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Found 13 results

  1. Remember the original models for JK MR BL ? before we had armor and clothes showing? I would love an outfit that makes me look like the old Lib or MR. Maybe "costume" that you apply to your "back" slot.... and just instantly reverts me to an MR BL or JK. Dont even worry about animations and all that... this is about going old school i mean if i have to stand on horses to pull it off... i will! 6 smiley faces were slain in the making of this post so people didn't remove my post for trolling because of too many smilies.... (shrimpiee)
  2. Item up for Auction: 60QL Black Legion Wagon! [12:03:36] A single zinc rune of Magranon has been attached to it, so it will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%) Can load a BsB + 3x Large Crates! Starting Bid: 8s Min Increase: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 25s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Items will be collected from G11 Release or Delivery can be negotiated. Happy Bidding All
  3. [21:36:11] <Alexgopen> hots template pmks in the past have always been able to have libila followers and priests though [21:36:48] <Enki> thats what I thought, but I asked Rolf and htati s what he told me. apaprently PMKs were not intendd ot have Libila [21:37:06] <Enki> I explained the issue to him in several ways to make sure he understood that there were Libila players in PMKs Apparently HotS template PMKs are not supposed to be able to have libila, fo, vyn, or mag followers as per Enki who asked Rolf. This would mean that before the addition of player gods, hots template PMKs should not have been able to have ANY priests. This is obviously not the case. Converting to a libila follower as part of a HotS template PMK is currently not possible. The only religions available are Tosiek and Nathan. According to Enki this is intended behavior, but I suggest that this be changed, because it would make no sense to have denied any form of priesthood to HotS template PMKs in the past, and it makes no sense to deny libila religion to them now that player gods have been added. Allow Libila (black light) religion for black light pmks. Possible Religions BL PMK WL PMK Libila NO NO Fo NO YES Vynora NO YES Magranon NO YES Nahjo NO YES Tosiek YES YES Nathan YES YES How is this balance?
  4. Ravenna is recruiting; new players, old players, freedomers, even players from Choas. If you're looking for something new, come join. I'll provide you with a house, and what ever it is that you need. No requirements to join. Although it is preferred that you have a microphone and premium. If you have any questions you can post in the thread here, or PM me on these forums. If you're interested in joining, PM me and I'll try and get you sorted. Come join the Dark Side!?
  5. I'm looking for tall kingdom banners from Chaos. 1x tall kingdom banner - Mol Rehan (bought) 1x tall kingdom banner - John Kellon (bought) 1x tall kingdom banner - Horde of the Summoned (bought) 1x tall kingdom banner - Black Legion (bought) 1x tall kingdom banner - Ebonaura Please pm me with prices here or in game. Malajane
  6. Player god priests and followers are allowed on Affliction. I recently converted back to BL after a stint on Elevation under a PMK. My Nahjo priest at the time of BL conversion had a faith of 71.65. During the act of conversion, I was automatically set to a Libila follower and lost my priesthood. I petitioned to have my priesthood restored and was told nothing can be done I understand this was a basic mechanism prior to player deities, but in the context of the current system, can we consider revisiting this? Perhaps set it such that if a player is not a follower of any deity or a non-player deity, then set them to become a follower of Libila, else leave their faith and deity as is?
  7. Belisaere Affliction - BL Epic Our story begins with an idea, the most dangerous weapon of all. An idea to unify the tribes of Mongolia Affliction and achieve co-operation within Black Light, under the guidance of Libilia. With the worlds changing and the old clique's powers being challenged in Jenn-Kellon and Mol-Rehan, we want Libilia's followers to be known for their superiority and loyalty. Our group is looking for mature veterans and new players alike to instill values that Wurm has long lost since Wild days, where an oath meant something more than it does today. With that said we value loyalty above all, as it is the core and foundation of a successful village and eventually a home server alliance being born. It's noteworthy we have a lot of freedom players, whom have moved to Epic cluster, so if you're in that category, we cater to you. We are however looking for many more members, we already have a large group with team speak and we're waiting on more to join. Criteria of what we're looking for... Maturity. Co-operative attitude. Willing to assist and help. Leaders and people capable of working in unity. Carebears and PVPers alike. Be able to listen on Team Speak or preferbly talk and communicate with the group. Lastly, Loyalty and those willing to be true to their word. If you are interested, please contact Primarily and firstly in game on Affliction Server: Penor and/or Deruniel and/or Zelator Below are not currently active but still available founding members Typhon (Forum Acc Hubert) Tahj (Forum Acc JockII) VonDoom (Forum Acc: Doombiscuits) Further amendments and improvements will occur to raise the quality of this recruitment post.
  8. Bringing up your latest propagandanews from chaos! Here is Deathfell Newsletter, hopefully going to be published monthly to show what the evilfine folks of Deathfell have been doing. The stories written are from our own views (mainly rosedragon)and sometimes shall not be taken seriously. Sit down, have your favorite drink, and enjoy reading the drama of Chaos from safety distance . October 2014:
  9. Ideas for the new map. Eternal darkness... there's never a day cycle. In exchange the BL can see in the dark, eyes glow red (night vision/red eyes can be toggled).
  10. Inspired by Puertorro's thread regarding his wife's hard work on their own wagon, which you can find here. I've decided to finally post our own graphics on the Wurm Forums for those who may not have seen them. (The earliest forms of our shield were in development long before our founding, I'm glad I got the opportunity to get them put into game) As you can extract the most of the images from Wurm's own .jar archives (please do not modify your .jar files, it is in violation of the EULA and will probably earn you a ban) I'll refrain from plastering my name on them, however as our main media logo has not been submitted to the Wurm Online team in it's current form, I retain any rights to such image and have no problem pursuing action to prevent that image being used in a way I deem unfit. As a side note, the Black Legion tartan used in any of our images was created and registered with the Scottish Government by myself and we retain all rights to the reproduction and weaving of said tartan. I'm probably not the best person to ask with any assistance with design at this time due to real life commitments, but feel free to drop me a line and ask if the fancy takes you, if it's interesting enough I might be tempted enough to say yes. Black Legion Shield Black Legion Banner Black Legion Flag Black Legion Wagon Black Legion Tabard (Torso and Low - Back to Front)
  11. Cover note Essentially, we keep hitting upon this stumbling block. White Light priests want to be solo heroes and complain about the Black Lighters being too powerful. To make it abundantly clear - THREE white light priests versus ONE black light priest. Magranon priest - front line fighter / paladin type. Fo priest - healer / defence Vynora priest - support, locate / enchantments Libila priest - should be everything to counter those three. The WLs should combine to defeat the threat of the BLs (I know, not enough players, no real threat and that is how you like it.) Proposal Split the black light priest into two. Strix - Healer / support - can draw power off zombies and give it to the Atra Militis or other Black Lighters. Can't use it themselves but can give it to other Strix. Blessing of the Dark, Lurker in the Dark, Dispel Strongwall, Fungus, Fungus Trap, Demise Spells, Rotting Touch, Dark Ice shell = 75% of Oakshell, et cetera Atra Militis - fighter priest - Drain Health, Drain Stamina, Web Armour, Hell Strength, 40+ faith = +20% damage, Pain Rain, Phantasms, et cetera.
  12. Fthora finished throwing the last few shovels full of dirt over the decayed remains of her only true love. No tears were shed over the man, but the corpse had been sitting in her front chair for over two weeks. At first, the smell was revolting, particularly during the heat of the day, but after a day Fthora had become acclimated to it. After a week it was pleasing to her. She had begun to feel the rot in her mind too. Dark thoughts swam to the surface, evil things that would send the white light far from the curling shadows. A small, seductive female voice started humming behind Fthora, gently and harmoniously, but in scattered, chaotic tune. Fthora dropped the shovel absently, and turned toward the source of the sound. There was no one there. Fthora looked back to the grave, feeling as though she should say something, or perhaps mark the spot with his name. "It does not matter, he is with me now" said the voice. It was both beautifully rich, and somehow deeply disturbing. Not bothering to turn around this time, Fthora simply asked "Where?". "My loving touch is saved for only a few my dear. You may yet get to see your husband. All you must do, is let the shadow take you." The darkness in Fthora's mind grew deeper. Thoughts of such corruption flooded her mind, and the last vestiges of Fthora's sanity faded into the shadows. A soft chuckle rose to her throat, which spilled into a hearty laugh as it left her lungs. She had never felt more free. Fthora looked down to her husband's grave for the last time. Small white hairs of fungus had spread over the site, to her feet, and the scent of decay intensified. Her husband was indeed with Liblia, and so soon, would she. ---------------------------------------- As the title suggests, I am looking for a Black Lighter village to join and spread the rot with. The character does not presently have a premium account. The intention is to make this character a priest of Liblia after a certain amount of grinding. The character is brand new, just two days old. Skilled in the systems associated with crafting, building, and PvE combat, but have no idea in PvP. I can RP, but do not always. Sometimes I will do it just for the lolz though (see above). Friendly, Active, And Hardworking.... Not to mention just as insane as a good Liblia follower should be. ---------------------------------------- Hopefully you will consider me for your village!
  13. So I made an alt wanting to play as a libila follower on chaos. With some difficulty managed to find a map of chaos and set out. Quickly died due to wildlife. Stick to the roads I thought, oh look a hostile guard tower, dead. After 20- 30 more tries including a 6 hour journey with my main on a boat including many deaths on both parts, a lost boat, my main getting stuck miles from my death point at sea and many difficult journeys I'm left wondering... How the F are you supposed to get a new char to join libila? Is it allowed to build enemy kingdom guard towers blocking the route for new players?