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Found 27 results

  1. It would be great to see at least one or two additional Journal Goal Clusters added to the priest Journal beyond Benediction and I believe this would give priest players more long-term goals to aim for and challenge themselves, be fairly simple to add/implement and not create any new balance issues to gameplay. Journal Goals present a fun and engaging challenge for players which gives tangible milestones to aim for which enhance player engagement and fun and which offer some nice bonuses which are balanced at the latter end of the journal with increasingly challenging difficulty goal to accomplish. They are a great part of the game and fit perfectly with the spirit of Wurm as a game to be enjoyed by players for a long time with accomplishments which can take real life years to achieve. Currently the Crafter tree of the player journal offers 10 goal clusters with the last 6 offering rewards beyond just titles and hours of sleep bonus that include a moon metal lump, choice of 1 new affinity, an added hour of maximum sleep bonus capacity, a static 2.5% boost to skill gains, +10% rarity windows and lastly +10% affinity windows and master cape. While it is true that any player could tackle these challenges on the crafter path before becoming a priest, in practicality most priests start a priest path long before their skills would allow them to complete something like improving a tool to 50QL which is a requirement for only the third goal cluster in the crafter tree of the journal; Gathering Stride, with only 2 hours of Sleep Bonus and Experienced title as a reward. Since priests can’t improve items, they are effectively locked out of most of the crafter goals and can’t do later ones that don’t have improving goal requirements as those are opened by previous goal sets which do. The Journal currently offers only 3 goal clusters under the Priest path with only the last two, Approbation and Benediction offering a reward beyond just title and hours of sleep bonus (Benediction being widely considered as the only really decent reward, since 1 extra faith gain prayer a day under Approbation is basically only an extra 0.07 faith gained from that extra prayer a day at most by the time you are 70+ faith to complete that goal). I am suggesting more goal categories be added beyond Benediction for the Priest tree of the player journal with some rewards on par with some of the later crafter tree goal clusters and more challenging goal requirements to match. As merely an example, you could add a goal category like this beyond Benediction: Exaltation 1. Complete a colossus of your current deity 2. Reach 90 Religion 3. Serve as a link for another priest 20 individual times (minimum 30 minutes apart) for 15+ minutes per instance. 4. Sacrifice 10 Champion creatures 5. Spend 1 million favor 6. Directly deal or heal (in any combination) 1 million damage with Priest Spells 7. Reach 90 Channeling 8. Sacrifice 500K items 9. Cast a 100+ power spell 10. Recover 100 favor from a vesseled gem 5 times 11. Reach 90 Preaching Reward: Saintly/Cambion title, +2.0% to favor regen rate and 5hr sleep bonus (on cluster of completion) Obviously there are many possibilities for increasingly challenging goals that could be used and other rewards to offer like a a buff to cast speed, extra chosen spell from a different deity's spellist maybe from those offered under 30 Faith (limited list obviously to prevent this being too OP) or an end goal wearable piece comparable to master cape (a stole or robe in the cape slot, or a mitre hat or similar such show-piece). These are just basic ideas, but ultimately I hope my suggestion to add some new journal goal clusters to the priest tree are considered as it would enhance the long-term game for many priests like myself, give us increasingly challenging goals to chase and enhance engagement for players over long-term play. Thank you for your consideration.
  2. These Statues were awarded to players on the challenge server. Wiki: [13:10:25] The silver statue of challenges. Ql: 88.5277, Dam: 0.0. Imgur Photoshoot Link: Start Bid: 30s Minimum Increase: 1s Sniper Protect: 1hr This will be hand-delivered by me once the winner is decided, no need to arrange travel plans! PM me on the forums/ in game with any questions or concerns about the auction. Pm: Sugarfoxx or Moonfoxx. ***Don't Shoot the AUCTIONEER, if you're a troll or rude, your comment will be reported to mods, please do not post here unless you intend to bid or friendly bump this auction, THANKS!*** *SFI AUCTION ONLY, NO TRADING TO NFI AVAILABLE, If you are on Cadence, Harmony, Melody, or Defiance; do not participate in this auction please.*
  3. Anyone up for a serious rift challenge today? i15 Exodus - ingame map It is likely that this rift will only be able to be dealt with from one side of the mountain: http:// If you are up for it, from the Jolly Porkies road follow the checkered double road nearly to the top of the mountain: http:// There is quite a large safe zone area: http:// We are going to need all the help we can get with this one, so please come and assist.
  4. Hello fellow wurmians, Have you had fun playing that old Challenge server of Wurm Online back in 2014? Well we just have created such a server again, high skillgain rate and a low action timer. The server will operate every month and have a reset after 3 months. There will be prices given out for players that have the highest Battle Ranks. (This to courage players to go PvP and earn battle points). The winners will get a prize where they can choose from. So they have a head start on a new Challenge server. Server has been opened! (Server name: PvP Challenge) Some stats of the server: Mods used on the server: Rules: I won't place the map picture here as you should see it ingame. Discord Server: Server will get a restart when people feel like to. At the moment we are still getting much suggestions for changing stuff. Kind regards, Owner of the Challenge PvP Server
  5. Dungeon - A PVP Challenge by Sklotopolis - Round #1 Sklotopolis is going to the next level and introduces a PVP Challenge based server. What's Challenge? Challenge is an old concept in Wurm which was a big success in the first rounds but has been discarded by the Wurm Online developers before Wurm Unlimited was released. We are now trying to take the concept and improve it further. On challenge we will have two kingdoms Horde of the Summoned and Jenn-Kellon fighting against each other on a PVP Map sized 2048x2048 tiles. Dungeon will be the ultimative PVP experience without anyone who has to fear a loss or a long time bad influence on a character. The Dungeon rounds will be limited to exactly one calendar month, which means that each round will start on the first of every month and end on the last of every month. Maybe this doesn't make too much sense for someone who hasn't played on a PVP server, but it fixes PVP in this game in various ways. PVP in Wurm has been broken for almost 6 years now and DEVs have been unable to fix it since then. We have also seen it on different Wurm Unlimited server that there is interest in PVP but the victory of the world is decided within one month and players quit playing on the server. The major problem of PVP is the late game experience which is more than just boring, but with challenge we will never experience a late game PVP experience. The server will run for one calendar month and provides a clean and fresh start for every player. The reset happens every second month and is an automated process which doesn't need any developer interaction. Of course this server will not be grindy at all because of the limited time, action timers will be 20 times faster and skill timers will be 10 times faster compared to the EPIC server of Wurm Online. The Dungeon also has the Epic curve enabled, which provides a huge advantage in skill gain and makes the game much more enjoyable. For example bringing digging to an effective skill of 90 should take no longer than one hour. We also hope that the limited time will make this world about playing, enjoying and having fun in the game instead of PVP drama as we have seen it on Wurm Online. In the first rounds we will collect a lot feedback about the map, all the mods and some other PVP related stuff. We will use almost all mods we also have on our PVE cluster, to make the game more like it was meant to be played in the first place. There will be no real rewards in the first few rounds, but a live score list will be available from beginning, so the competition is real and there will be winners for sure. The world will also have various ressource points deployed all around the map, which will spawn very fancy and valueable stuff. This is where the most PVP interaction will take place, but also a HOTA and some other mechanics to force people into PVP will be given. Dungeon will also be 100% seperated from our PVE cluster, you will only keep the coins on your bank account between the resets. As I have mentioned above this is a try to make PVP more attractive to all players, without ending up with a dead world. We are planning to run at least 6 rounds, depending on the interest we will put more or less development power into the world. If the interest is high enough we will improve the PVP experience in the game , create a pool of maps which will be chosen randomly each month and much more. First round will already start on the 1st March, 2018 around 8 PM UTC and will run until 31st of March, 2018, you need a new character to join and can enter the adventure via a portal on our login server. Round #2 will start on 1st May, 2018. There is always a month break between the rounds to improve the world and dig through the collected feedback. The break will also help to keep the concept interesting hopefully as it is not something which is there all the time. Furthermore I can already proudly present the map of our Dungeon server: This map is inspired by the map Orion created by the awesome map creator @ausimus, which is available for the public in the Wurm Unlimited forums. Who are we? Sklotopolis is one of the most successful and most stable Wurm Unlimited servers out there, we have been up and running since 1st November 2015 and we are still growing and working on this project. Read all about Sklotopolis in our Wurm Unlimited forum thread right here: More information Steam Group Forum Discord Disclaimer: We are aware that there are multiple client modifications which can make PVP very unfair, but in the first place this server should be about the fun. If the interest is high enough, there is a good custom client protection concept we have planned, which could go live in the future.
  6. Hey everyone, I was readying the forums today and came up with this idea. A challenge pvp server with a cash prize for winners. What i'm thinking about is making a pvp server with resets. At the end of the month the person with most battle points gets like $50 or something. I really miss the pvp community. Its pretty much dead on WO and split in WU. This might make more people join. I just hate seeing all the pvp servers with 1-5 people on at a time. $50 out of my own pocket and maybe a $1 fee to join. Then we can have more contest like a video contest. The video with the best pvp footage and voice com get x amount of $. This kind of server would take some time setting up. I'm willing to put time into it. I'll try to make this server and the first round as enjoyable as possible. As much as i want to play and pvp I'll sit out and be a GM for the first round. I would also need help. If your interested in helping out send me a PM. I'll be very strict and selective that way we wont have any favoritism for any group when the server starts. I'm open to ideas and thoughts. Obviously there are some flawless to this idea so if you can voice your opinion I'll try to work towards the best compromise. What would you want to see from a server like this? This is just and idea. If i get enough people interested. I'll start the next stage which would be rules and restrictions (How high starting skills should be etc). ~Ace
  7. Sure it would be awesome if every little change was tested backwards and forwards, and even 80% of bugs were ruthlessly hunted down and smashed (preferably with a can of Emoo's Fosters beer). However, even AAA titles with literal armies of people can hardly manage such. In Wurm one particular issue can be getting enough people to test things out voluntarily, let alone seeing how a change impacts live gameplay before going live. I recommend utilizing the Challenge concept in this manner, especially for testing new pvp features. For example seeing how removing local list would actually play out instead of forum discussions with rampant speculation. Players get a little something to help encourage testing, and the devs get a isolated, temporary, and accelerated sandbox to help get a better idea of how a change will impact live gameplay.
  8. Is there a way to change this without modifying the server.jar? Like is there a config option in any of the files or something? We can't find the setting for it anywhere and we'd prefer not to modify the server files in any way. from com.wurmonline.server.statistics.ChallengeSummary.class private static final String rootdir = "/var/www/challenge/"; We'd like to have the challenge stats not saved to that location as the web server is not located there, or is this feature meant only for administrators? Any help or input from Code Club AB would be appreciated. If this is not the place for this discussion I understand but I didn't think it related to modding as it's something already in the game.
  9. Hey there Rolf and Devs! I was wondering if it would be possible to get an outline of sorts for the rest of the year in regards to what you have planned after bridges and revamping the Elevation server? What kind of new features do you have in the works, where does the future of challenge lie, and what kind of goodies are you working on? I think if we had a kind of outline of sorts (even if just a rough tentative draft) that it would very much help people see where the 'future of Wurm' is and give us something solid we can get behind. Thank you so very much for your time!
  10. Closed

  11. I had given some thought to selling the three challenge reward statues i have. I am not sure if Rolf is ever going to open another challenge server or not so these might be very rare if he does not. Now i paid a good amount for these and i expect to make a profit so it is not going to be cheap but i would consider offers on them so pm me here on the forums if you want to make an offer and we will see. [13:10:27] The golden statue of challenges. It can not be improved. Ql: 100.0, Dam: 0.0. [13:10:32] The silver statue of challenges. It can not be improved. Ql: 100.0, Dam: 0.0. [13:10:41] The marble statue of challenges. It can not be improved. Ql: 100.0, Dam: 0.0.
  12. Gold challenge statue, 100ql (The one in the middle) Starting bid: 10s Increments: 1s Buyout:100s Snipe:30 mins Buyer: PM Akugi It is the code, not the actual statue, so it can be redeemed in either Epic or Freedom. Paypal: Accepted by seller. 1 silver= 1 euro
  13. I know this is a controversial discussion, but I am the proud customer of one of the challenge rewards that went up for sale a few weeks back. Yesterday they were implemented in the game via ninja update. And since I shamelessly purchased one of the rewards, I wanted to show you all since its the only one of this item in game at this time. So here's my new shinies (: Mask of the Shadow(leather) and Marble Challenge Statue: The fine gentleman who sold me this spiffy item also bestowed me with an image of his "Silver Mask": I encourage everyone else who got a mask to post a picture here, so the rest of Wurm can see! ~Leifar
  14. The first challenge had about 160+ active players online at prime times, in the first week. This one didn't even hit that opening day I think? First weekend after opening I only see peak numbers in the 60s. If this server ever went to a premium to play mode, I can't imagine even half that many playing. My nudge to say "let's not do v3.0 and put all dev time towards existing issues". I think any revenue gained from challenge will be dwarfed by the revenue lost from unhappy people closing deeds and dropping prem. Did we need yet one more topic on this? I say yes, until I hear a clear plan of action on how things will be resolved for this growing base of unhappy Wurmians.
  15. For one of the upcoming Challenges, how about perhaps a 'survival' based kind of theme? I'd actually be down for a full survival server, but we could see how it went as a 'Challenge' first. Wurm has some absolutely awesome mechanics for this already in place. My idea is as follows: (And remember, it's just a suggestion. Some will like it, some will hate it. Feedback is welcome, but do be civil.) You start on the map with nothing. And I do mean nothing. No starter tools, no backpack, no compass. Zilch. Not even a stick.You must find and forage rock tiles to make stone tools, in order to make other tools.You start at a random starter location. (Stone and rock tiles should be not too far away. Cliffs maybe, or even simply exposed rock.)Perhaps make 6 or 8 such starting locations, so that people are spread randomly throughout the world.No deeds. What? No deeds? Yes. No deeds. Everything has the full decay that you would expect being in the middle of nowhere in the wilderness on some lost isle. You want something to last, either repair it or make it higher ql.No skill bampfing. 70FS my achin' backside. You start with normal noob skills. You want to be better at something? Work for it. This way there will never be 80ql swords in this little scenario, and everything will be a bit more equalized across the board.Additional options include: PVE only. If enough folks aren't down with that, then the next option below.PVP, but no grouping or cooperation allowed of any kind. This is solo man or woman vs wild. No grouping up and ganking people. You want to go toe to toe, you do it at your own risk and do it alone. No hiding behind your team mates that PVP for a living. (And none of this... oh I just HAPPENED to drop a dozen 40ql swords along the road in the direction of my buddies... oops.)There could be various prize categories for different playstyles. Something for everyone, in other words. Since the skills would be limited based upon the limited playtime, some such rewards could be: First 4 x 4 Wooden StructureFirst 4 x 4 Stone StructureFirst gem minedFirst 30ql stone wall (of any kind)First 80ql+ item foraged/botanized. (or even make it specific. First 80ql+ acorn, etc.)These are just some generalized ideas. I'm sure others can come up with other and better things.
  16. It's the second round on the Challenge server and, like last time, we are seeing a huge increase in server downtime an server restarts. I am not privy to the reasons behind these restarts, but judging by their coincidence with Challenge I can only conclude they are related. Recommend isolating the Challenge server so that all the servers don't have to go down every time Challenge needs to be restarted.
  17. Gold Challenge Statue and Mask of the Isles You can also check out my "Lord/Lady of the Isles" title auction here: Mask of the Isles: Starting bid: 30s Increments: 5s Buyout: None Sold Gold Challenge Statue: Starting bid: 30s Increments: 5s Buyout: None Sniper protection: 2 hours Happy Bidding! Masks can be worn with any open-face helmet Ingame view:
  18. So, Challenge is over and I can give a bit of a recap on bugged achievements now. Actually, at the end every second achievement left wasn't working and most of them are really time-consuming and even more time-consuming when you try to re-check if everything was done correct indeed. Frustrating, really. I hope that you will fix most of them by the next challenge. "Most personal goals accomplished" position was also affected by these bugs and it ruined the competition completely. Also, you should probably think of a way to remove some personal goals from challenge(e.g kill an eagle spirit, climb a high mountain, etc.) as they're impossible to complete here. Bugged achievements list: Deforestation(cut 1000 trees) - planted 1000 sprouts(got "Fo's favorite") and cut down every single one of them, about 500 using a saw instead of hatchet. With normal trees this should be like 1300-1500 total(grinded them for this achievement as well. Didn't check this one after recent patch Environmental Hero(10 000 items in trash heap) - my first try was with 20 trash heaps which I filled to full during few days for about 6 times. After that I built 80 additional trash heaps and wasted more than 4 hours in one session waiting for ~12k items to decay. Didn't check this one after recent patch Moved a Mountain(drag a cart for 1250 tiles) - wasn't fixed in the patch Rider of the Apocalypse(ride 4000 tiles on a horse in one session) - wasn't fixed in the patch. Although similar ones(Trucker, Joyrider) are working Lord of War(smith an axe, a sword, a maul, a shield) - tried every type available Pirate(Lockpick five boats) You Beauty(wear bracelet, necklace, ring at the same time) - wearing a bracelet is bugged and it goes back in the invetory if you try to relog. Demolisher(destroy a structure using catapult) - destroyed 2 sheds completely(one of them was enemy's, other was mine) and never got the achievement. Even though I'm not sure about the point on the leaderboard, probably it's still added up. Under the Influence(drink a potion) - got one point on the leaderboard after drinking, but no achievement in the list. Ambitious(do 100 000 actions) Not sure about these: Chief Mate(ebmark rowing boat and sailing boat as a captain), Cap'n(embark all boats as a captain) - probably were fixed in the last patch since I've got Chief Mate on the alt, but none of them on my main. Just a Cold(catch a disease) - was bugged somehow on my main as I tried to tend 10 animals(most of them were diseased) during 3 days, stood on the same tile with them for a long time as well, got nothing, but my alt got a disease on the first day by simple standing in the pile of animals. This is not a complete list yet and will add more if something pops up in mind.
  19. Personally while the current timespan allows for a quick, bloody mashup, it doesnt really seem to allow for the building of fortifications where one would expect to see the new siege machinery play a major role. Sure theres plenty of pvp; however, its more in the way of groups colliding out in the "open". Granted its a holiday season. Not to mention players still figuring out wth the new siege machinery even does, let alone find any tweaks that may be required. Personally Im for 3 months. A nice prime number that seems long enough while not too long. On the otherhand the skillgain rate is pretty high. Theres already champs running around and dying. Artifacts in play. Also some 90 skillers running around. Ive honestly been surprised the uniques have lasted this long.
  20. I have been watching server population numbers and it seems they have been shifting back lately. I'm not into PvP, but am curious if this is just an inaccurate observation, or is there some reason people are shifting back to the old servers? If I were to guess, I would imagine people that have no hope of getting top prizes are dropping out and just waiting for the reset, to give it another crack next month? I can see raiding on old servers getting planned for the next storm reboot...
  21. Currently pushing and pulling spike barriers, from a adjacent tile or the same tile, will move them a tile at a time, which is kinda handy when building them as the builder has to be on the tile occupied. Otherwise one would take wounds. Not sure if a bug persay as I dont know if its just the builder that can do this.
  22. Get Ready for the Challenge! Launching Mid to Late day central european time of December 10. Challenge is going live! New mechanics, nice prizes and features in this first round of creative chaos. Join and take part in what is promising to be a first ever and unique experience of Wurm! So lets share what is going into this round and get planning. How to Join? For the first round of challenge, everyone needs to start a new account to teleport there from the start/ tutorial zone. Challenge will be a separate cluster easily found from the portal map when it goes live. We will at a later point have time to create portals from the other clusters. Maps Click Images for High Resolution Two very high resolution maps for you to get a good lay of the land and the second for resources and strategy. Deed functionality and Reimbursement Draining Tokens is possible so you need to take care and defend your deed during the month. There will be deed stake items active which can be crafted without cost ingame to start deeds. When at the end of the month deeds are automatically disbanded you will receive a normal disband compensation as well as remaining upkeep. Upkeep for the time spent will be gone as well as the tile cost. Protected land is a resource which helps in winning. Note: Guards will weaker against enemy players in order to encourage players to defend settlements. They will however fight with full strength against same kingdom players in order to prevent Griefing. Traders Traders will be limited to start towns just as on Xanadu. They will sell less items in order to avoid griefing when the server is reset/ started. Skills To begin with, you start with 20 in almost all skills. Skillgain is when compared to epics skill curve at least 20 times faster. Focus will probably shift to obtaining resources more then spending a lot of time using them simply for skillgain. Skillgain now benefits from better ql tools and weapons. The starting level of characters will probably be increased the closer we are to the 1 month finish. This so that people getting in later will have a fair chance to get up to speed with some effort. Actions & Timers Most of the previously time consuming actions has become much quicker. Siege mechanics Want to marvel at the new siege weapons and defenses in a bigger version? Just go ahead and click them! Ballista Handles much like the catapult in its operation. You are able to push, rotate and move it if loaded on a wagon. Comparatively it has high armor piercing projectiles and is loaded with ballista darts. Trebuchet Behaves like the catapult but has a much higher damage. You are able to push and rotate it but it can not be loaded on wagons. So the placement of these will be crucial. What mainly sets it apart from the catapult is that you do not winch it to fire. Instead you open it to provide a counter weight which weight determines the range of fire. You use rock shards or any other type of ore shards as the materials of counterweight. Spike barriers Stationary obstacles which are placed in the same way as walls. They are very material efficient and easily crafted. They will not stop movement but you receive damage when standing on the same tile. Magic Turret Magic Turrets defends any location against enemy kingdoms. There will be several versions of this tower with different elemental attacks such as acid, fire etc which will have different benefits against different armors. The turret is not going to be able to take much damage but it adds a new level of strategy to your defenses. It has a range of 4 tiles There is a required spacing between turrets of about 8 tiles They have to be planted in order to function properly, but even if planted they will currently not work in caves. Archery Tower The archery tower has similar functionality as the magic turret but instead shoots ordinary arrows. It will aesthetically have similarities with the ordinary guard tower but will instead be made of wood and is therefore much easier to destroy. There is also going to be a limitation on how close they can be built in proximity to each other. Siege Shield In its functionality very similar to a moveable wall. It can be pushed forward between tile borders and is rotatable to change direction while advancing on enemy lines. It defends those behind it whilst still giving you the ability to fire arrows at enemies. This makes makes an offensive force more versatile when attacking a heavily defended position both in terms of enemy players and defensive turrets. They have no functionality and can be walked through in caves since there are no fences there. Repairing As actions are faster, repairing would also be faster. But to promote attacking bases and smart defensive base building, repairing has been nerfed. This so that a defending party will not be able to simply defend by repairing a Wall against an attacking force. When a wall is destroyed, rubble will fall in its place on the tile border. You can walk over the rubble but it stops anyone from building there before it is destroyed. Penalty of Death The penalty from dying is as before a slight hit on your current skills and your items will be dropped with your body. Competitions Categories and Prizes Most overall points Title “Master/Mistress of The Challenge†20 Silver Coins to character of choice Gold Challenge Statue Face Mask of The Challenge 2 months premium on character of choice Most Unique Achievements accomplished Title “Lord/Lady of The Isles†20 Silver Coins to character of choice Gold Challenge Statue, Face Mask of The Isles 2 months premium on character of choice Most Battle Points Title “Blood Ravager†20 Silver Coins to character of choice Silver Challenge Statue, Ravager Face Mask 2 months premium on character of choice Most Personal Achievements accomplished Title “Selfie†10 Silver Coins to character of choice Silver Challenge Statue, Pale Face Mask 2 months premium on character of choice Most items looted from resource points Title “Pit Slayer†10 Silver Coins to character of choice Bronze Challenge Statue Horned Helmet of Gold 2 months premium on character of choice Player with most HOTA points Title “Guardian of the Hunt†10 Silver Coins to character of choice Bronze Challenge Statue Plumed Helm of The Hunt 2 months premium on character of choice Most Unique player kills Title “Shadow Assassin†10 Silver Coins to character of choice Marble Challenge Statue Face Mask of the Shadow 2 months premium on character of choice Most Karma gained Title “Future Warden†10 Silver Coins to character of choice Marble Challenge Statue Face Mask of the Enlightened 2 months premium on character of choice Ruler with most land Title “Emperor Emeritus†10 Silver Coins to character of choice Marble Challenge Statue Embellished Staff of the Land 2 months premium on character of choice Village with most HOTA wins (Mayor receives prize to share) Titles “Pack of the Huntâ€, 20x HOTA Necklaces Items such as weapons and masks will not be overpowered but of equivalent strength as similar mid-high-range types. These will probably be handed out as prizes in subsequent Challenges as winner prizes as well. Leader Boards Scores and points will be recorded at all times and summed up in Leader Boards. The Link will be provided to you a while into the experience. Scores can then be followed live from our Web Site. Priests On this first round of Challenge there will presently be no changes to priests. There might still be some last minute changes to balance out the favor gain. Already there is plenty of buzz going around and rumors of huge battles planned. Plenty of old player have reported back to try this new game mode. We will ourself be fighting and building the battlefield to share the experience. So! May the best Wurmians Win!
  23. I had a news letter in my email this morning on the challenge server that has a few of the reward brackets on it so thought i would share it. Hello (name deleted), Are you one of those who quit Wurm because of grind or slow progress? Maybe you found the game to have potential but wasn't as fun as you had hoped? Well, we have done something about it! On the 10th of December, we release our latest invention: The Challenge Server! The Challenge server is a concept server where we run time limited challenges with high scores and prizes in various categories. The First Challenge "Build The Battlefield" has the following features: Full PvP All skills start at 20 Totally free to play - no premium required! Ultra fast skillgain Ultra fast timers Resource spawns which create strategic points of conflict New War Machines such as Siege Shield, Ballista, Trebuchet, Archery Tower Resets after 30 days After this Challenge has run, we will evaluate how fun it was and make appropriate changes. The whole server is reset but you keep titles and any money you are left with after settlements have been disbanded. Prizes will be handed out in the following categories: Most overall points Most items looted from resource points Most Battle Points Player with most HOTA wins Most Unique player kills Most Karma gained Most Unique Achievements accomplished Most Personal Achievements accomplished Ruler with most land Village with most HOTA wins (Mayor receives prize to share) We are still discussing what the prizes will be but there will be special titles, ingame coins, certain ingame items as well as combinations thereof. The high score lists will be available on our website with history as well. Most importantly we think it will be a month full of fun though! The Map is already available for your planning at Hope to see you in one week - on the 10th! Best regards, Rolf Jansson Server Dev, Wurm Online CEO, Code Club AB