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Found 5 results

  1. am on vacation/back easter sunday/Mandalor`s House of Armour - All Armour Types and Shields available in premium 95+QL /Blacksmithing 97+ Heya folks, I welcome you to my little Shop. Have fun browsing (open reveal hidden contents) and if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask them! Current skills: Leatherworking 100 Clothtailoring 99.10+ Shieldsmithing 94.04+ PlateArmoursmithing 97.83+ ChainArmoursmithing 98.10+ Blacksmithing 99.52+ Armory All my armors have the same price/quality. You can also mix different armor classes to create your own armor style. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leatherworking Quality <50 60 70 80 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 [Studded]Leather Armour 1s 2s 3s 5s 8.5s 10s 12s 15s 18.5s 23s 28s 35s 45s Saddles 0.3s 0.5s 0.7s 1.2s 2.5s 3.5s 5s 6.5s 9s 12s 16s 21s 27s Leather barding creation 0.5s 0.7s 1s 2s 3.5s 5.5s 8s 11s 15s 18.5s 25s 32s 40s Backpacks / Waterskin one per character for free creation ql Bridles / SaddleBags / Animal rug 10c creation ql Toolbelts 0.4s 0.6s 1s 2s 3s Almanac/Archaelogy Journal 0.4s 0.6s 1s 2s 3s without paper !!! Atlas 0.6s 0.9s 1.5s 3s 5s Cloth Tailoring Shield Smithing Plate Armour Smithing Chain Armour Smithing Blacksmithing Something is not listed? Or do you have a special request? Don't be afraid to ask! Have a nice wurming your Mandalor My recommendations: Achillis Weapons 97QL+ and Tools 99QL+ Kupferlisa's Pottery Shop “Southern Shore Brews” – For all your caffeine, oil, juice & alcoholic needs Annuile's Dyes + Imbues Dragon Valley's Market (Benediction Vynora services: CoC, WoA, Nim, MS, FB, FP, G, LiTD, AoSP, Demise A/M/L, Mend)
  2. Welcome to FireFlare General Store on Cadence, because I couldn't decide what I want to focus as I trade, I decided I will focus on them all! Come and make your order at FireFlare General Store, where we offer decent prices and any random QL Vynora enchant free of charge Carpentry/Fine Carpentry (70/55) I offer any carpentry item up to 55ql including but not limited to: Wagon 2s, Large Carts 1.5s, Small Carts 50c Rope tool 50c, Any wooden tool 50c, Military tent 2s, Explorer tent 1.5s, Floor Loom 1s, Chicken coop/Bulk Container Unit etc 1.5s Cloth Tailoring (50) Cloth Tailoring items up to 55ql including but not limited to: Cloth armor 20c per piece or 1s for set Sail 50c, Bed 50c, Meditation rug 50c, Fine meditation rug 1s, Beautiful meditation rug 1.5s, Exquisite meditation rug 2s, Bedroll 2.5s Cloth Barding 1s Smithing (55) Any smithing item that does not require weapon/armour smithing up to 55ql: Horseshoe set 2s Iron tool 50c Chain Barding 1s Leatherworking (30) Any leather item up to 40ql: Leather armor 10c per piece or 50c for set Horse set excluding Horseshoes 50c, Leather Barding 1s Masonry (70) Any item that requires masonry up to 70ql: Bridge planning up to bridges requiring 71 masonry 50c, Forge/Oven or anything equivalent, any style 1s Farming Services (65) I can also provide any amount of cotton or anything that requires farming in bulk, please contact me to work out details. Bulk items If you are in need of bulk items such as dirt, clay etc I follow to standard 2s per 1k and can provide them quickly, message me in game to work out details. Any prices are subject to change, if you think item is too expensive (some I have guessed) , message me in game and maybe we can work something out. Delivery via mail/wagon on Cadence any other server I can deliver too with a delivery charge of 50c to a shore, 1s to a mainland. WIP, Post will be updated
  3. Welcome Friends, Foes, and Certified Forklift Operators to MORICAR'S TAILOR AND DYE Cadence's Newest Premiere Tailoring and Dye Shop Your Choice in Tailoring for over 21 days! Prices are constantly lowering as my skill improves! PM me in game for the latest! What We Sell Cloth Armor - (Fine) Meditation Rugs - Dyeable Carpets: Small, Colorful - Tents: Explorer, Military, Pavillion - Dyeable Cloth Barding - All Sail Sizes - Bedrolls = Flags, Satchels, Sheets and More! Dye's Coming Soon!
  4. New Home Market Were back Welcome to New Home Market This is our current professions: Weapon smithing: Lethyria Cloth tailoring: Dokhida up to 70QL Vyn Priest: Halas - 90 Channeling Benediction Fo Priest: Alarri - 90 Channeling Benediction Were both EU TZ, were online during evenings and weekends. All orders are sent via our instant mailbox, with increased size! Imping will often cost less please contact us to get a price. For weapons and enchants contact Lethyria or Dokhida if his not online. We have two price ranges on Precast and Custom Cast Custom cast: Full price. You send us an item and specify the minimum cast from the table below and you get the cast at the specified minimum cast at the price listed, no matter the cast power. Precast: 30% off Custom cast. The item is made by us and casted on. All 70+Ql weapons come with a free demise of your choice. Custom Weapons and tools 50Ql 60QL 70QL 80QL 90QL Carving Knives (Iron Creation) 0.05 S 0.05 S 0.10 S 0.20 S 1.00 S Butchering Knives/Sickles(Iron) 0.13 S 0.20 S 0.30 S 0.75 S N/A Weapons(Iron/Silver) 0.25S/0.25 0.4S/0.5 0.6S/1 1S/2 N/A Custom Cast 50 60 70 80 90 CoC/WoA Casts N/A N/A 0.90 S 1.90 S 2.90 S Life Transfer Casts N/A N/A 1.80 S 2.80 S 5.00 S Contact Dokhida for cloth Tailoring Cloth Tailoring Creation QL 50Ql 60QL 70QL 80QL Bedroll 1.00 S 1.20 S 1.40 S Cloth Barding 0.40 S 0.60 S 0.80 S 1.30 S Cotton Cloths (Set) 0.35 S 0.80 S 1.25 S 3.00 S Cotton Sheets 0.10 S 0.15 S Fishing Nets 0.02 S 0.05 S 0.10 S 0.20 S 0.30 S Normal / Fine Meditation Rug 0.10 S 0.30 S 0.50 S 1.00 S Beautiful / Exquisite Meditation Rug 0.20 S 0.40 S 0.60 S 1.10 S Satchel 0.02 S Carpet Small Colourful Carpet 0.10 S 0.25 S Colourful Carpet 0.10 S 0.25 S Large Colourful Carpet 0.20 S 0.30 S Sails 0.20 S 0.40 S Explorer tent 0.50 S 0.80 S Military tent 1.00 S 1.30 S Horses Were slowly starting to sell horses you can see our stock here: Mailboxes: For mailbox casts please message Lethyria to arrange a time I charge 1-2s for travel then one cast for free, guaranteed 90+ for 1s or guaranteed 101+ (instant) for 5s Other Items Wagons: 3S( 1S for coastal delivery, 2S inland) Enchanted Items: Contact Halas, Dokhida or Lethyria for any enchanted items Most items are posted as a head item, this is for two reasons: 1. it takes us less material to create the item 2. You can get your own signature on it. The enchant will transfer over to the finished item on creation. If you want the item finished or imped just ask. Note: For pre-casted items please pm Lethyria or Dokhida in game or post on here, if you pm us on the forum please add both of us to the PM.
  5. Greetings all! Society of Trolls settlement is located on Release at X32 Y11. In our settlement You can buy or order following products: Enchants (Vynora spells): Rule for Order (Vynora spells): 50 enchant power - 90c and 1c for 1 power from 51 to 59 60 enchant power - 1s and 10c for 1 power from 61 to 70 81+ ql Carpentry tools - add 20c Stock, for sale: Merchant "Atman's Carpentry" at RCM (x25, y25, near East Gate) Carpentry: Spindles, Spatulas, Clay Shapers, Fine Fishing Rod (Willow), Grooming Brush, Practice Doll : 51+ ql - 15c oakenwood 71+ ql - 25c oakenwood 81+ ql - 50c oakenwood Mallets: 51+ ql - 10c oakenwood 71+ ql - 20c oakenwood 81+ ql - 45c oakenwood Storages: Bulk Storage Bin - 15c Large Crate - 15c (10+ Large Crates for 9c/each, 20+ for 7c/each) Small Crate - 10c Fine Carpentry: Rope Tool, Floor Loom, Fruit Press, Cheese Drill, Press, Buckets, Barrels, Chests, Armor stand, Racks and other: 51+ ql - 30c oakenwood 61+ ql - 40c oakenwood 71+ ql - 50c oakenwood 81+ ql - 70c oakenwood Wagon 65+ ql - 1s Wagon 65+ ql with 9 Large Crates - 1s90c Fletching: 41 (full quiver) x War Arrows or Hunting Arrows (Maplewood): 40+ ql - 1s 50+ ql - 1s75c Ropemaking: Mooring Rope - 10c Thick Rope - 15c Cordage Rope - 20c Cloth Tailoring: Sheet - 10c Trangular sail - 10c Small Square sail - 15c Square sail - 20c Meditation rug 60+ ql - 30c Fine Meditation rug 60+ ql - 40c Beautiful Meditation rug 60+ ql - 50c Exquisite Meditation rug 60+ ql - 70c Shipbuilding (all ships ql 60+ except rafts): Raft - 6c Small Sailing Boat - 1s20c Corbita - 5s Cog - 8s Knarr - 15s Caravel - 25s Goods: Logs 60+ ql - 1c per log Logs 70+ ql - 1c50i per log (if you buy/order more than 200 logs, then 1c per log) Logs 80+ ql - 2c50i per log Bricks x 500 - 1s (PM for Order) Charcoal, below 30ql x 500 - 1s50c Charcoal, above 30ql x 500 - 2s Planks, below 70ql x 500 - 50c (PM for Order) Planks, above 70ql x 500 - 90c (PM for Order) Support beams x 10 - 40c (PM for Order) Delivery options: Delivery of goods(order) less than 2s is discuss individually If your order more than 2s - Free Delivery For other Woodcutter and Carpenter services PM to Atman on forum or ingame: Woodcutting skill - 83+ Carpentry skill - 92+ Fine Carpentry skill - 79+ Thatching skill - 21+ For neighbors have discount. Thank you for your attention.