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Found 15 results

  1. Presenting you Libila enchants brewed with hate, deceit, and blood of slaves. We also accepting barter (especially with referral or sleep powders). Custom casts no longer available. Explanation of our unique enchants: BotD or Blessing of the Dark: woa and coc in a single cast. A 100 BotD is the same with item with 100 WoA + 100 CoC. They are best for improving items or getting a fast job done. WA or Web Armor: slow down both movement speed and attack speed of attacker. Useful cast for both pvp and pve, on pve I would recommend web armor on leather barding to slow down those pesky spiders that bite your horse. RT or Rotten Touch. Increase damage of a weapon, but make weapons damage faster. The damage also have infection wound, which get worse overtime. BT or Bloodthirst. Increase damage of a weapon based on it cast power. 10000 bloodthirst is 10% more damage. Need to shot player to raise this enchant power but it also the only damage-enchant you can put on bow. Costs for enchants: Cast costs for BotD: 1- 79 power : 1.5c per power. 80-89 power : 2c per power. 90-99 power: 4c per power. *not available on custom casts Cast costs for CoC or WoA: *not doing custom cast on this 1- 79 power : 1c per power. 80-89 power : 1.5c per power. 90-99 power: 3c per power. Cast costs for WA, RT, and BT: 1- 79 power : 2c per power. 80-89 power :3c per power. 90-99 power: 5c per power. *not available on custom casts Tools 78 BotD 70ql Iron Saw 1s 17c 83BotD 70ql Iron shovel 1s 66c 83BotD 70ql Iron shovel 1s 66c 74BotD 70ql Iron shovel 1s 11c 90BotD 69ql pinewood mallet 3s 60c 82BotD 68ql pinewood mallet 1s 64c 71BotD 70ql pinewood mallet 1s 7c 70BotD 69ql pinewood mallet 1s 5c 73WoA 85CoC 54ql iron needle 2s 1c 78BotD 70ql iron needle 1s 17c 76BotD 70ql iron needle 1s 14c 91WoA 91ql iron hammer 2s 73c 76WoA 70ql iron hammer 1s 14c 79CoC 84WoA 82ql iron hammer 2s 5c 77CoC 14ql iron hammer 77c 72BotD 66ql willow spindle 1s 8c 70BotD 68ql willow spindle 1s 5c 96WoA 39ql pinewood spindle 2s 88c 50BotD 71ql small iron anvil 75c 81WoA 63ql small iron anvil 1s 62c 73BotD 70ql iron leather knife 1s 10c 75CoC 68ql iron leather knife 1s 13c 77BotD 70ql iron awl 1s 16c 81BotD 90ql iron awl 2s 80BotD 70ql iron file 1s 60c 73BotD 70ql iron file 1s 10c 77WoA 91ql iron file 1s 16c 91BotD 70ql iron scissors 3s 64c 91BotD 70ql iron scissors 3s 64c 80BotD 70ql iron scissors 1s 60c 75BotD 70ql iron scissors 1s 13c 77CoC 71ql iron scissors 1s 16c 82BotD 70ql iron trowel 1s 64c 77CoC 20ql iron stone chisel 1s 16c 48CoC 57WoA 33ql iron stone chisel 1s 5c 89BotD 28RT 70ql iron rake 1s 78c 86BotD 70ql iron rake 1s72c 84CoC 14ql iron pickaxe 1s 68c 89CoC 95ql 3.89dmg Large rat pelt 1s 34c 70BotD 0.40kg 82ql 0.07 dmg mountain lion pelt 1s 5c 88CoC 0.80kg 98ql 0.78 dmg wild cat pelt 1s 32c Weapons 90RT 70ql Iron longsword 84RT 70ql Iron longsword 77RT 60ql Iron longsword 74RT 70ql Iron longsword 73RT 71ql Iron longsword 70RT 71ql Iron longsword 96RT 73ql Huge iron axe 91RT 72ql Huge iron axe 90RT 73ql Huge iron axe 95RT 72ql Large iron maul We also supply these items: - Unfinished HotS guard tower = 1s or FREE (check here!) When finished in freedom isles, it will show HotS tower texture but spawn freedom guards, can be mailed How it looks like: ​ - HotS wagon = 5s pick up 6s delivered (it is big and fill almost all room in the knarr) How it looks like: ​ - HotS purple banner = 60c (can't be mailed) - HotS purple flag = 60c (can't be mailed) All items will be mailed, COD paid by buyer. Exception for un-mailable items like banners then it can be picked up/delivered per case basis for a fee. Items also get damaged from storage and my smith are not in the same location with the merchant thus why they are not even counted in the pricing.
  2. Hail my name is Khaldrogo I am the High King of the Iron Isle of Blacktyde located at O8 on Xanadu in game map, I am interested in purchasing items that bear the Black Legion Mark. These items include, banners and flags mostly but I am also interested in purchasing a Black Legion Wagon if any still exist. Blacktyde's taxes are in and its coffers are full, PM here or in game if interested to sell. Regards Khaldrogo High King of Blacktyde of the Iron Isle Xanadu
  3. Hey yall, auctioning a Black Legion Kingdom pack composed by: Runned BL cedar wagon; 2 BL banners, pine and oak; 2 BL Flags, both cedar; 1 BL tall banner; 1 BL unfinished guard tower. Wagon is 75 QL and Banners and Flags are 51 QL. Free Delivery to any Freedom shore. Starting Bid: 20s Reserve: 25s Increment Bids: 1s Sniper: 1h
  4. Auction: Black Legion wagon Starting at 17s opening bid 1s min each increase payable in in-game silver or USD via Paypal verified accounts only, Friends and family payments only. at a rate of 1s=1E at current rates at time of transaction. 25S (25E) Buyout Hidden reserve in place (may just ignore reserve tho) Pickup at Ten Boer (x:19 y:33) Good Luck all bidders!
  5. Auctioning off one Black Legion wagon. The kingdom is now defunct so no more of these will be made. The wagon is currently on Deliverance but can be moved to another server. Starting Price = 10s Increments of 50c 1 hour snipe protection. Will accept sleep powder (1s) or a referral (5s) as partial payment.
  6. The Legion Riders is a small village in Chaos with big dreams and even bigger aspirations. It is part of the Black Legion PMK and it traditionally resides at the south peninsula of the map that has been occupied by blacklighters for hundreds of thousands of years. Being close to the sea one can there enjoy the refreshing summer breeze and a calm and soft winter tamed by the southern sea's waters. With relatively easy access from the eastern Chaos - Freedom border one can consider The Legion Riders one of the best destinations for summer vaccations where he can enjoy a peaceful grind behind it's walls or venture out for a thrilling adventure together with TLR's ninja pirate gangster scientists. > Affiliations Enemies: Mol Rehan Neutral: Ebonaura, Jenn Kellon Ingame Contact points Maciejkow Mortez Wolfikita Shewolf Bangzuvelis Wendigo Issle Ibex Blackmonk Forum Contact Points This forum account or this thread Apply JOIN US, or else ...
  7. As the title states, wts Black Legion goodies: Black Legion Wagon- 6s (Free Delivery, all usually Cedarwood above 50ql) Black Legion Tall Kingdom Banner- 1.5s Black Legion Kingdom Banner- 50c Black Legion Kingdom Flag- 50c Currently I only deliver on Xanadu, Release or Pristine. For delivery in other servers please check Post on the thread or pm me to Tuga in forum or game for more info. Thanks PS All items available in bulk
  8. Looking for a contact in Xanadu to buy several tall and normal banners. PM me if you have any, located neat whitefray.
  9. If you've seen the auctions lately with those cool looking towers based on the hots template or the sales threads and you are interested in purchasing one of these items. Just drop me or Rosedragon a private message on the forum or post in here and we'll happily mail you an unfinished tower over with the only fee being the 60 copper mailing fee from the Chaos Server. You already need to put the work in to finish the tower, you shouldn't need to pay through the nose for something that takes 1 brick and 1 clay! Unfinished HotS template tower: Free (Buyer Pays CoD cost) When the tower is finished on freedom it will spawn freedom guards but will look like this: Free service provided by Black Legion - a HotS Template pmk on the Chaos Server. Update: Due to changes in the mailing system, these towers now cost 60 copper to send instead of 20, please bear this in mind when requesting a tower.
  10. Bringing up your latest propagandanews from chaos! Here is Deathfell Newsletter, hopefully going to be published monthly to show what the evilfine folks of Deathfell have been doing. The stories written are from our own views (mainly rosedragon)and sometimes shall not be taken seriously. Sit down, have your favorite drink, and enjoy reading the drama of Chaos from safety distance . October 2014:
  11. Ever fancied getting your hands on a set of Black Legion goodies? Well look no further!! Package includes the following; 1x Black Legion Wagon 1x Black Legion Banner 1x Black Legion Flag 1x Unfinished Black Legion Guard Tower 16 x 91ql+ [Rare] horseshoes all with 90+ BoTD Casts (One for each of your horses hooves ) We can also supply 4 decent horses to help tow your new goodies to your deed Bundle is to be picked up from Libila Market on Deliverance, or Delivery can be arranged (Without horses) Collection and Delivery - Deliverance - Free Delivery - Independance & Exodus - 1s Delivery - Celebration and West side of Xanadu - 2s Further afield will be disscussed. Starting bid 80s Bid increments of 5s Buyout: Entertain us Private bids: Not accepted Private Buyout Offers: Accepted Auction will run until the end or If a Buyout offer is accepted Happy Bidding
  12. Today I bring you a Black Legion wagon out of the depths of Azkaban. These are very uncommon to see on the market so this may be a rare chance! It's 80ql and ready to drive. Bidding starts at 10s Increments of 50c Buyout @ 20s Pickup on the west coast of deli Happy bidding
  13. Inspired by Puertorro's thread regarding his wife's hard work on their own wagon, which you can find here. I've decided to finally post our own graphics on the Wurm Forums for those who may not have seen them. (The earliest forms of our shield were in development long before our founding, I'm glad I got the opportunity to get them put into game) As you can extract the most of the images from Wurm's own .jar archives (please do not modify your .jar files, it is in violation of the EULA and will probably earn you a ban) I'll refrain from plastering my name on them, however as our main media logo has not been submitted to the Wurm Online team in it's current form, I retain any rights to such image and have no problem pursuing action to prevent that image being used in a way I deem unfit. As a side note, the Black Legion tartan used in any of our images was created and registered with the Scottish Government by myself and we retain all rights to the reproduction and weaving of said tartan. I'm probably not the best person to ask with any assistance with design at this time due to real life commitments, but feel free to drop me a line and ask if the fancy takes you, if it's interesting enough I might be tempted enough to say yes. Black Legion Shield Black Legion Banner Black Legion Flag Black Legion Wagon Black Legion Tabard (Torso and Low - Back to Front)
  14. We're going to auction off a set of our kingdom items, one wagon one banner and one flag. With all proceeds being distributed amongst all Black Legion villages on the Chaos server. These items are only able to be created on the Chaos server and the kingdom currently has a sales ban in place, so this is a unique opportunity to get your hands on these items before anyone else. Starting Bid: 5 Silver Minimum Increment: 50 Copper Reserve: 10 Silver, however all bids until that point will be considered. . Delivery can be arranged for all servers excluding Chaos, Pristine & Release. Pickup available on Deliverance. These items will lose their unique look if the kingdom ever disbands so please bear this in mind when bidding.