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Found 20 results

  1. Looking to buy a black or Red drake set. Message me with price and picture of items.
  2. As title said, WTB Black Drake Cap or Seryll helm , rare or not, if possible decent quality and enchanted. PM me or post here with your offers!
  3. WTS Black Drake Set full set including cap, pick up from witch's cauldron deed deli. 80s
  4. [07:29:50] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.on.hunter'. [07:29:44] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Roza.e'. Will be mailed COD - you pay mailing fees. Only looking for silver in exchange, no paypal bids please. Sniper protection 2h. Bids in 1s+ increments please. Starting bid: 60s Buyout: 110s Any questions please feel free to contact and let me know.
  6. As title says: Selling a Black Drake hide Armour set with a Great Steel Helmet For 95 silver or 95 Euro (Paypal verified) This set can be yours . Interested? contact me through Forums (Stonecutter1995) or ingame (stonecutter)
  7. Short auction for this fine set of Black Drake highly enchanted with web armour and improved to 90ql. Also comes with full helm (instead of drake cap) and a single rare boot for added funzies. Backpack containing the above will be COD to the winner or pickup from Xanadu can be arranged. Starting Bid : 1g Min Increment : 5s Reserve : None Beyond Start Bid Buyout : 1.5g No private bids, private buyout accepted. If you have any questions feel free to ask away. Good hunting (which you will no doubt have in this set of armour.)
  8. Hello everyone: I am interested in buying a black drake set that has no enchants. Ql: 90 Willing to pay: 70s PM me with what you have Thx, Thor
  9. You Are Bidding On: 80QL+ Full Black Drake Set with 70+ AoSP: (Can be COD to the winner or picked up at Fort Huntsman Docks, West Coast of Release) Starting Bid: 85s Increments: 5s Buyout: 1.5g (Private Buyouts Accepted) Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Happy Bidding All!
  10. As standing in the Title looking for some Black Drake Hide Armour pieces. I miss some pieces or some are shattered. So the following pieces do I need: 2 Black Dragon Hide gloves (QL doesnt matter) 1 Black Dragon Hide shoe (QL doesnt matter) 1 Black Dragon Hide Cap (QL doesnt matter) (I also have a great steel helmet, but I wanna have a full Drake set so it looks nice) You can pm me here on the forums about the price you wanna have for the Piece/Pieces All this pieces together goes for around 30-35e. Thanks, Stonecutter
  11. as the title says. i have seen full suits sell but i have no idea what single pieces sell for. i have 2 low quality black drake chest pieces. i would like to know how much they are worth, possibly up for sale.
  12. Hello! As you can see in the title, I am selling my black drake set. The set currently has no enchantments, and was all made by Zalifear. The set is currently at least 55ql, with the exception of the cap at 70ql. As you can see the jacket is also rare, which will add to the price. A quick price check in global chat returned a value of around 1g as despite slumping drake prices, the rare jacket bumps the price back up. However only one person contributed to the price check, and while I am reasonably confident with this price I open to bartering. So I am currently taking offers, whether it be in game, here in this topic, or via forum pm. Thanks for reading, Madhatter
  13. I'm looking to sell 90 QL black drake pay pal only starting at 80 euros. incraments of 1-5 Euros foot 1 Aosp 75 QL 90.02 DMG 0.02 foot 2 Aosp 68 QL 90.10 DMG 0.00 hand 1 Aosp 80 QL90.10 DMG 0.03 hand 2 Aosp 79 QL 90.11 DMG 0.00 Chest Aosp 80 QL 90.09 DMG 0.61 Legs Aops 84 QL 90.02 DMG 0.30 Arm 1 Aosp 90 QL 90.04 DMG 0.10 Arm 2 Aosp 85 QL 90.04 DMG 0.06 Email is the fastest way to reach me I'll check here about once a day.
  14. So guys I managed to shatter 1 of my 90ql black drake boots while enchanting ti with AoSP.. I am now looking to buy another boot lol PM me with a price if you have a spare.. -Thanks -=Jakeii=-
  15. Hi, I want to buy a black drake set or black drake hide, PM me if you have either for sale. Cheers Stix
  16. I am auctioning a Black Drake Hide set. All pieces are QL 81 with the exception of the Jacket which is QL 80.98. This is the full set including the helmet. Auction will run for 14 days or until 'Buy out' is accepted. Timer below. Starting bid: 55s Minimum Increment: 5s Snipe Protection: 1 hour Buy out: Make me an offer Location: Genshiken - Independence server I prefer to trade in person, so PM me in-game: Kagetenshi or here in the forums. *I will ship COD, but will have to look at cost at time of sale* Sold for 80s to Risky.
  17. Hi there, It just happens that i have some drake sets lying around at base ql, I am currently selling 1 of these sets. The sets include a cap and will be imped to 90QL unless stated otherwise (imping is free) How this auction will work: You bid above the previous person, then state what colour set you would like. Starting bid: 50s Buy out: 1g Location: Valley of the Gods - Independence server (Can mail to other servers, and i might even deliever if you live on Inde but no promises there! ) Choice of: Green - White or Black! I do have an annoying hidden reserve should the auction not spark any life, but it's not too much higher. Auction will end at some random time on Monday evening London time (i think this will be 6pm), 1 hour sniper protection.
  18. Auctioning a complete black drake set (with cap). The black drake set is 76~80ql. Starting bid: 20e Reserve: Hidden Duration: 1 week from first bid. Sniper protection: 2 hours Contact me for buyout. Happy bidding Edit: Minimum bid: 5e and winner must pick up.
  19. Sold, can close this topic.