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Found 2 results

  1. I have scoured the web in hopes of finding some kind of information about ascending to godhood as a player and have come up mostly empty handed. I've found many posts where people don't really know much about it, but these are dated and I am hoping maybe there is a bit more knowledge out there now. I decided to make this post in hopes of having one place to compile findings from everyone who has tried it and make it easier for others to know what its all about. So here's what I know based on a GM character becoming a god at max stats: Players can ascend to god-hood in Wurm Unlimited by using an item known as the Key of the Heavens. Players who have ascended are granted their own religion and are allowed to have followers of that religion. Players can follow their own religion as a god. Upon ascension the player is given 4 statuses: Two Vulnerabilities and Two Resistances. Dependent on the players stats at ascension a different message is displayed in the Event log. (i.e. "You are weaker than most other gods" or "You are very strong") The new religion gets a random set of spells (I haven't tested this as my server has full access to all spells regardless of religion) Here's what I would like to know: A player made religion gets random benefits for their priests that are reliant upon favor, is there a method beyond trial and error for figuring out what benefits these are? (i.e. Walking on Lava, or Normal Monsters Ignore) Does a player's status change upon ascending, i.e do they get tougher/stat boosted in any way, or are they basically the same as the were upon ascending? What determines whether a Player becomes a Whitelight or a Blacklight god (I assume this would be based on the player's Alignment but I have not tested it) Can a player god be removed from available religions (i.e. were I to make a bunch of test-gods could I get rid of them later on easily or would it possibly corrupt things) Apart from the one supposedly hidden in the world, can players ever find another Key of the Heavens after the first has been used? (i.e. Will a new one respawn elsewhere for finding or must they be spawned in by a GM character) Do a players stats/skills have any affect on the religion benefits and statuses they receive? If anyone else has any questions about demigods and ascension please post them here too. The wiki has barely any information at all but ascension has been around for a few years now so I am hoping to find people with more knowledge to share. I recently had a player ask me about godhood and found I could not answer most of their questions with much more than a "I don't really know, there isn't much info". I am sure I'm not the only one with these questions and wanting to know more about ascension. Thanks in advance for any tips!
  2. Hello this is the official Ascension theme for Tosiek , creative commons for free commercial use i wanted to embed this on forum but cannot find an option this is approved by Tosiek btw cheers