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Found 14 results

  1. Wts some 92ql oak rope tools 1.5 each.
  2. ** Sold to Pallas ** Southshore is a deed just east of TD on celeb. (y27 x34) Im really bad at taking nice screenshots, so prolly wont upload any, unless somone help me ;D Its a great area close to center of Celeb and it still got a few months upkeep. Guard tower on deed and dock/harbour(water access). The size of South Shore is 15 by 29. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 3 silver, 41 copper and 76 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver. The upkeep will last approximately 95 days, 16 hours and 37 minutes more. The tile per creature ratio of this deed is 48.333332. Optimal is 15 or more.This is a good figure. This settlement has acquired knowledge that increases the productivity bonus of its citizens by 0.25%. *Can be removed if wanted ofc as all other buildings Start bid : 10s Min increment : 50c No reserve Buyout : Pm offer
  3. Selling 10s servers are the follows: Exodus and Celebration pm me for all dettails
  4. I've been trying to go to the south, but it said "A gale is coming from the south". I thought, okay, I'll try again later. Few hours later, same thing. Then 3 weeks passed and I pretty much forgot about wurm online. I came back online, typed /weather "A gale is coming from the sotuh" Is this a bug?
  5. Want to sell 164 gems. Total Ql is 1854,84. 87 of the gems are less than 10 Ql, and 77 are 10+ Ql's. Looking to get atleast 37s. Free delivery to inde, deli, exo and celeb.
  6. Hi my name is Alexgopen and I am looking to sell my deed named Snow in the Celebration server as I am moving to a new location. It covers an area of 13 east/west by 17 north/south, has a spirit templar, and is found at coordinate 26x 17y. It has a copper/silver mine as well as an iron mine. Any items I leave in bsbs, fsbs, chests, etc are yours to keep. Horses I leave on deed are also yours. You are free to stop by to take a look for yourself, but I have also taken screenshots for your convenience, found here>>> I am willing to negotiate on a price, though I will likely be away for the next two days. Feel free to post here on the forums with any questions or offers, or PM me ingame.
  7. I don't like making it. So I want to buy some. 500 mortar is what I'm looking for. 1.5s seems to be the going price but I may flex on that. Pm me or post an offer here. I can pick up anywhere on celeb. Also prefer to stick to Celeb, unless your willing to deliver for free. Thanks (Fulfilled, Closed)
  8. Ever wanted to own your own island? Hell, haven't we all? Well my friend, this is your opportunity to not only own any island, but one with all the resources you'll need; pre-packaged materials, boats, homes and crops, not to mention it is completely self-sufficient with five traders to pay for all your upkeep! So what do you get exactly? Let's break it down: Deeds, each with it's own mayor account: The Dark Island: 33x33 with 19 perimeter. Upkeep until 14th May 2013. Housed trader & Merchant. Mayor Darkebony. Upkeep per month is 3 silver, 77 copper and 40 iron. The Dark Island Docks: 43x17 with 5 perimeter. Upkeep until 5th June 2013. Mayor Darkblood. Upkeep per month is 1 silver, 46 copper and 20 iron. The Dark Island Western Shore: 61x51 with 10 perimeter. Upkeep until 15th May 2013. Housed trader. Mayor Darkdrake with knowledge path level 4. Upkeep per month is 6 silver, 93 copper and 20 iron. The Dark Island Southern Point: 29x61 with 6 perimeter. Upkeep until 23rd May 2013. Housed trader. Mayor Darkrage with knowledge path level 4. Upkeep per month is 3 silver and 65 copper. The Dark Island Northern Zone: 17x45 with 20 perimeter. Upkeep until 13th May 2013. Housed trader. Mayor Darkreaper with knowledge path level 6. Upkeep per month is 3 silver and 21 copper. The Dark Island N W Sector: 31x21 with 5 perimeter. Upkeep until 27th July 2013. Housed trader. Mayor Morrigan with knowledge path level 4. Upkeep per month is 1 silver, 30 copper and 20 iron. You may notice there is another deed, Dedri's Homestead, this is an alliance member who left Wurm last September. He is inactive, his deed is 21x21 and due to disband in August. Accounts: Most of the mayors are placeholders with knowledge 4 for getinfo. Darkblood & Darkebony do not have this knowledge power. Darkreaper is higher at Crooked level for this path. He also has some skills, listed here; Skills dumped at 19-Jan-2013 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: -100.0 Faith: 52.921726 Favor: 44.242405 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 1.0 Prospecting: 3.3096483 Religion: 24.348232 Prayer: 20.28197 Channeling: 36.037167 Preaching: 12.868128 Archery: 22.693012 Long bow: 17.073582 Climbing: 4.6103315 Shields: 4.4351587 Medium wooden shield: 1.0 Large metal shield: 5.389733 Axes: 11.586208 Hatchet: 13.977327 Swords: 2.4745123 Shortsword: 3.5660698 Knives: 4.810752 Carving knife: 7.15997 Woodcutting: 22.952003 Mauls: 7.0375075 Medium maul: 10.740481 Carpentry: 16.018515 Fletching: 15.877809 Nature: 8.490046 Fishing: 1.0 Meditating: 15.677306 Farming: 1.3882244 Botanizing: 13.989402 Foraging: 5.5080314 Cooking: 1.3733177 Butchering: 2.6994445 Fighting: 2.781409 Normal fighting: 20.077026 Defensive fighting: 1.0 Weaponless fighting: 1.8381438 Miscellaneous items: 39.19602 Stone chisel: 17.11533 Hammer: 11.686676 Repairing: 18.000734 Pickaxe: 55.59436 Shovel: 29.155935 Pottery: 4.373137 Firemaking: 2.2681782 Digging: 39.80438 Mining: 52.452057 Masonry: 42.712826 Stone cutting: 25.526024 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 22.83884 Soul strength: 25.955044 Soul depth: 20.980711 Mind: 22.52404 Mind speed: 19.982649 Mind logic: 26.157854 Body: 22.331507 Body stamina: 20.073927 Body strength: 25.752592 Body control: 20.151999 Resources: The island has it's own tar, two clay spots, sand, dirt, lots of unmined rock. There are several discovered iron veins of varying ql (including an upmost and very good) and a top-ql gold vein I bought myself. I've also prospected silver, copper and zinc on the uncovered rock areas. The island is covered in trees (pine, willow, oak, cedar, no fruit trees) and one or two thorns. Hunting: The island is dangerously good hunting, right now there's two champ trolls running about. You can expect raging scorpions, spiders, hellhounds, bears, wolves, lions and trolls. Ships: As I haven't been able to sell them, you get these ships included (will be owned by Darkblood at handover); Caravel 'The Emperor's Wrath', oak, 68ql, pretty good lock, anchor. Caravel 'The Festering Scythe', cherry, 52.9ql, poor lock, anchor and 44 rafts. Corbita 'Evil Overlord', cedar, 31ql, poor lock, anchor. Knarr 'Carrion Eater', cherry, 70ql, very good lock, anchor and 40 rafts. Cog 'Nocturnal Harbinger', oak, 41ql, poor lock, anchor. Included materials and extras: You get everything already on the deeds, some estimates are; 10, 898 bricks 15, 119 mortar 100 logs 1, 279 slate shingles 4, 120 planks 1, 193 small nails 150 marble slabs 329 cordage ropes (trader food) 320 mooring ropes (trader food) 494 steel lumps 498 coal 4, 000 lead lumps 55 slabs 48 fence bars 820 wemp 500+ cotton 200 frying pans 100 support beams + ribbons 7 gnomes Screenies: Screenshots, and that winter texture, do not do the place justice. I highly recommend viewing the place in person. At it's longest length I think the island is some 200 tiles across. Your nearest neighbour is across at crater lakes sanctuary, only viewable in local from the docks. The full folder of screenies can be found here; I think that covers everything. Don't be put off by the upkeep's, the traders happily pay for those. I am selling all of this, together, for 250e. It pays for itself, so I'm happy to wait for a buyer.
  9. please delete
  10. (I'm not sure if this is allowed or not, but I couldnt find forum rules, so..) I decided to quit wurm online. I did it before, but I just came back. So this time, to make sure that I will stay away, I am giving away my account bluemoonn and a vynora priest alt. Bluemoon still has premium until february. Also comes with a deed on east coast of celeb. Deed is 40x30, upkeep last 4 months. This is a skill dump of bluemoonn: Skills dumped at 27-dec-2012 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 100.0 Faith: 21.171192 Favor: 21.171192 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 2.298584 Tracking: 3.6472054 Prospecting: 12.598089 Religion: 5.205575 Prayer: 12.452264 Channeling: 2.2371807 Preaching: 2.0 Exorcism: 2.0 Clubs: 1.0 Huge club: 1.0 Healing: 12.270811 First aid: 27.192032 Archery: 6.086477 Long bow: 2.1397529 Short bow: 4.8389106 War machines: 4.855779 Catapults: 7.0122724 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Climbing: 7.557075 Shields: 1.9022243 Large metal shield: 2.3459058 Medium metal shield: 1.0 Axes: 13.381492 Hatchet: 20.707582 Swords: 21.07543 Shortsword: 2.378577 Longsword: 35.04307 Knives: 11.240534 Butchering knife: 17.022106 Carving knife: 7.719817 Woodcutting: 30.789854 Mauls: 1.1707782 Large maul: 1.7571572 Carpentry: 44.146576 Fine carpentry: 12.83271 Ship building: 18.666264 Fletching: 6.2984314 Bowyery: 8.722382 Toy making: 1.9329748 Nature: 16.879753 Gardening: 16.707874 Fishing: 2.9046311 Animal husbandry: 4.3195405 Meditating: 11.394488 Farming: 22.243841 Forestry: 15.927715 Botanizing: 15.073334 Animal taming: 8.300762 Foraging: 8.155601 Cooking: 5.1473603 Hot food cooking: 2.6030695 Beverages: 2.515144 Butchering: 11.377276 Fighting: 56.956745 Shield bashing: 1.2835473 Taunting: 1.0 1.0 0 Normal fighting: 35.379913 Defensive fighting: 2.2127593 Aggressive fighting: 2.0190942 Weaponless fighting: 1.1773547 Toys: 1.2145175 Yoyo: 1.5540051 Alchemy: 4.9511943 Natural substances: 12.128422 Miscellaneous items: 39.294575 Stone chisel: 10.527233 Hammer: 41.020523 Sickle: 12.676937 Scythe: 2.2535143 Repairing: 14.433289 Saw: 12.876355 Pickaxe: 48.45023 Rake: 13.407039 Shovel: 30.08499 Pottery: 2.385988 Firemaking: 9.182266 Digging: 44.32539 Mining: 45.38467 Smithing: 12.140292 Jewelry smithing: 1.789097 Locksmithing: 8.140923 Blacksmithing: 20.760393 Armour smithing: 5.4083867 Shield smithing: 5.6994104 Chain armour smithing: 12.501726 Weapon smithing: 4.5320945 Blades smithing: 5.5446486 Weapon heads smithing: 3.665503 Ropemaking: 2.0484939 Masonry: 32.769802 3 Stone cutting: 18.414341 Tailoring: 5.752404 Leatherworking: 10.482362 Cloth tailoring: 8.5328 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 18.035212 Soul strength: 21.827429 Soul depth: 20.899279 Mind: 21.89495 Mind speed: 20.509447 Mind logic: 25.324541 Body: 23.737917 Body stamina: 22.896225 Body strength: 23.951115 Body control: 21.99801 Priest alt is new, 17 channeling and 34 faith. Also premium until february. Im keeping it simple: first one who posts and wants it, gets it..
  11. Hello there I am locatet at Germania, this town is located on Celebration at http://forum.wurmonl...salpha-edition/ AB31 http://forum.wurmonl...elebration-map/ X25/Y29-30 For requests, send me a mail in the forums, a PM ingame or a letter over the mail system or simply reply to this topic. I am breeding horses and bulls. Animals are in self service pens in Germania near south gate. Keys are on the merchant near the pens. Livestock: