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Found 1 result

  1. Mercury Dragons Elite is on the west coast of Release with a Public Market (12 Merchants), Public Mailbox, Token and a Free Parking area (unlocked) for horses and carts available to visitors and customers. Our deed is found at coords Y21 X3 (this is a player-made peninsula, accessible from land with 2 Guard Towers to increase security for visitors, the one in front of MDE is rare with 6 guards, sexy avatar not guaranteed). Delivery of goods (any amount which fits in 100 small rafts) by boat is 50c within Release, 1s to Pristine. Drop-off must be accessible by Knarr. MAILBOX DELIVERY TIME: 15 Mins ORDER STATUS: OPEN (Accepting Orders) CONSTRUCTION STATUS: AVAILABLE SHIPYARD STATUS: NOT AVAILABLE Contact (in-game and forums): Windguaerd PM me to place your order. Payment MUST be received in advance, if COD is used an additional 10c for mail fee is applicable within Release, 20c for Pristine. After payment is received then we begin working on an order. Need to know how reliable MDE is? Check the second post in this thread for all the completed orders as reference. We accept Referrals, Sleep Powders and Bricks as trade-in payment. Referral: By paying via Referral(s), you get a credit of 7s for goods and services per (1) Referral. Any difference between the credit and amount of goods and/or services requested is non-refundable. Sleep Powder: By paying via Sleep Powder(s), you get a credit of 1s for goods and services per (1) Sleep Powder. Any difference between the credit and amount of goods and/or services requested is non-refundable. Bricks: By paying via Bricks, you get a credit of 1s for goods and services per 1,000 Bricks. You must offer a minimum of 1,000 bricks (QL 20 or higher) as trade-in. Any difference between the credit and amount of goods and/or services requested is non-refundable. If order of goods and/or services requested is above the value of the Trade-in, any remaining payment must be paid with in-game coin in advance. Trade-ins must be given before we work on an order for goods or services. 10 Slate Slabs - 3s 500 Mortar - 1.5s 500 Cooked Meat- 1s 500 Stone (2500 in stock) or Colossus Bricks - 1s 500 Dirt - 50c (2,000 in stock) 1,000 Planks - 1s (9,000 in stock) 100 Pottery Bricks - 1s 250 Slate Shingles - 1.5s (500 in stock) 100 Marble or Stone Slabs - 1s 10 Support Beams or Floorboards - 1s 100 QL 50 Logs - 1s 100 Ribbons - 1s 100 Ropes - 75c (100 in stock) 100 Common Flowers (white, yellow, purple, orange-red) - 1s 100 Large or Small Nails - 25c (1,000 Large Nails - 1,000 Small Nails in stock) 10 Hard to Find Flowers (greenish-yellow, blue) - 20c 100 Common Sprouts (olive, lavender, cherry, lemon, cedar, birch, fir, walnut, grape, apple, chestnut, pine, thorn, maple, rose, camellia, linden, oleander) - 1s 1 Semi Hard to Find Sprout (Willow) - 10c 1 Hard to Find Sprout (Oak) - 20c (20 in stock) We build unfinished Floorboards (last piece, large nail included), so they are able to fit in rafts. If you are picking up your order, we have a very spacious Loading Dock. We sell large ships mostly, and on occasion we can also do smaller boats. All large ships include delivery anywhere on Release (reachable by sea), sailboats and rowboats are pick up only. Custom wood finish when requested (otherwise it will be cedar). Delivery of ships guaranteed within a week if in stock, otherwise check our prep and build time info below. Boat: Prep Time: Build Time: Corbita: 8s 4 Days 4 Days Knarr*: 20s 7 Days 10 Days Caravel: 30s 8 Days 12 Days 10 Small Rafts: 1s 1 Day 1 Day Prep Time is the amount needed to make all the parts needed, Build Time is the amount needed to put it all together to make the boat. Each boat has a boat lock attached (you get the key on pickup or delivery) and a mooring rope anchor included. Currently In Stock None Local residents and visitors can park their boats near our Loading Dock, please do not block the way because players come often to pick up their orders for bulk goods. A few Market Stalls are still available, anyone is allowed to place a merchant. I charge no fee as I want this to truly be a public market. Forges are also available. We are the preferred Public Market for the entire west coast. If you are interested in placing a merchant, feel free to PM me on these forums, or send me a /tell in-game to Windguaerd. Available Market Stalls: 0 out of 12 Business Partners: Masterentaro, Nusty, Taronual Merchant Phryne Stock Thick Rope (15c) Cordage Rope (20c) Triangular Sail (20c) Small Square Sail (10c) Square Sail (30c) Mooring Anchors (20c) Merchant Theodora Stock \ QL 60 Tools (25c) QL 60-68 Whetstones (25c - 30c) QL 67 Iron Large Anvil (20c) Merchant Aspasia Stock QL 70 Iron Tools (30c) Needles, Hammers, Scissors, Saws, Rakes, Leather Knives, Hatchets Rakes, Whetstones, Mallets, Files, Metal Brushes, Awls, Trowels Merchant Rahab Stock QL 70 Iron Tools (30c) Needles, Hammers, Scissors, Saws, Rakes, Leather Knives, Hatchets Rakes, Whetstones, Mallets, Files, Metal Brushes, Awls, Trowels QL 80-90 Pelts (25c - 30c) QL 70 Small and Large Iron Anvils (25c) Merchant Felicia Day Stock Brass Small Bells (10c) QL 50 Rare Birchwood Spindle (4s) QL 95 Soft Cap (Santa Hat) (3s) QL 51 Rare Grindstone (3s) QL 51 Rare Grindstone (3s) Rare Bricks (30c each) Supreme Flowers (30c) Rare Logs and Planks (20c each) Rare Lumps (20c each) Rare Sprouts (20c each) Rare Ribbons (30c each) Rare Square Pieces of Cloth (20c each) Merchant Will Wheaton Stock Rare Logs and Planks (20c each) Rare Dirt (20c each) Rare Shards (20c each) Rare Lumps (20c each) Merchant Whitikar Stock QL 59-61 Saddles (70c) QL 59-61 Studded Leather Pants and Jackets (30c) QL 59-61 Studded Leather Armor Pieces (10c) Merchant Andromeda Stock QL 50 Copper Hanging Lamps (20c) QL 50 Tools (15c) QL 50+ Whetstones (20c) QL 50 Grooming Brushes (15c) QL 50 Sickle (40c) Merchant Enchantress Stock Vynora Puppet Fo Puppet YoYo 4x - 56QL Whetstones (CoC 20-50) Merchant Stellaris Stock QL 60 Plate Armor Sets (5s per set) QL 70-80 Tools (35c - 50c) Merchant Nusty Stock QL 40-60 Small and Large Weapons (50c - 70c) Merchant Taronual Stock QL 40-50 Chain Armor Sets (1s - 1.25s per set) Items in stock can be delivered within a day, anything not in stock has an average waiting time of 3-7 days depending on quantity ordered (larger orders take longer of course). Holidays are not counted (4 of July, Christmas, etc). Tower Construction - You choose the location of the tower, area must be flat before construction. 4s with materials provided by us (Delivery Fee may apply depending on how far you are from us), if you have the materials already (500 bricks, 500 clay, 100 planks) then the price is 2s. QL 50 Tower guaranteed for 5 guards. Carpentry/Masonry Services Mailbox - 75c Stone Altar - 25c Imp to QL 70 to any Forge, Oven, Guard Tower or Mailbox - 30c QL 70 Floor Loom - 50c Wagon - 1.25s Large Crate - 25c Small Crate - 15c Wagon + 9 Large Crates - 2.75s Delivery Fee may apply depending on how far you are from us Other construction services may be available upon request, ask through PM or in-game. Items listed as Special Sale are on limited supply, first come, first served basis. This list may sometimes be empty, depending on what we may get our hands on. NONE All information will be updated regarding our stock (including Merchants) and services. Current/Pending Orders If you have an order, please follow this topic, whenever an order is pending. being worked on or completed we post an update. Orders being worked on, which are partially completed Knarr 15s - in Progress If you have any questions PM me please. We thank you for your patronage! *=Price only applies if you purchase 100 small rafts as well, otherwise the price is 25s. **=Unless QL is specified, we'll use any building goods in stock regardless of QL.