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Found 8 results

  1. So anyone on Xanadu has probably heard me ranting about the skillgain and difficulty of Pottery. I recently hit 90 and it was SIGNIFICANTLY easier than I expected. Imping the items, however is SIGNIFICANTLY harder than I expected. I have been using 90ql supreme tools with 90+ woa/coc along with 90 coc/woa water and clay. Normal hand. The skillgain is SO easy. The other night while imping items from around 85 to 87 I was getting .17 per hour or more at 92 skill (with sleep bonus). Pottery is my highest skill so I cant compare to something like Blacksmithing but I don't think other skills yield this much gain, especially without using "skiller" items. My assumption is that it's somehow related to the Miscellaneous skill and difficulty checks. Here is my record for a 20 minute period. Repairing: 0.0494 per hour Pottery: 0.1731 per hour Misc Items: 0.003549 Here is my skilldump from a few weeks ago. After 85 QL the items average 3:2 for successful vs failures which results in very slow quality increase. On top of all of this, MY ITEMS CANT BE REPAIRED ONCE FIRED!!! So before I do more testing and post more specific and accurate logs I just wanted some feedback from other players or devs. Is this skillgain and success rate similar to other level 92 skills? Does this seem to be working as intended?
  2. I am new to the game. LOVE IT. but... I am playing unlimited on my LAN. I have the normal set up. When I kill animals I get a message that I am unable to loot them. I can butcher them just not take anything in them. I tried changing the PVP setting but that did not help. I tried killing them outside any town area that did not work. It is probably some simple setting I cant find. Please help I want to eat.
  3. I'm not sure if this is a bug, or was an intended 'feature', but I've been combing the forests the past few weeks (Before a break because family showed up IRL) and chopping olives...and started to notice newly sprouted trees coming in with lawn below them... I really noticed this because I've been training my foraging/botanizing and the trees with lawn below them don't allow you to forage/botanize/cut grass on them. This isn't old abandoned deeds with leftover lawn either...this is way up in the boonies of a mountainside covered in olives which basically hasn't been touched except for my forays into it. They all show as 'The lawn is neatly trimmed' under tree sprouts in newly grown sprouts, or second stage sprouts. (These olives spit out new sprouts constantly and I'm cutting them back and noticing this all over in the forests.) I had noticed you guys were 'bug squashing' lawn stuff on PvP servers and wondered if perhaps this was an unintended side effect...
  4. how come there is no gorillas in pve server but there is anacondas and wild boars? is this just a bug that has existed since freedom opened? or is there a good reason for this?
  5. To start off lets begin with a simple scenario: Imagine you are a explorer tend to not have any set home and explore every far bit of the continents that wurm has to offer. Doesn't sound like a bad idea now? Add with it that you do not want to use the community map because first of all you have to pull it up every time or you need to have it next to the game at the time. Also the community map is not really mark-able for interesting or important locations for the player. So in that mindset you could imagine that the in-game map has a high priority since it is the best way to learn and keep track of locations. Yet the thing that tends to surprise me is that when ever you mark on more then 1 continent the previous markers on the old continent gets erased completely. Which is kinda annoying and when you think about it stupid. Also allowing us to do so will make it possible for people to play the game without the community map and still have good/somewhat accurate navigation. Possible Solution that came to my mind: Coming to the solution i was thinking of allowing it to be client-side and possible for sharing in game with the village's, alliances but the sharing part is there already. The thing that would in my opinion be a great thing though is that with the idea of making it client-side in theory we could make community maps in-game and the allow the file to be downloaded or shared. Note: I'm personally not sure if this fits under towns square of suggestions & ideas.
  6. First of all, kudos to the devs for the smooth launch and a beautiful server. I could make ten threads praising your work, but only one to criticize it (this one). I do so out of interest for the fourty-plus people in our alliance. The map above is in the SW of Xanadu, and the markers represent the deeds of our bay-wide alliance so far. None of us have found any hint of iron yet. A few patches of zinc yes, but other than that it's all rock. I have personally spent four hours prospecting every third rock tile on every hill, slope and crest I can find, from the green square down to the mountain south of the red cross, and found zero iron. Maybe I'm just unlucky, but surely this is a little too sparse? Now I understand the appeal of regional ores, and I agree with it to an extent. Want to make a dashing bronze set of chainmail? Go on an epic journey. How about an anchor? Better make the trip to Lead Cove! But iron? Iron should be dotted around the map evenly, because it is about as essential to the game as wood. (And before someone says so, rummaging is not a viable option) Finally, thanks again for the game. I am 99% happy with it and have all but quit WildStar (which launched last Saturday) for it. That's no easy feat! Devs: are we just extremely unlucky and the iron is there after all? Or if it really is regional, can we please have a few iron veins sprinkled over the world? Players: how fares your iron search? I know many people have found it, but are there any other regions where it eludes us?