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Found 108 results

  1. We can currently withdraw coins at any token, but can only pay coins in at *one* - our 'chosen' bank token. A lot of people have mentioned how inconvenient this is, but so far little progress has been made to find a solution. Problem 1: The current method of depositing coins, opens the Bank > Manage window so that coins can be dragged and dropped into the bank. This window also allows 5 items to be stored. This, item storage, I believe, is the main reason, why only one token has the ability to pay in. It's the fact that physical *items* can only be stored at one place, rather than any logical limitation on paying in coins anywhere else. Suggestion - New *Roaming* Bank Manage Window: We need another more flexible way to pay in just coins, which is completely separate from the stored items. Perhaps all tokens other than our 'chosen' token could use a different *Roaming* bank window which accepts coins, but does *not* accept items. Problem 2: Sometimes we need to pay in coins when we are far away from a deed token. Tokens can not be placed underground, and some deed owners have their tokens locked away from public use. Any of these scenarios may mean a long trek to the nearest token. We, therefore need a *portable* banking solution so we can deposit coins when out and about. Solution - New *Portable* Banking Tokens Thanks to my brother for suggesting that *Archaeology Mini-Tokens* could be used for these portable deposit boxes. Right clicking a mini token would bring up the option to open a Roaming Bank Manage Window allowing us to drag and deposit coins (but no items). No-matter where we are we can then deposit our coins. This is from a PvE perspective, I would need more info on how this would affect PvP. I think it takes someone to think outside the [money] box! Please let me know your ideas.
  2. WTS MY 54S IN NFI 1S EA TO 2S IN SFI !!
  3. as in title, want to buy up to 50s via paypal
  4. Hello! I'm looking to buy up to 70s for 70E. Paypal verified. Preferably from a Canadian seller (fees), but not a necessity. PM Thanks! Bought, thanks.
  5. Hello! I’m currently looking to buy 50-60 silver coins. Will be on Sunday night, feel free to pm me. 1s=1.24usd or 1e
  6. As a title says: i have to sell 50s 1s = 1€ PM me here if you are interested.
  7. WTS silver coins 1s:1e, via verified paypal. Up to 170s available, pm for details
  8. got left 90 silver coins at Glasshollow Market can split in less too. gift via paypal 1s 1€ pm me here or ingame as paulofdune
  9. Hello everyone, I have some silver coins for sell. 1s:1e 60 45 20 silver in stock Verified paypal only. Post offers here or on PM.
  10. Hey, I have some silver coins for sell. 1s:1e Currently 60 silver in stock Verified paypal only. Post offers here or on PM.
  11. WTS 1 gold coin @ 95USD PayPal. Willing to sell in smaller amounts - PM me on here or ingame on ImperialWalker if interested. Cheers!
  12. Hello everyone, i have 464 silver for sell at rate 1€ 1s Verified paypal only.
  13. Time to clean out the coffers- I have gold coins for sale, at the old exchange rate of 1s=1euro I'm a long time PayPal user and verified, so shop without worry! If you are interested please send me a message. Happy Wurming!
  14. Looking to sell 180 silver, verified paypal only, preferably to established accounts. will accept sales for smaller values Selling at 1s:0.9euro ratio PM on the forums or ingame (Fooli)
  15. When trying to sell something to token, the following appears: [11:15:49] There are apparently no coins in the coffers at the moment. Can someone please clarify why this is happening? It happened several times in the last fortnight while I never saw it previously. Thanks!
  16. sold thx

    paypal pls asking 50€ for 59 silvers
  17. I have two lots of coins for sale if you wanted both I might take a little off the price just send me a forum pm and we will see. Lot #1: 1g coin for 100 euro or $110 usd. (Paypal verified, buyer pays any fees) Lot #2: 25s coins for 25 euro or $27 usd. (Paypal verified, buyer pays any fees) Note: With the recent scam I will be more selective on who I sell to so no new accounts. Edit: Sold in a forum pm this can be closed..thanks
  18. SOLD Looking to sell 0silvers at 9 Euros per 10s Paypal verified, and buyer pays fees. Other forms of payment may be entertained, if interested PM me. Thanks
  19. I have 75s for sell for 75e... (Paypal verified) SOLD Note: With the recent scam i will be more picky on who i deal with but if you have an established account and want to buy some silver send me a pm.
  20. I've searched and only found references to an old post about the login server being down. "failed to contact the bank. please try again later" I've been playing for about 3 days and I've had this since start. I've googled and searched the forums here for the solution but there seems to be no explanation to the issue. Thank you in advance.
  21. [SOLD]

    Available: 2g 28s 1s:1€ -large amounts preferred! -discount if you buy all -small discount for amounts bigger than 50s Verified PayPal only. Euro or USD