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Found 8 results

  1. Thought it was a good time as any to share one of my repos on github that has some useful Wurm related tools: Currently there are 2: Calculates max QL for a certain skill and vise versa with giving you a required skill to craft a certain QL. 2. A Linux script which takes all your skill tick files and prints them out into an image format (see example below) Note the 2nd, does NOT determine actual skill ticks for a skill level. This is purely for educational purposes and just a neat graphing application for your own player. Skill is based on timers and a number of other variables. Again: Your number of ticks vs skill will vary from player to player. Also more to come in the future as I seem the need to make them or have suggestions to do so.
  2. Inspired by the web application posted on the Build Houses guide made by Toni here, I decided to make an application that would also include the floor and roof material calculations, as well as making it multi-level capable. It also does the calculations per selection, and has fancy colors per level. You can find the application here, and the source code here for anyone interested seeing it or making any contributions. Any suggestions? Are there any materials that I am missing? Are there anymore bugs that are not listed in Issues?
  3. i want to give you easy tool for vehicle speed calculations, planning to release it later as a website, currently only as a datasheet.
  4. I made a tool to calculate the base price and favor of various Items in Wurm. This has been developed and tested on windows 7 and uses .Net, there may still be a few bugs in the program but I cant seem the find them at the moment. quick glance of the features: Add, Merge, Ignore and remove Items on the fly.Calculates into both Favor and Base price, as well as showing god-specific bonuses.can Import and Export your table to .csv (which can be used in other applications like excel).Items are sorted by group, as to avoid too many items to scroll through.Create custom groups and add items to those groups with the configure items window.Use an items quality and base price to determine its constant for custom Items (no math necessary!). Pictures of the tool: As can be seen, it is somewhat configurable. Allowing you to add your own groups and items as well as learn the constant of an item (that is a value used in the get price of all items in wurm). It's main purpose is to simply select several items (a few stacks of cordage rope as an example) and it will perform the math for you on those items, and return the favor and base price (which makes this ultimately most useful to priests). It is capable of this the moment it is run, so no need to configure it. Some instructions are shown on the tool when it is first run to help you get used to how it works. Change log: 29/11/2013 - Version 1.01Attempt to fix usage with different cultures (for instance, using a comma instead of a full stop to show decimals) 28/11/2013 - Version 1.00Initial release Download link:
  5. We made a Season calculator for our village website. On the home page, you can see what, if anything, might be season right now in Wurm, so you don't have to log in to find out. AND I made a calculator to tell you when something will be harvestable in the future, so you can be sure to log in that day if you need something, like grapes or apples. Currently harvestable: Go here to see what's harvestable right now: Future Seasons: Go here to find out when something will be harvestable next: These are based on the calendar by Yaga on Wurmpedia's Time page and Seasons page plus some additional observational data.
  6. Outdated tool, new version here: Like in topic - I made new deed calculator which will be included in DeedPlanner 2, but decided to compile it as standalone application, too. Download You need Java 7 to be able to run this program
  7. Hey guys, I've created a web page to help server admins calculate the right value to use to update their server's time of year. The calculator will set the time to 0700 on the month and day selected. If you select a season, it picks the first full day of the season (as best as I could tell from the wiki article). Instructions for how to manually update the value are included once you hit a Calculate button, but I recommend you use a tool like SQLiteBrowser instead. Hope this helps!
  8. In trying to quickly calculate what ql should be studded leather armor in order to be better than various pieces of my current chain armor, I found that available calculators are not bad, but lack instant glance ability at simple slider dragging. So I wrote my own quickly in C#. Features: -Allows quick calculation of damage multiplier by simple slider dragging of required armor type. -Calculates ql of other armor types that correspond to same damage multiplier. This process happens as soon as you drag any slider. In other words, all sliders move together. Instructions: Move slider of required type to change armor quality. Other sliders will start moving as well. The damage multiplier will be calculated dynamically and other sliders will be in positions that correspond to this multiplier. Download: EDIT: Seems like a total failure for other people. Delete this please.