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Found 5 results

  1. KangaWU - Australian WU Dedicated Server Disclaimer: This server is not official in any way, and is not linked to CodeClub AB or Wurm Online. It is my own personal project. Thanks . KangaWU is a dedicated server hosted out of Sydney, Australia - primarily made for Oceanic players to get some sweet low pings, but the server is open to everyone that wants to join. We have been up and running since day one of WU, and plan to be around for the very foreseeable future. We have a lovely group of players from all over the world currently playing on KangaWU, with special events, prizes, mods and other fixes that happen regularly. The server is a PvE server, with a small player-created PvP arena for those who like that sort of thing. We recently added a new regular event to the server called Hunt Events. These events spawn randomly on the map every now and then, with custom creatures in the image of the 4 gods. Defeating these mini-gods gives some special items and bonus skill gain, along with a final reward of seryll once all of them have been taken care of - but before you can fight them, you'll have to find them. Hopefully this little blurb intrigues you and you decide to come check us out. If this isn't enough to get you excited, here are some examples from the server: Changes and Mods: You can find a full list of patch notes made since we first started here, but I've listed some highlights below: New levels of rare items above fantastic - epic, legendary and unique. Each with more bonus effects and special effects when sacrificed. Rare items overall are easier to gain, but the lower rarities effects are still balanced based on difficulty. QL, Enchants and Rarity have a large effect on boat speeds. Get up to and above 40km/h with the best boats and enchants. Huge champion creatures, including rideable ones. Be the master of all from atop your 5 storey tall unicorn. Improving items made from moon metals allow you to use steel instead of the limited moon metal resources. Deeds are free to place and free upkeep. Auto disbanding deeds occurs when no citizens have logged in for over the total /playtime of all citizens combined, with a 30 day minimum. Surface mining takes the player's mining skill into account, instead of being a flat 20% chance to succeed. Plus you only need one rock face exposed to surface mine, instead of all 4 faces around a corner. No daily prayer limit, but faith gains limited to once per hour. Unique "Hunt Events". Hunt around the server for mini-gods and battle them for bonus items and skillgain. Events and Competitions: We like to have some server-wide events every now and then to keep things interesting, below are some of the events we have held in the past: Christmas of the Gods - Colossus Building Competition Building Design Competition Unique Slaying Events Easter Bunny Hunt
  2. ... The Empire Has Arrived. No, relax. Its not the British Empire again. >
  3. Just looking for 1-2 Aussie players who are going to be long term players and have/will get premium time -PM me in-game for more info. IGN: Jakeii -Thanks -=Jakeii=-
  4. Hello, Valaheim,NE island,( is recruiting a few experienced players. You just need to follow a few conditions to apply: 1) Already premium or going to be premium in a month's time 2) Experienced or willing to learn. 3) Able to work together with other villagers for development. 4) Hardworking 5) Pick up a trade/priest 6) Able to understand and type at least simple English. 7) Timezone between Asia and Central USA Pretty simple eh, just apply now. Free transport to deed from anywhere coastal or Sloping Sands.
  5. Anyone else getting massive amounts of latency between the hours of 8:00GMT to 15:00GMT? When I mean massive I mean 10+ minutes of just nothing. Hoping any other aussies can give their input because I hope it's not just me.