0065 to 20.5568 Which doesn't seem as if this change was applied to WU. Can anyone clarify if this is a possible result of mods that the server I'm playing on has, or if the change didn't make it to WU? Thanks in advance, Iolo
  8. I think if you reworked the art some for the FSB's you could make them into chicken coops where you could put the chickens and they could graze like all the other animals and the eggs would appear the the coop's inventory. I think this would make the point of having chickens good and aesthetically appealing. If anything you could make them kind of the same concept as the bee hives, where you would make the coop on a grass tile, put a chicken inside with some food until it can graze (like bees do for honey) and the eggs would appear in the inventory and stay like honey does in the bee hives. This way you could make it to where the coop has eggs in the spring, summer, fall, but hibernates in the winter like the bees. Also you could make it have either animations of chicken by the coop or just chicken sounds coming from the coop like you have the buzzing from the bee hives to save on animation and processing power.
  9. well as the title says i think itd be cool to add some small trapable animals like beavers raccoons fox rabbits etc and add traps to catch them they provide butchered goods maybe be able to stuff them for decoration or add fur clothing and use their fur and pelts new types of meat for the new cooking update and it would be fun and a new trapping skill
  10. Mod source on pastebin: Since this uses extensive bytecode modding I don't want to support it. It might be useful for another modder so I'm sharing it. I will not make releases for it. I will not fix it if it doesn't work or breaks or whatever. It does these things for me currently: - Remove all affinity creation and instead apply an additional 10% skill bonus to the already existent 5% bonus from nutrition. Instead of up to a 5% bonus from nutrition, this mod make that up to 15%. - Remove limits that stop you from eating or drinking when food is too hot. - Remove the mechanic that stops eating if food bar is full. Your toon can just keep eating forever if you wanted. - Remove the food complexity scaling for ccfp. Every edible thing will act as if it has 10 stages and 30 ingredients.
  11. armour

    ~ Moonmetals ~ _____________________________ Glimmersteel SOLDOUT __________________________________ Adamantine SOLDOUT _________________________________________________ ~ Blood ~ SOLDOUT __________________________________________ ~ Potions ~ ______ Mining QL 91.45 Potion of Mining - 4s QL 80.31 Potion of Mining - 3.3s ___________ Woodcutting SOLDOUT ___________ Stone Cutting QL 88.84 Ointment of Stonecutting (2s) QL 86.78 Ointment of Stonecutting (2s) ________ Armor Smith QL 89.51 oil of the Weaponsmith (2s)QL 58.04 oil of the Weaponsmith (1.4s)QL 49.56 oil of the Weaponsmith (1.2s) ________________________________ ~ Armor ~ _________________________________________________________ ~ Enchanted Items ~ ►50c Each◄ _________________________________________ ~ Furniture ~ ► Underline Contains Picture ◄ Sold Out Currently _______________________________________________ ~ Assorted Rare Goods ~ ► Underline Contains Picture ◄ Rare Wool QL 32 - 20c OBO ____________________________ ~ Bulk Goods (In Stock) ~ Dirt - 80c per 1k (9.9k in stock) Clay - 1s per 1k (3k in stock) Planks - 1s per 1k (2.5k in stock) Stone Bricks - 2s per 1k (2k in stock) Sprouts (Maple, Birch, Cedar, Fruit trees(except raspberry, blueberry), Nut trees & shrubs) - 1c each Sprouts (Oak or Willow) - 2c each ____________________________ ~ Bulk Goods (Made to order) ~ Pottery Bricks - 3.5s per 1k Mortar - 2.5s per 1k Concrete - 1s per 100 Support Beams - 4s per 100 Sandstone Bricks - 2s per 1k Round Bricks - 2s per 1k ___________________ ~ Cooking Materials ~ Eggs 99ql - 1c each Sheep Milk (Small Barrel, Sealed) - 30c each Cow Milk (Small Barrel, Sealed) - 30c each Buffalo Milk (Small Barrel, Sealed) - 30c each Honey (Small Barrel, Sealed) 80 QL - 45c each Maple Syrup (Small Barrel, Sealed) - 45c each ~ How To Place Orders ~ PM Legios or Seriphina either here or in the game or leave a comment on this thread to place an order. We have a runed mailbox, so larger items can be mailed and arrive in just a few minutes. For pickup orders such as bulk and furniture, we are located in Lorewood at H23 on Xanadu. We do offer free coastal delivery on orders over 5s for all servers except Chaos. Here is a cat drinking milk straight from a cow to Brighten up your day, because smiling is so important to a healthy and humble life.
  12. Starting Bid: 10 silver Increment: 25 copper Buyout: 15 silver Sniper Protection: 1 hours Delivery: I will send via mailbox with COD
  13. My crafter, Handsomestranger, just got the pale ale recipe added to his cookbook. The problem is, he didn't make it. I made the wort as Vroomfondel, and as Vroomfondel I sealed the barrel. All Handsome did was move the barrel from the floor to the wine barrel rack. It seems you have it set so the last char to touch the barrel gets the recipe, not the one who did all the work.
  14. Had a couple of ideas that I think should be considered on the poll, on the use of rare items in cooking and their affinities influences. Both still preserve the idea and usefulness of using the rares as an important part of the cooking equation but how about an additional bonus. First idea, with each step of it's rareness give an original bonus of the same plain item but rare would give and additional affinity, supreme(two) and fantastic...would that be great!. Second idea, and MUCH more complicated: Each items has three steps of "rare" to it: rare, supreme, fantastic. Take a simple Skillet, Meat, Vegetable recipe... each one has an additional level of rare bonus to making the end product a "rare" of some type itself. Now we enter what do we want from a difference of rare or supreme...+1,+2 to the equation...have to take into consideration what would happen if we bought a Supreme Potato from a player added it to a Rare Meat and a plain carrot would add a plus +2/3 from the S. Potato, +1/3 from rare meat and +0 from non-rare carrot, BUT..don't forget the skillet pan...+0/3 on it, lets use a rare pan, since we are on the subject, +1/3 possible rares (no wax/or wrapping involved this time) gives us a +4/12 chance on top of the normal chance at a rare... + %33.33 added chance at a rare finished food item. It could further be taken you use Supreme's the entire get a Supreme finished food product. HOWEVER, this still is a beginning formula to take into consideration, then you must consider the end effects discussed in the First idea, end result of bonus affinities+ (1-3 or +*-***) or even an added time bonus combo in with it. I think it would be safe to say that chances of getting a Fantastic Pizza..should give +3 affinities.. if even a (characteristic, followed by a Skill on a Supreme to 2/1 or 1/2 Characteristic/Skill on a Fantastic Food Item. Point is..the more "rare" the better it should be!!!. THIS IS AN IDEA...put out in quick response to the powers that be, on nerfing our money spent or the selling value of rare items. Some people have sunk alot of money into higher quality rares and this keeps/gives value to the rare food items that give players a chance at making some funds. Please, ADD TO THIS DISCUSSION..., this is put together to get some alternatives going. Thank you.
  15. Serch option in FSB like this one in cook book. I have now a loot of dif items in my cooking fsb i cant find a potato if i need one
  16. affi meals

    Selling affinity meals of your choice! HOW THIS WORKS: We send you 2 sample meals, you taste (using the taste option in the rightclick menu) both and tell me which one gives you what affinity and send them back. Tasting those 2 meals is only required once per character, after this we can always prepare the correct meal for the affinity of your choice. If you need the same affinity for 2 different characters, they will have to do the tasting separately and will most likely require 2 separate meals as each toon is different. Based on those 2 samples, we can prepare meals which are about 4kg in weight and +/- 90 quality. This means that if you want Tailoring affinity, we will send you a meal which will give you 4hour+ of Tailoring affinity after first bite! Don't eat it all, just choose "eat" and hit escape right away, one bite of 0.03kg in size will give 4h+ affinity time and 100% CCFP, if you have a magic chest, it will last you over a year assuming 4h/day, otherwise it will pretty much decay before you can use up the hours it gives. This amazing deal which is not offered by anyone else will cost 1 silver per meal. There is an exception to this, some characters are "bugged" and they can't have affinity from meals by this recipe for the 20 skills below, we will know if your toon is one of those after you taste the 2 samples as well and will let you know. If your character is one of those affected by this, we can't prepare the following affinities for you and there is nothing we can do about it, some toons have affinities distributed weird. 20 skills out of 138 are affected: channeling, exorcizm, artifacts, foraging, botanizing, climbing, stone cutting, lock picking, stealing, traps, catapults, animal taming, animal husbandry, short bow, long bow, med. Bow, ship building, ballistae, trebuchets, turrets. We can still prepare the remaining 118 affinity meals for the affected toons. STEP BY STEP GUIDE
  17. rare fruitpress 4s rare grindstone 3s
  18. Greetings, Wurmians. I'll cut to the case where I'm coming from with this: With the introduction of food affinities I quite immediately started making records of what affinities I can get on which characters, of which I have 3, with which meal. As a sort of "affinity hunt". (I'm aware some people have data mined the crap out of it and can predict affinities somehow, but personally, where's the fun in that?) First iteration was a spreadsheet. A quick and dirty approach that gets the job done somehow. But finding duplicates in this mess is almost impossible and using multiple tabs to separate types of food to bring some order into the long list of clutter only makes searching for affinities take more time. Also, I had resorted to abbreviating a lot just not to be typing a minute before cooking. Granted, you could probably set up a spreadsheet to make this all more comfortable, but I wanted a more streamlined approach. Which I implemented in a small WPF application that uses combo boxes to cut all the typing short and make searching for a recorded affinity a few clicks away from results. This was made for personal use mostly, but I decided I might aswell put it up for the 3 people who might use it aswell. Requirements: This is a .NET application, so naturally you'll need that. You'll likely have a fitting version anyway unless you are still stuck on Windows XP. .NET Core appearantly doesn't support WPF, though, so that won't work. And no, Mono won't cut it either by a long shot. But the sources are up in the repo, if someone wants to do a Mono port, permissions is hereby granted as long as the original source is credited or you send me a request to incorporate your solution to be put up on the release page. (In which case, the porter is being credited, obviously) Installation: Extract the contents of the .zip anywhere you like, it should be able to run as is. Before you run the application, open "consumers.txt" and enter your characters names whose affinities you want to record, one line per character. Usage: You'll find 3 tabs to work with, which will allow you to assemble meals, record their affinities on your characters that are listed in "consumers.txt", and let you search for affinities or given names respectively. A quick rundown of each tab: Workbench: What do? Give your meal a name; or don't. Names are only used later in the searching function and solely for user convenience/recognition. Duplicate names are allowed, as long as the recipe is different. Empty names will default to "Generic Food". I'm creative like that. Choose a container this meal is cooked in, then add ingredients. The big "+" button will conjure comboboxes to choose an ingredient from, alternatively you can press CTRL+A, unless your cursor is currently in the text box. Tip: I specifically used combo boxes so one can enter the first few letters of an ingredient and have it jump to the best match. Modifiers like "chopped" and "diced" are thus placed in parenthesises behind the ingredient so I could just use the arrow keys to select the modifier after I selected my basil or canine meat. All combo boxes do this by default. You can also press TAB to circle through the boxes, so that using the mouse is obsolete up until finishing the recipe by clicking "Cook Recipe". This will check if any such recipe cooked in this container with these ingredients are already in your database and make avoiding duplicate records an absolute no-brainer. If the recipe is new, it is moved into the next tab. Consumers: This is pretty straightforward; the recipe is cooked and up for tasting. My 3 characters have had a bit of fried troll here. If someone were missing at a given time, worry not; closing the program will not delete recipes listed here and preserve them as you left them. There's also a non-skill "Unassigned", for when you have any reason not to taste a meal with some character. You can still search for "Unassigned" later on like any normal skill and change it. (See next tab.) When you want to save the recipe with the recorded affinities for good, click the ugly little "->", which is tooltipped with "move to archive", which is what we'll do now. Archive: The troll based recipe is now in the archive and could be found - for instance - by searching for the "Baking" affinity on my main character "Flubb". Alternatively, I could enter "troll" in the text box and search by name using the obvious button. In the left column, this will return the results of any given search. The middle column will tell you how to reproduce the meal, and the right column shows all the recorded affinities for this recipe. A selected recipe can be deleted for good ("Delete from archive") or moved back to the Consumers-Tab ("Reassign affinities") in case you have an unassigned affinity you want to record after archiving a recipe or when you realize affinities have changed for a meal after an update. Troubleshooting: An ingredient I want to use is not in the list! Like your characters, ingredients are loaded from a textfile. Notice the "Lists" menu in the top bar? Here you can choose "Open ingredients file" to open your standard text editor with "ingredients.txt", which is shipped in the .zip and needs to be in the same directory as the executable. Add your ingredient, or change the list to your hearts content, and save. No need to restart the application though, just go back into the menu "Lists" and select "Reload ingredient list". I'm doing it this way because including EVERYTHING from the get go would be tedious and there are also recipes that use other things that need to be cooked first, like pastry based recipes. I don't know how deep that rabbit hole goes, so I decided to do it the lazy way; if I don't need it yet, I'm not missing it yet. Though ideally everything that fits in a FSB should be already in the ingredients.txt in shipping state. You forgot a container in the list! Any missing container can be added the same way ingredients can. A skill is missing in the list of affinities! Turns out copypasting the wikipage for skills didn't include them all. Just to be sure, I just put all the skills in a textfile instead of hardcoding them into the program. Who knows if any new skills will be introduced in the future aswell. So basically: See both points above to fix that. I want to add a new character. Well, you know what to do by now I hope. Though with consumers I should warn you that it might be a bit finnecky and buggy. I tried to cover all ends theoretically that I could think of but didn't delve into a lot of testing. To be sure, try not to have any active recipes in the "Consumers" tab while reloading it or even better, make sure to have your characters listed prior to starting the application for the first time. Restarting the application should solve most situations of bindings going haywire, but make a backup of your "recipes.sqlite" file prior to modifying the consumers.txt nonetheless. Until I can be bothered to really try and break ###### and fix it in the next update, the safest bet is to just not modify "consumers.txt" while the application is running. With every other list, it should be totally safe though. Patch history: 1.0.1: (Minor update, just extract it over your installation to update) - Hovering over names in the consumer tab shows its ingredients and container. - Ingredient list in the archive is sorted alphabetically to line up better with a sorted FBS' content. - Some fixes 1.1.0: Improved recipe handling This update itnroduces a few new buttons to let you move recipes across processing stages more freely. Namely you can now click "<-" to move a recipe from Consumers back to Workbench, in case you find you've done a mistake in the setup. Double clicking the name will make it editable, so renaming doesn't require a recipe to be moved back to the workbench. Similiarly, the archive now lets you "Adapt a new recipe". This will copy the recipe back to the workbench where you can make slight adaptions to create a new recipe without the hassle of entering all the ingredients again. The "Fork Recipe" button will similiarly make mass inventign recipes easier, as this will copy the recipe to the Consumers tab without clearing the workbench. TODO: (For when I can be bothered to do anything on this at all.) - Possibly review the handling of adding consumers, if problems arise. - Make icons for the buttons in the consumers tab. Any feedback can be left in this thread, if any reasonable TODOs arise from it I'll add them to the list. In that case even with actual priority, not the half-baked "I could do this but probably won't" points I add myself. Happy affinity hunting, with or without this tool.
  19. A container made from tin that keeps food fresh and warm when travelling. Want to Sell: 45+ ql lunchboxes In stock: 50 copper + COD
  20. Do you need higher ql food? Do you fail attaching runes to your stuff? Or would you like a longer action queue? Then you've come to the right place! With panfilling you can easily raise your cooking, HFC, mind logic and soul depth. I offer fast panfilling at affordable prices. Prices Filling 1s/1k pans Filling+materials 2s/1k pans Baking grinding 2s/k No longer offering baking grinding until cooking times are better, Payment methods I accept payments in silver, Paypal payments at 1€/s and Bitcoin payments. Location My cookhouse is located at F22 on Xanadu. For 50c I can bring my cookhouse to your place, all you need is forges. For orders over 10k outside Xanadu delivery is free. Skillgain and data If you're wondering how much pans is needed to reach a specific HFC skill you could take a look at the table below. For ML/SD/cooking skillgain predictions you could PM me. HFC skillgain, using sleep bonus, no affinity and not Vynora/Nahjo: The usual method My method 1-70 5k 5 70-90 9k 7.5k 90-95 9k 5k 95-99 29-30k 12-13k As you can see in the table I can save you a lot of money if you're looking to grind HFC at high skill. The bad thing with my method is that it reduces characteristics skillgain, which you may not want. The method doesn't require any extra effort when filling, so you decide which method you want to use, no extra fees added. Reviews [19:35:08] <Coastis> hmm, not sure what to say other than the man is a beast If you have any questions contact RobZ ingame.
  21. According to the patch-notes for the cooking update oleander is able to be used somehow, as yet have not found any way to use it. Have tried all of the cooking containers with lore, knife, fork, spoon, water, butchers knife, grindstone, mortar and pestle etc. Are they intended to be used in something?
  22. I'm not entirely certain if this is a bug or not but eating a hog roast gives you nothing but nutrition and food. No carbs, calories, fats, or proteins are gained from eating it what-so-ever. If this is intended please delete this thread.
  23. Thanks for the Price Check, it gave me an idea where to start Starting Bid: $300 USD Buyout offers via PM accepted There is a Reserve Verified Paypal Only 1 hour sniper protection Siegfried Level 10 POL [12:08:43] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Awakening, week 1 of the starfall of Omens, 1005. That's 2520 days, 15 hours and 36 minutes ago. [12:08:43] You have played 540 days, 17 hours and 10 minutes. [12:08:43] You have been premium a total of 40 months until Dec 2013. [12:08:43] You have been premium a total of 38 since Dec 2013. [12:08:43] You have been premium consecutively for 0 months since Dec 2013. [12:08:43] You have not paid for premium time. Reasonable offers will be considered.
  24. I've been acting in the role of main cook for my pmk on chaos for a few months and recently noticed a very sizable deviation in the outcoming meals using the same tools with qls and same basic ingredient levels. ie.. when I cooked a cottage pie with my skills and my tools and the same ingredients by following a documented recipe, I got small range of qls for the outcoming cottage pie my case between 45ish and 52ish ql. That's the normal.. however recently using my same skill, same tools and same baseline ingredients (with same ql's), a- I no longer get a small range of varying ql meals but instead all of the meals come out to EXACTLY the same ql, b- the QL for these newer meals are substantially and consistently lower to the degree that I cant explain how low in ql they at, based on the process, materials, and tools used.. something is very amiss here.. thus far I have noticed this phenomenon with cottage pies, fisherman's hut pies, and kalakukkos... this is making it abit trying to replicate recipes for my kingdoms members for affinity gains due to fairly horrid qls that have no explanation Help please and thank you in advance!
  25. CLOSED for business! Carpentry: Why didnt evolution make a giraffe good at carpentry so it could build a ladder? - K. Pilkington Contact: Nordlys Fine carpentry: Where you find quality you'll find a craftsman, not a quality-expert! - R. Brault Contact: Nordlys Blacksmithing: I would love to come up with a quote, but i got too many irons in the fire as it is. - Nordlys Contact: Willslaphansien Leatherworking: You didnt say anything about my armor. Is it not shiny enough? - Sir Lancelot the great Contact: Rgr Cooking: I cook with wine. Sometimes i even add it to the food! - W. C. Fields Contact: Nordlys Package deals: Packages made for your convenience, and you save some coins aswell! Contact: Nordlys, Rgr or Willslaphansien Fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, ingredients: More variety, better food! Contact: Nordlys Bulk: Note: We're only taking bulk orders up to 5s worth at the time, to avoid taking offers we cant deliver in a respective time frame! Contact: Nordlys, Rgr or Willslaphansien Special oddities: Rares, rift items, enchants, deals and such! Contact and complaints: Nordlys, Rgr or Willslaphansien All items will be sent by COD (cash on delivery), the cost is normally 1c per item sent (insert fluid price here), paid by the buyer. All prices are listed without postal fee. Our mailbox got 99 courier cast, and 5% size rune attached (logs, halberds, spears and even some furniture can be mailed). Please write what item, ql of the item, and add recipients ingame name. Legend: Delivery and pickup: Buyers that for some reason wants to be anonymous can send a pm on the forums or ingame, but we appreciate if you write it in this topic. If anything is unclear or some information is missing, please tell us. Note: If we by strange reasons would add an obvious wrong price to an item, or list wrong enchant for example, we may not accept the offer. If you want to pm someone reasonable on the forum about this topic, try Nordlys Happy wurming! - Nordlys