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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome To Infinite Chain! Buying (COD anytime): Frost Protect Rings (Perfect for your next Rift) Based out of Q16 Melody we aim to provide friendly affordable Chainsmithing to and Strongwall services. However keep an eye out as our list of provided services is likely to grow quickly. Strongwall: 30c per tile Chainsmithing: Full set of ql60 Iron Chain Armour - 1.25s Full set of ql70 Iron Chain Armour - 2s Full Set of ql75 Iron Chain Armour 3.5s Full set of ql80 Iron chain Armour 5s Full set of ql70 Steel Chain Armour - 5s Full Set of ql75 Steel Chain Armour - 7s Full Set of ql80 Steel Chain armour - 9s CHAIN BARDING: Can be produced at request to ql80, price dependant on material, contact me for more information Moon Metal sets can be made with your materials contact me ingame or in the forums to discuss a price and arrange (Chainsmithing Imps to 80 available please contact me in game or by message to discuss) To book a job or for any queries please contact me via the forums or Karnage ingame. We also except Moon Metals and Sleep Powder as payment: Glimmer/Addy - 3s per 0.4 lump (80ql or above) Seryll - 3s per 1kg lump (80ql or above) Sleep powder - 2s per 1 We look forward to hearing from you! Happy Wurming!
  2. Hello and welcome to PapaPazza's chainsmithing services Chainsmithing Prices are listed below. I do offer imps and can happily do Chain barding's for your lovely Horses! please PM in game (Papapazza) or contact me on forums Please don't be afraid to ask me any questions, Thank you!
  3. Opening my store again, 3rd edition (simplified version) NEW ORDERS WILL HAVE TO WAIT, heading back to old server deed after current orders done to clean it out. Items mail COD from Independence server or pickup at 32x 7y Items mail COD from Xanadu server or pickup at Valley of the Damned (VOTD) P13 Forms of Payment: Cash Referrals valued at 7s each Sleep powder valued at 1.5s each The new potions from uniques valued at 3s each for mining/wc/armor and weapon smithing Blacksmithing 80ql = 1s 90ql = 2s 95ql = 5s Chain Armor Smithing (9 piece set) 70ql = 1.5s 80ql = 2.25s Weaponsmithing 60ql = 20c Witchcraft: (COC/WOA/FB/AOSP/LITD) 60+ power = 50c 70+ power = 70c 80+ power = 1s 85+ power = 1.5s 90+ power = 3s 95+ power = 4+s Nimble casts are 50% extra (AOSP discount 20% on 9 piece enchant sets)
  4. Welcome to the shop! Located at 32x 7y 'Crazytown' on Independence server. Leave a Message in this forum or PM Mamadarkness about orders. CLOSED FOR A BIT. I am still in game playing just not wanting all the orders atm. Specials: Cheap chain sets and Weapon Smithing up to 60ql.Barter: Items may be accepted for barter such as Meat/Veggies/Referals/bulk items. Check with me first. Pricing: Products and enchants are custom-made to order. Refer to pricing belowLow Ql Skiller tools can be made on request. Enchantment pricing plus 10c per item80+ enchantment orders will take more timeMail fees not included (ships from Independence server)