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Found 5 results

  1. This animal appears in medieval bestiaries. It really ought to be added to Wurm, perhaps as a unique. It defends itself by expelling a fearsome fiery fart. You can read more about it here.
  2. With the new addition of books and a new journal for archaeology, I feel like this open up a whole new world of fun for wurmians to explore and catalog findings, including those not related to archaeology (archaeology journal) or botany (almanac). The starting point of this suggestion is that books should not decay when placed into a bookshelf. If more books are to be added and used, there should be a safe place to store them. Suggestions to come if we can safely collect our books into a library: A Bestiary - a comprehensive collection of information about animals in wurm, ranging from the small wild cat to the massive forest giant. Knowledge may be gathered by examining an animal with the bestiary (with an empty page in it) activated while it is alive, going based off of animal husbandry (or taming?) skill. It can reveal various interesting facts anywhere from it's preferred spawn range, diet, and other interesting behaviours like the love of chasing innocent newbies around. A second round of information can be taken of the corpse of the animal, with the amount of information based off of fighting skill. This could include it's rough fighting abilities, butchered products, etc. Would be super happy if this bestiary can include pictures like the almanac has. An Atlas - simple as is, add notes to your ingame map and use a filled pen to make a copy of the map with said notes onto a piece of paper to share with others, or to keep multiple interesting maps bound in books together. Fish Physiology - a collection of information recorded from the catches made while fishing. Same as with archaeology, when you catch a fish and have an empty report, it will try to add information to it. Based on fishing skill, this will give a description of your catch, including the maximum caught weight, minimum caught weight, and server of catch. This could tie in nicely with some simple renaming to make certain new fishes only found on certain servers; salmon in the north on independence, to lionfish down south on celebration. If possible, have these behave like the archaeology reports to help find back certain special fish tiles. I see lots more room for report books like this, but these were sitting in the top of my head today.
  3. Ever since the fantastic new creature models were introduced with V1.0 I wanted to make little video sequences of all the beasts in Wurm Online, in order to be able to show my friends some of the highlights of this game. Now I finally finished the project and decided to combine the individual video takes (each about 30 seconds) into a "Video Compendium of Wurm Wildlife". This is a rather long video (14 minutes) as it features 30 different creatures you are able to encounter on the Freedom isles. (It does not contain unique creatures like dragons or avatars.) You'll get the most out of this video if you watch it at the highest resolution (HD: 720p) and at full size. (Click on the little cog wheel symbol at the bottom of the video window.) So here it is: I hope it is fun to watch - enjoy!
  4. My video about all the creatures that can be found on the Freedom Isles hit 1000 views today! Thanks, folks, for watching this! If you haven't seen it, here is the link: (That topic has been archived already, so I couldn't add this post to the original thread, unfortunately.)
  5. I think it'd be cool to have more animals to tame! Elephants, camels, meerkats, etc. etc. Also, I'm totally pushing it with this one but DINOSAURS! C'mon. Domesticated velociraptors!