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Found 6 results

  1. Ebonaura is a small Black Light kingdom in northwest Chaos. It was founded in May 2014 and its capital is Umbra. The kingdom is a democracy and the current elected Chief is Maurizio. Ebonaura is a friendly community, which values its members. Whether you want to fight our enemies or help the kingdom in other ways, there will be a place for you. If you would like to join, go to and click Apply to join Ebonaura. Initially you will join a Freedom village near Umbra before being accepted into Ebonaura. You must be willing to use voice communications (such as Mumble) on occasion, especially during combat. For more information, PM Maurizio in game or MaurizioAM on the forums.
  2. Macedon is a Black Light template Player Made Kingdom on the Chaos server. The only aim of this group is to PvP and get riches. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What you will get You will be part of an active PvP oriented community full of people that are always up to something. Plenty of chances to leave your deed and participate in said PvP. Should you not be an experienced player, our players will gladly help you get up to speed. Help with gear from some of the highest crafters of the game Access to multiple deeds across different servers What we expect from you Willingness to fight for the kingdom or otherwise provide services that further the cause. Willingness to be part of the community and help other players. 70Fightskill, 50shieldskill, 50weaponskill Access to Teamspeak 3 I want to join, who can I contact? Macedon forums ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rival PMKs Empire of Mol Rehan Ebonaura Jenn Kellon ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kingdom pictures
  3. Hey everyone, As a lib priest Ive noticed that we dont have many options when it comes to enchanting. For weapons we have Rotting touch and Bloodthisrt but they cant be stacked so that leaves us wit only 1 spell to put on weapons. White-light priests have the ability to stack the different enchantments from all WL priests on weapons, thus giving them an advantage over BL weapons. I only want to bring this up to gather the opinion of our community. There's two polls attached to this thread, please take you time to answer the questions.
  4. I wanted to start this thread to give props to my wife that spent about 8 hours or more working in our kingdom's design. It represents Libila commanding her minions (hyena) to destroy all her enemies (anaconda, gorilla, wild boar). As you can see in the picture the hyena destroyed the anaconda and the gorilla and forced the wild bar into submission. I hope everyone enjoys the design and feel free to give props to the creator. If you are interested on having a design made by her please contact me. Edit: Changed Libila silhouette
  5. Cover note Essentially, we keep hitting upon this stumbling block. White Light priests want to be solo heroes and complain about the Black Lighters being too powerful. To make it abundantly clear - THREE white light priests versus ONE black light priest. Magranon priest - front line fighter / paladin type. Fo priest - healer / defence Vynora priest - support, locate / enchantments Libila priest - should be everything to counter those three. The WLs should combine to defeat the threat of the BLs (I know, not enough players, no real threat and that is how you like it.) Proposal Split the black light priest into two. Strix - Healer / support - can draw power off zombies and give it to the Atra Militis or other Black Lighters. Can't use it themselves but can give it to other Strix. Blessing of the Dark, Lurker in the Dark, Dispel Strongwall, Fungus, Fungus Trap, Demise Spells, Rotting Touch, Dark Ice shell = 75% of Oakshell, et cetera Atra Militis - fighter priest - Drain Health, Drain Stamina, Web Armour, Hell Strength, 40+ faith = +20% damage, Pain Rain, Phantasms, et cetera.
  6. Is there a real reason why only Horde of the Summoned can be followers of Libila? After being a mag priest for a long time, I've started wondering why even bother, when you could make an alt there (HOTS) or just convert to hots and still be part of your real kingdom by being in the same alliance. Obviously you would still get attacked by kingdom guards which would make it difficult to really participate in your kingdoms events. So why are Libila priests so over powered and not divided into different gods. I think there should be a chance of being in peace with an other PMK so there could be a hots based PMK attached to a White Light kingdom based one.. Also when Wild was made part of the freedom isles and non pvp, we all got a /transfer to chance religion (because hots needed to have a chance to convert to white light gods, as hots was removed). So now when HOTS and Black Light is back, why isn't there an option to /transfer back to Libila? Updated.