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Found 3 results

  1. Legend of Boatgaard Role-play Blog Episode 4 - Lost and Found I am trying a new format to my short stories! I have included music on each portion of the story now, so click play, read on to the next part and keep listening to the sound tracks as you read! Gives it more life I have also extended it per request! Tell me what you think of reading it with sound tracks in the background! When I get more time I'll use soundcloud links instead of youtubes. Going to include in-game screenies and videos soon into my short stories
  2. Legend of Boatgaard Role-play Blog Episode 3 - Escaping the peril, that is the Great Northern Desert! Featured people: Silvirwolfe Short extract: Kam jumped around in joy then realised something slapping against his thighs, “What the…†Peering down to notice he was butt naked, he quickly covered up his large genitalia (Yes, it’s my story, so it’s large, shh). He quickly ran behind a tree and watched as more and more people had been warped into the same area naked. Enjoy
  3. Legend of Boatgaard Role-play Blog Episode 2 - A noobs worst nightmare, the Great Northern Desert Featured places: FOE Canal Market Black Pearl Lud Olive Lake Resort Short extract to make you want to read: The woman stood down off her cart and pushed Kam back with her maul “Good luck … you’ll need it. Even if you managed to make it to Olive Lake Resort, you’ll never make it to Lud, you pathetic excuse of a Wurmian. Now… GET OFF MY LAND†Kam examined the ground beneath him which said ‘Perimeter of….’ and stuck his tongue out at her â€Not your land love! Ner ner!†As he began to chop a tree down in front of her, just to cheese her off that little bit more. Glad he wasn’t on a PVP server… Enjoy