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Found 3 results

  1. I made a tool to calculate the base price and favor of various Items in Wurm. This has been developed and tested on windows 7 and uses .Net, there may still be a few bugs in the program but I cant seem the find them at the moment. quick glance of the features: Add, Merge, Ignore and remove Items on the fly.Calculates into both Favor and Base price, as well as showing god-specific bonuses.can Import and Export your table to .csv (which can be used in other applications like excel).Items are sorted by group, as to avoid too many items to scroll through.Create custom groups and add items to those groups with the configure items window.Use an items quality and base price to determine its constant for custom Items (no math necessary!). Pictures of the tool: As can be seen, it is somewhat configurable. Allowing you to add your own groups and items as well as learn the constant of an item (that is a value used in the get price of all items in wurm). It's main purpose is to simply select several items (a few stacks of cordage rope as an example) and it will perform the math for you on those items, and return the favor and base price (which makes this ultimately most useful to priests). It is capable of this the moment it is run, so no need to configure it. Some instructions are shown on the tool when it is first run to help you get used to how it works. Change log: 29/11/2013 - Version 1.01Attempt to fix usage with different cultures (for instance, using a comma instead of a full stop to show decimals) 28/11/2013 - Version 1.00Initial release Download link:
  2. Since the Itembox template is used for basic information about an item and its creation, I wanted to propose that we add a section for the item's base price and base favor constants. Aside from information for a select few items on the Base Price page, this information is largely lacking on the wiki, and the Itembox template seems to be the best place to include this information. I didn't want to make a change to such a widely used template without discussion first though, so what do you think?
  3. I have been playing around with Papyrus making and seen its fairly easy vs the base price. (note: I am mostly a locksmith but have a lot of feedback from a rope maker) I have talked to Zcul in IRC about this but I would like feedback and the players input on it Current base price is the same as mooring rope at 0.50 and Zcul sed after we talked that 0.25 seems fair. I am using rope making as wemp vs reed production is the same and both use a tool to make. To make a Mooring rope at 50% change take some time and skilling. At 2.03 Pap Skill & 31.32 Nature using a 51.72ql press I get a 49% change to make Papyrus I checked with a newish alt with 0 nature and 0 pap on the same tool and its 41%. Check for my data on making. Thus I am able to produce decent ql papyrus with good tools and decant reeds at low skill. Granted that there is no low use skill gains like bowstrings. But 27 papyrus sheets got me to 4.12. (note that I have a CoC press) (For those who don`t know % change and skill play a mayor role in the average ql you will get out vs the ql of the used item) This ain't fair for the rope makers , locksmiths and any other saccing item makers and I have decided to go from locksmith (I can already make any lock the town needs) to a Papyrus maker no mater the base price. So I simply ask what should the Base price be like?