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Found 3 results

  1. Always with the love & hate around uniques and justified on all sides, so how can we make it work? #1 - Change Valrei to be a simple percent chance to be auto bestowed on anyone that scored a hit. No more a lootable item. No more a sellable item. If you score a hit, you have a 1% chance (or whatever) of being gifted some random valrei skill. #2 - Scale/hide/blood. All prem accounts in local get a piece of scale/hide and it is the exact same weight, regardless of 10 or 100 people in local. Blood - no changes really need to be made, other than fixing them to all work properly when imbuing weapons & tools. #3 - Butchered loot - Trophies only, that offer no game advantage, just cosmeticly worn or for decorating a house/cart/boat. Yes, I want a real dragon head on the front of my knarr, plus a speedo made out of a kyklops eyelid. #4 - (possible option) Once a unique is found and penned, the finders schedule a kill time and relay that to a forum mod, who posts for all to attend. Should always be a minimum of 24 hours after notifying the FM. Take the high RL monetary value out of the equation and any reason to make it small, then nobody gives a doo doo if 100 people show up to play. Bigger groups are a great way to meet new people, show off cool armor, get some fatty sermons and trade goods. (just need to control lag I suppose). -Wurmhole
  2. Spoitted Moby ###### around B16-B18 (I think). If you go along the north shore east from Glasshollow you may spot the deed in the picture and see this old blue whale not far away from shore. It's friendly unless you attack it in which case you better be running for your life as it has a large HP pool and/or armour and hits hard. Following images also available at:
  3. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the public hunts, open to all, have gone away? For those 2-3 wonderful months, it was great to be part of the crew, taking down those awesome creatures. However, it seems to have changed and become private, invitation only hunt groups. Why did this change? Being part of the greater community effort was pretty awesome. Is it because of the massive lag? Too hard to coordinate? Too hard to share the wealth? Keeping the number of bloods to a minimum to help inflate the price of potions? I'm just curious, because I miss those days. It was so much nicer than the old, old days of private penning for massive wealth generation.