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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Everyone! Welcome back to another week of News. We've continued with bugfixes and general development this week, and also have some art to show off too. Last week, we asked you informally what kind of things you'd like to see us work on once we put dev time towards big new features come Fall. There were lots of suggestions, and it just goes to show how hard a job we'll have of picking what to work on for the next big features for Wurm! Exciting times are ahead, as ever. In addition, please take special note of the 4 hour downtime notice for next Tuesday below. Downtime Planned for the 18th August Next Tuesday, we will be taking the servers down for 4 hours to maintain server hardware. The downtime is planned for 10am to 2pm CEST (4am to 8am EST for those in the U.S.), so we hope that the replacement of the hamster's wheel some server components will affect as few people as possible. Keep an eye on the forums, our Twitter and our Facebook for live updates on the day. The Week in Patch Notes Below are all the patch notes from this week's updates. Users of the unstable client will have noticed a large number of new usability changes - ranging from container windows that remember their size and position when re-opened, to new keybinds like DROP_AS_PILE - which we will roll out to the stable client once we're certain of their stability. The new updates require Java 8 to run the unstable (and soon, stable) client. Also of special note are the fixes to the premium re-imbursement system this week. It should now function better, and will give monthly rewards of increasing value to players who remain premium for a number of consecutive months. 10/08/15Added Black Sheep / Rams / Lambs.Can Milk (female) sheep now – and make feta cheese from that.Can Milk (female) Bison now – and make Buffalo cheese from that. 11/08/15We have been looking at retroactively fixing the premium time awards and these should start ticking in during the next day or two. You need to be off the Golden Valley server for it to work. Rewarding will be a bit off but in general you will receive a bit too much. Also you need to still be premium for the code to detect the missing awards.The Unstable client now uses Java 8, so if you want to use it please update to the latest Java version at If this works well the standard game client will soon be using Java 8 as well, so it’s a good idea to update anyways. The unstable client can be downloaded at (You can find more details on the improvements in the thread here.)Some issues with bridges and gates were fixed.One reason for creatures moving through walls was found and fixed.Fix to reduce bridge decay. Should not take any decay for a week after its been used.Changed the QL levels between different bell sounds, as some sounds were not being played at all. Goblin Leader Model What's royalty without a crown to wear? This week, Saroman worked towards solving identity issues of Goblin Leaders across all servers by kitting them out with a new hat, shoulder pads and leather trousers. Can We Have Permission To Permission Your Permissions? Permissions? Permissions! Tich continues to outdo herself with her total overhaul of the game's permission systems, and this week asked for feedback on the permissions of buildings. Your input would be greatly appreciated! Screenshot of the Week This week's screenshot comes from Kristof on Celebration, of the "Cathedral of the Gods." It looks huge and is very nicely furnished, well done! If you give us permission to, then we'll conclude this week's News. But what's that I hear you say... you want the News to be never-ending? But but but, even the PR team have to sleep occasionally! :c