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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Mac people, If you find that you are getting "Unsigned certificate", "expired certificate" or "… not signed by the same certificate" errors when launching via Java, these steps might help: Click on the Apple menu (top right corner of the screen.) Select System Preferences. Click on the Java icon on the bottom row of the System Preferences screen. You should see a message stating "The Java Control Panel opens in a seperate window." After a short pause you should indeed see a new window open titled 'Java Control Panel' If it is not already the present tab, select 'General'. Below the 'Temporary Internet Files' category, click on the 'View…' button. A new window titled 'Java Cache Viewer' should appear. Locate and single click on the line item "Wurm Online [Stable]" Click the 'Remove selected items' button. (The big red cross button at the top of the window.) Close the 'Java Cache Viewer' window via the 'Close' button. (Bottom right corner of the window.) Close the 'Java Control Panel' window via the 'OK' button. (Bottom left corner of the window.) Close the 'System Preferences' window via the red close window button. (Very top left corner of the window.) Try relaunching Wurm Online using the wurmclient.jnpl Good Luck.
  2. Ok, so when I tried to log in this morning a window popped up with the title Application Blocked for Security, and said "Failed to validate certificate. The application will not be executed." Below that was listed: Name: Wurm Online Publisher: Code Club AB Location: This comes up no matter what link I try to use: desktop, website, links in the forum. I was playing just fine last night until I logged off around 1am CST/US. I haven't made any configurations changes or added any new programs to my computer. I've tried reloading Java (64bit for Windows 7), adding the website and launch url's to the Java exception list in the console, running CCleaner, turning off Windows Firewall, and rebooting my cable modem/router. All had no effect. Anyone have any ideas? Alendhor
  3. Hello everyone. I have been playing wurm for rather long time and today i have come across a problem. When i try play wurm the logo comes up but i am shortly met with... Application blocked for security. Failed to validate certificate This application will not be executed Name: Wurm Online Publisher: Code Club AB Location: I have tried everything i can think of to get this to work. I have uninstalled java, re-installed it, restarted my computer god knows how many times and gone into the java console and removed Wurm online. Once i removed wurm online the client downloads something then just comes up with this error validation thing again. Please help, I haven't been able to play wurm for 3 days... I feel lost without it.
  4. It looks like the certificate that the Wurm client was signed with expired a couple of hours ago: Validity: [From: Mon Jun 13 20:00:00 EDT 2011, To: Sat Jun 15 19:59:59 EDT 2013] Any plans for regenerating the client with a new one? -Michael