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Found 13 results

  1. When a Bag of Keeping is equipped on the hip slot, the item model shows at an odd angle. Assuming this is the same for a Master BoK.
  2. Bag of Keeping (99QL 1.5 DMG) Starting bid 70 euro. Increment 1 euro. 2x Spyglass (94, 85 QL) Starting bid 1 euro 3x Res Stone Starting bid 1 euro 10 silver is also available. Is the going rate still 1 silver = 1 euro? All items are pickup at Northern Light on Independence. Not interested in silver or trades.
  3. sold

    2.1 dmg You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Strah'. 90 Euro or Silver
  4. Changed to WTS
  5. Looking for 90 Euros or 1 gold. Verified PayPal only. PM if interested. Cheers.
  6. if you got one you wish to part 1 shoot me a pm, silver or euros w/e you preffer.
  7. BOK 99.00ql 0.60dmg Starting at 80s/80e will accept bids in both - too confusing with a ratio so will just leave it as 1:1 Pickup @ x25 y 46 Libilian Outlaws - south exodus 1 hr sniper Reserve @ 90e (Edit - shortened auction)
  8. Hi guys, I have the following for auction: 1. Brass Spy Glass (useful to measure distances, works like a telescope) 2. Rod of Transmutation (used to turn a rock tile into a metal mine of your choice) 3. Bag Of Keeping (used to transport small things and does not drop on death) 4. 90 coc beautiful meditation rug. It is currently at 23 ql, but can be mended down to 1ql if desired. This is the only item that can be mailed. Number 1 to 3 are pick up at Tree Huggers Eden or might be possible to be delivered in person to Independence and Deliverance. Might even visit Exo or Cele , not Chaos though. I thought long if I should sell these treasures, and decided to keep a hidden reserve. Basically curious what these will go for, so please place a bid if you are intersted in buying one of them and state which one when bidding. Bids can be placed in Euro or Coins, using an exchange rate of 1s=1Euro Increments : 1 s Let's start 1 , 2 and 3 at 20s, number 4 at 3s. Auction time:
  9. [23:11:51] A small non-descript leather bag with a strap. 99 ql, 0 damage One has a "0" signature, one has a "Godfrey" signature.
  10. Hi. I'd like to sell my bag of keeping for 45 euros via verified PayPal. It has 0.9 damage on it and comes with a 22.44QL pre-patch butchering knife. The butchering knife has no enchants, but it fits in there. I'm located at Freedom Market, Independence server. Since this can't be mailed, you have to come pick-up. If you want more info on what fits inside, check the wiki:
  11. Hey, Need to sell my spare BOK, its gathering dust and i don't need it, Will only accept payments through paypal and either in Euros or USD. Start Bid: 45e/55USD Reserve: 55e/69USD Buyout: 65e/80USD End Time: 48hours from this post. Can deliver anywhere on Deliverance or South Coast Independence/North Coast Exodus.