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Found 3 results

  1. The ability to repair curbs from inside a mine by popping out and having the window open to repair and popping back in the mine to do the complete action. Really hinders raiding a place... As it makes it ridiculously hard to beat a pair of two defending a deed by one of them placing curbs and the other destroying walls we are putting up to prevent them mine hopping. Another silly mechanic, the ability to add just 1 brick to a wall to prevent the building from poofing. resulting in the inability to level dirt down to get into a deed. Needs changing. This is probably the biggest problem I have faced when it comes to raiding an enemy deed, all they do is wait for their walls to fall a bit then replace them quickly by starting a new one, which then disallows the writ from being popped and then we cannot level the dirt walls down to get into the deed. Also, one for in game bug reporting: The text box for submitting bugs needs to larger so I can fill it up with more descriptive info, which will help improve other wurmians experience in the future. I always find myself having to shorten posts to remove key info. Thanks Miniroll
  2. Selling the Items below! My times on will be beneath this and forum PM's are OK! Catch me Ingame around 4PM (PST) To 10PM PST, or the general 9PM to 3AM for those in the UK, Monday-friday. Or anytime during the weekend! If you don't catch me just send me a forum PM, it wont hurt you anymore than losing out on these sales will! Work in Progress: Floorboards and Beams are on hold till farther notice. VEGGIES & GRAIN 1s/1k Some veggies are less Qnty. working to restock for more also. (SOLD: Corn x1000, Garlic x700) TOOLS & WEAPONS (SOLD: Trowel) Bows: 50c/each Tools: 1.5s (-10c I pay shipping if shippable) MISC & OTHER (SOLD: Thorn x2, Grapes x71) 10c/25sprouts! Resurrection Stone 2.25s! SOLD RARES (SOLD: PLANK, LARGENAIL) Some items are unknown in price to the seller and may/will/can be subject to price questioning and advice seeking, if or when then happens do not feel judged or mistrusted it is only to make the sale easier and not to oversell the item(s) in question. Mey-mart is not responsible for any damages before or after purchases and/or from the cause of enchanting. Thanks, Meyfei CEO & Owner of Mey-martâ„¢.