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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I would like to quote a bug that I could not solve on the new update: Arch Right, Left and T. I built two sides with Arch Right, Left and T and managed to put an iron fence inside the arched, but when I tried again on the last side of the construction, this message appeared: There is a fence or wall there. Action not allowed. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. It's not realy a bug, but unfinished rope fence models need a little tweaking. If you start high rope fence under arched wall, it will not be visible. Model is hidden inside arched wall.If you start it with crafting interface, you can continue building, but if you stop and try to add it to interface later to continue, you have to walk arround one end of arched wall ( left side when looking from place from where you started to build ) to be able to see inside it so you can click on shaft on unfinished fence which is hidden inside. Rope fences models should be change a bit to show at least one part outside of tile border corners.
  3. Hi, not sure if it's a bug but i don't think that it's normal. I cant repair the East and the South arched walls from a tower i build whit fences in same place to for preventing any character to fall down.When i try to repair i get the message: "[22:53:19] The wooden fence is in the way" ....but i can repair without any problem the North and West arched walls that i build in the same way whit fences in the same tile border as the arched walls.
  4. I started new project, the stable. When I was building, I saw that... [18:45:31] You cannot place a fence where a structure exists. It makes impossible to continue my project.
  5. I'm having a problem with my crocodile when it becomes untamed attacking me through my inner wall. I put a single tamed pet into this small 4 tile area which includes 3 grass tiles surrounded by fence and a tile of inner wall in a "T" shape (arched wall on the outside, two walls, and a double door). I had a cat in there for a while until it died of old age and had no problems with it attacking me through the wall when it was untamed. So I replaced it with a crocodile. However, when he became untamed I went home to tame it and it was capable of hitting me through the double doors (before I even open them) and through one of the side walls but not through the other wall. On the corner of the right wall and the double door it should mesh together, but a large chunk is missing. Here are a few pictures of the inner wall/outside arched wall: /> /> /> I cant stand within a tile of these walls without being attacked. Also when trying to tame him I have to stand on the outside of the arched wall or It says I cant reach him. If anyone knows a fix to this please respond.