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Found 64 results

  1. speaking of quality of life updates, this seems like a very simple one, you already did it with keel sections, seats and oars, so why not allow masts and sails to be put into bulk storage containers? it wouldn't cause any problems just make the life of ship builders easier.
  2. Example: -You have 10 cotton in your inventory. -You combine them into 1 cotton ( weight = 10 ) -Now you want to store 5 cotton in a BSB and keep 5 in inventory. -You hold SHIFT + Drag the cotton to BSB -The usual amount window pops up asking how many you want to store. -You choose 5, store 5 cotton in BSB and keep 5 in inventory Unless there is a good argument against it but can we make this a thing, please? What we currently have to do is throw the full cotton ( weighting 10 ) in the BSB and take out 5 cotton again from the BSB and the above suggestion will reduce the required actions to do this.
  3. I've just been watching a new player stream their first experience of Wurm Online. Another player asked them to take some items out of a BSB, but they were unable to work out how do it. Neither Left or Right clicking on the items in the BSB brought any kind of options except Examine icon, Wurmpedia and Emote. I would have expected at least a 'Take' option on the items in bulk containers, but there is no such option. Of course as experienced players we *know* we can drag items out of the BSB into our inventory, but this was at no time obvious to the new player, who reported back that the BSB was not working. Please add a right click 'Take' option to the items in bulk containers, which brings up the usual 'Removing items' dialog pop-up. Sometimes right clicking the contents of the BSB to take them is more intuitive to a new player.
  4. CAN THIS OR SOMTHING SIMILAR BE ADDED TO THE WURMPEDIA.? [21:56:58] <Harpoon> is it possible to quality lock a shelf in a bulk conatiner unit (4x BSB's in 1)? After testing by Shenjiwurm, it was found that padlocks can be attached to the individual Bulk Storage Shelves within the Bulk Container Unit, not the Bulk Container Unit itself. This then allows a permissions popup where individual shelf quality locks can be selected. [22:12:42] <Shenjiwurm> (Cel) ok guys, attach lock to bsb in the bcu and then you can set ql lock
  5. I've asked around CA Help before and gotten some answers but I can't help to feel I'm either missing something or maybe found a bug so I figured I'd ask here. I've recently came back to the game and found a settlement in the exact same spot I did last year. In both times I played there were a couple of abandoned BSBs in the place that I could never find a way to get rid of. They are locked and therefore cannot be loaded into a cart. I can move them, but I cannot destroy them in anyway, I have 21.99 body strength but I get no action to destroy them with the maul or the carving knife. It also baffles me that these were already here last year, and one of them has 3 damage, although it is possible that someone repaired it meanwhile for some reason. If I understand the wiki and the help I got correctly, since I'm not the owner of the bin, nor the holder of the lock key, there is nothing I can do to get rid of it other than wait for decay and move it around?
  6. If you take "As many as I can carry" from a bsb / fsb / crate and have a full inventory ( 100 items or maximum weight capacity ), you get the following messages: "[19:21:23] You selected max." "[19:21:23] You can not even carry one of those." If you choose how many items to take and are at maximum weight capacity, you get the message: "[19:31:24] You selected 1." "[19:31:24] You may not carry that weight." If you choose how many items you want to take from the bsb / fsb / crate and have a full inventory ( 100 items ), you simply get the message: "[19:26:25] You selected 1." It doesn't say that your inventory is full or that you didn't actually get the items. I'm not sure if it's an oversight, a bug or intended... but it could definitely be more user friendly
  7. Retrograde Posted September 8, 2017 in Valrei International. 035 Bulk Container Unit The bulk container unit is the next level in bsb technology (I did want to name it the bsb 2000). This unit not only has the capacity of 4 bsbs, but also has them as shelves inside, meaning you can store and sort based on any attribute you desire. This functionality does come at a price though, not only does it take 4 finished bulk storage bins to build, it also requires a minimum of 50 fine carpentry. It's also quite difficult to build, so get those parts high quality before you try! Rack for empty bsb The rack for empty bsb's also comes in with this update. With all the new racks and containers, many bsb's are left lying around, unfilled and unloved. We can't help much with the unloved, but we can provide a save place to store them without cluttering up the place (and also improving performance by not having to render them all!). The rack for empty bsbs' is easier to make than its bulk container unit partner, and will happily hold up to 30 bsbs until you need to use them. Additions and changes A new rack can be crafted for the storage of empty Bulk Storage Bins. This rack can hold 30 empty bulk storage bins. A new storage unit can be crafted which contains 4 bulk storage bins inside which can be filled. These units will require 50 fine carpentry to build. But but but Im still waiting for the Food Container Unit & Rack for empty fsb, why havnt we got that yet??? And many other wait for this too. Have we lost the maker of Bulk Container Unit & Rack for empty bsb? (I have no idea how the maker is, retros post didnt say) Or he just got busy with other stuff? I know you all are busy with making Wurm great for us all, for us that still is left here ? and making those Food Container Unit and Rack for empty fsb would help make wurm alot more beutiful for us all ? Please devs cant you please take the time and help us get those Food Container Unit & Rack for empty fsb too??? Waiting patiently ? Maiya
  8. Suggest add to BSB page (, under the 'See Also' section at the bottom of that page, the following : Rack for empty bsb (linked to …( ).I just spent a ton of time trying to find the storage container for empty BSBs, lol. Could not think of its name. Thanks ? TeeeBOMB
  9. So we are having an issue with our bulk storage bins on my non-modded server. When we put in strings of cloth, it doesn't let us take them back out and registers a 0.00 weight cloth in the bins no matter how many we put in. And on a second issue, no wood scrap is being made when we make planks or shafts. They initially were produced, but no more.
  10. Wires should be able to go in BSBs.
  11. I was just testing my BSBs ability to store some moon metal lumps. Put a .33 lump in, pulled it out and it was .32. Tried another and it dropped .01 of it's weight. Then I repeated with the same one and it dropped another .01 weight. Is this intended as a cost of using bulk bins, or a bug? If so, I guess I just need to create more free alts for storage.
  12. Hellu, so currently we require 5.4kgs to paint a sailboat, 26kgs to paint a large cart and 66kgs to paint a colossus. Seems about right... But then to paint bulk storage bins and food storage bins, we need 128kgs of dye to paint just one. Seems a bit 2 much for this items. Any chance of reducing that amount so we can actually start seeing painted bsbs and fsbs in our homes pls?
  13. Time for WU to give the fruits of it's labor to online comm. On Sklo Bulk Storage Bins (BSB's) Don't combine Ql, rather they sort per 10ql column. Making it easy to sort a mass quantity of bulk items, or store 10 different ql's in to a 1 bsb, Then you can drag grouped ql's to large crates, Which retain their ql avg./combine qualities for easy transport and long term storage
  14. I would like to ask that wagons be allowed to load 1 FSB or BSB for the sake of trade. Maybe even require the Capacity expansion rune to make it possible? As a person who hopes to expand trade in Wurm, the ability to load BSB's and FSB's on ships is amazing! However the inability to transport a single loaded one on a wagon is a great hindrance to trade as not everyone has a port side city. Alternatively this could be fixed by allowing unlimited or repeated action transfers of goods from BSB/FSB to crates and vice versa.
  15. As of right now I could only think of 3 things that look terrible in many situations. Forges, Ovens and even Open fireplaces spike up into the 2nd story of buildings and its hideous. Have a "Chip off top" (you are probably better at naming actions than me). Even the open fireplace that seems like it doesn't hit the second story is nearly 1 pixel above it so its glitchy looking, Why must i get a rug or carpet to cover the ugly mess of a floor when it's the fault of those who do the graphics.. Before I mention bsb's though id just like to say i loved forges and ovens in 1 story buildings because they became chimneys which is awesome! its just ugly for 2 story houses. For bsb's that one little sack (becomes more if full enough) Is so unnecessary. Its Bulk Storage Bin. Not Bulk Storage Bin and Bag on the Side (bsbabots for short). No mercy here! get rid of that ugly sac that looks like it holds food (which bsb's don't) I know somebody who lags because of two objects colliding (awkward texture mixing) and its hard to have a nice organized warehouse when bags are stuffed between bins. As for the extra little bin that's on top I don't really care that its off center and tilted.. I assume straight and organized bins are too good for us anyway... Long story short: "Chip off top" option for forges and ovens, make the open fireplace maybe 5 pixels shorter, and get rid of the annoying sac on the bsbabots. I apologize if this is severely op and hurts pvp servers
  16. Does anyone know where I can get the mod that allows different ql levels inside a BSB/crate etc? thanks
  17. I made new lock for a BSB and i have the old key and it is activated. I right click the BSB and i dont get "unlock". And when i activate the new lock i dont get "Attach lock". What can be wrong? It is a large padlock.
  18. Just as the title says. 550 of these things are quite unwieldy when not combined.
  19. The other day I picked up an old, mostly decayed, unlocked, and empty BSB. The previous owner, a friend of mine, had not logged in for over 50 days. After repairing and improving the BSB back up to acceptable levels, I handed the BSB to another player. He was unable to plant it, because he didn't have 10 digging, and gave it back. I then planted it into the ground, thinking that since it came from my inventory, I would be able to attach a lock and manipulate permissions to it, however, the BSB instead said it had been planted by the original owner, and was secured to the ground, so now I am unable to move it away, or attach a lock to change the permissions. Am I wrong to think that the BSB should now belong to me, instead of this other player who hasn't even been online for nearly 2 months? Screenshots can be provided upon request.
  20. Pretty straight forward merchant. You want storage containers, and I want to make them for you. Delivery is free on orders of 1s or more, except to Xanadu where I'll deliver to coastal regions only for orders of 3s or more. I will not deliver to Chaos. If you order less than 1s worth of goods delivery will cost you 50 copper. Let me specify that Xanadu deliveries will only be made if you order at least 3s worth of goods. Container Price Bulk storage bin 15c Food storage bin 15c Large crate 10c Small crate 5c I'll also come build forges, ovens, and smelters and imp them to a minimum of 50 quality. Container Price Forge 1s Oven 1s Smelter 3s
  21. Since the update, we can no longer plant low QL (under 10ql) BSBs on deed. In my opinion, this is inconvenient, as the empty BSBs can no longer be planted all together on the same tile (for example when creating multiple BSBs) until they have been imped above 10. It is particularly annoying for players with low carp skill, as they cannot plant piles of new BSBs at the creation area, nor can they stack their empty BSBs in a tidy way. I know there are workarounds, but this may involve a large area for storing BSB's while they wait to be imped, or building single BSBs then imping them one at a time. I appreciate this doesn't affect everybody, but I think that we should be able to plant low QL BSB's on deed again.
  22. Since the new patch 11/10/15 where we received the (wonderful, thanks) ability to soft push, soft pull items, planted BSBs seem to have acquired a bug. I am mayor of a village, and as such have ownership of all structures within, with the permissions given to each resident set to full so they have all the abilities I have in that structure. In a structure, I have a villager that isn't able to plant BSBs yet, digging skill too low, and I was asked to come plant them for him. I did, and he wasn't able to push/pull/turn them in any form, nor pick them back up, even when double checking the permissions for his structure and making sure they're all there properly. I then had him get his digging to 10.2 to check and see if that was the issue, and it didn't change anything. Thanks, Lothens
  23. Seem that a bug could occur that block other people from take item put on a planted container in a location (deed or house) where they have permissions. (that affect mayor too) There is a simple workaround to fix it yourself a permission issue with container. Issue: Containers doesn't allow other people to take from it (ondeed or in house), also with the correct permissions set. Workaround: Put a padlock to it and set the permission for each containers. I hope this workaround could help you. Regards, Gaea (Game Master)
  24. I have a castle lodge where sermons are held with many different priests, both allies and others, coming and going. The only way a guest can put items into a planted BSB is to give that player permission to pick up planted items - all planted items ! This is not acceptable and strongly suggest that this permission be corrected to allow guests on the writ to put things into planted containers, without having the permission to pick up planted items (like my hota statue for example !) Thanks, in hope
  25. I can understand That a slab wont fit in a bulk container, its made of 4-5 shards... but a beam is made of 1 log, and I still have log and scrap left after making 1. Why something so simple haven't been fixed? Suggestion : Nerf Beams and make em stash-able in bulk containers.