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Found 23 results

  1. Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 50s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: NOT ACCEPTED Big Thanks To the Following People: Laval for making and Imping the Smelter Pukaria for making and attaching the rune Archnerd for Helping me add these Pictures. Smelter is at D 15 on Harmony, my deed is Jones Landing Pick up or I will Delivery for 2s Extra. Have Fun Wurming
  2. SOLD, PLEASE CLOSE This is an auction for Venom an enchanted copper sickle. It was made by Pantha and I used it for testing but I do not need it as I have a adamantine sickle now. Sickles are the best DPS one handed weapon in the game and despite being copper this sickle is no different. This sickle could be used for skilling, casual fighting , a back up weapon or hell you could even fight something such as a unique with it because of the insane poison dmg ticks. If you didn't know copper gives an additional 30% poison wound while giving 35% percent less dmg. This means if you were in a long fight or had to run you could come back to the creature even more wounded or even dead from the ticks from both the poison and the regular wounds (this only applies to copper weapons not this one as it only deals poison wounds). Starting bid: 2s Increment (minimum): 1s Buyout: 8s Private Bids: Accepted sickle (venom) QL 71.93 copper, common VNM 93 BoTD 80 [23:09:22] A kind of small hand-held scythe with a crescent-moon formed blade. It has a malevolent aura. You need to temper the sickle by dipping it in water while it's hot. [23:09:22] You can easily make out the signature of its maker, 'Pantha'. [23:09:22] Venom has been cast on it, so it will deal only poison damage wounds. [93] [23:09:22] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [80]
  3. Welcome to Lonlon Cadence, j15 | come check out our merchants! Feel free to send Sussermans or Zekky a PM in game or directly reply to this thread. We also can improve your leather goods! Currently building stocks. Leatherworking Rug Emporium
  4. I am looking to buy a 70+ql knarr delivered. PM me with offer.
  5. As title says, Hops, Grape, Ivy or Rose seedlings are for sale. *70ql *100x = 1s Location: Independence T19 (41x 62y) Shaylies Workshop/Bear Dock (South central coast) Not feeling like traveling? Delivery can be fixed. Pm/post here or message "Willbur" ingame. Best Regards,
  6. Hello i want sell a rare gravestone. Starting Bid: 4s Buyout: 8s Min. Inc. : 1s Sniper Protection : 1hour
  7. Bulk farming, forestry and woodcutting Farming: 1s per 1k(73ql) Currently in stock pumpkins..... 2k cotton...........2k wemp..............1.5k onions..........1k corn.............3k Custom orders possible, maximum 5k per order Free shipping to all servers (coastal) Sprouts: willow/oak 3c/ea rest 1c/ea Seasonal produce: Available to order, may take time to supply, ql not guaranteed Logs: 50ql 500.......1s 60ql 300.....1s 70ql 200.....1s 80ql 100.......1s 90ql 10......1s Shipping for non farming orders: Independence:.......Free other servers:........ 50c Be sure to check out my Rainbow Dyeworks For all your Dye and concrete needs
  8. Wts 71ql 75FB 36 Coc medium maul.. [ 1,8s ] Wts Hammer 17,61ql 59 Coc [60c] Wts Whetstone 88,18ql 0,98dmg 51 CoC [80c] Wts SUPREME Maplewood Hunting Arrow [2,5s] I can send by mail for 20c outside pristine and 10c inside pristine or can be picked up for free on J19 Pristine [Castle Black]
  9. Just selling off my 70ql gems. Great quality for carrying around on an active priest (such as for pvp). Total QL is 993.46. Whole batch for sale at 13s. Can be collected from Top Notch in the NW corner of Exo. I'm afraid I cannot deliver as I'm selling these on an alt (seeing as my main cannot currently leave Chaos).
  10. Starting Bid: 3s Increments: 1s Reserve: no Buyout: 12s Delivery: Pickup Only (Deli) Sloppy Hollow
  11. I'm auctioning off this 70ql Butchering knife. [13:25:50] A heavy knife with a bent blade perfect for butchering. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump. [13:25:50] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Guruen'. Starting Bid: 2s Bid Increments: 50c Buyout: 10s No reserve 3hr sniper protection Auction ends in: COD to winner or pickup at Gurrington, Celebration (X20Y18)
  12. Set of chain I'm auctioning off. Aosp on all pieces, this is the little brother to the other set on auction right now. For those looking for a cheap set of armor, this is for you! Start bid: 3sMin Increments: 50cReserve:nonePrivate bids accepted and buyout offers welcome.Sinper protection of 30 minutes.
  13. Wts small maul 70ql for 70c can either reply here or send me a pm or message me in game fourneofclubs thanks
  14. Shads' leatherworking Alternative payments Referrals - 7s Sleep powders - 2s In-game Contact Shads Tiki Studded leather sets 60ql - 1s 70ql - 2s 80ql - 4s (95c for pants/jacket 45c for the rest) 90ql - 7s Toolbelts 50ql - 40c 60ql - 50c 70ql - 60c 80ql - 1s 90ql - 2s (takes time) Horse Related Saddles 50ql - 60c 60ql - 70c 70ql - 1s 80ql - 2s 90ql - 6s (eats leather) Bridles 50ql - 30c 60ql - 40c 70ql - 50c 80ql - 75c 90ql - 1s Barding 50ql - 60c 60ql - 70c 70ql - 1s 50c 80ql - 2s 50c Containers *All containers are 30ql* Backpack - 5c Waterskin - 5c Quiver - 5c Based at Nippy Shores, Independence Co-ords 24x 46y For Blacksmithing visit Boobaby's Blacksmithing For Bulk Goods Visit Nippy General Store
  15. 70Ql Supreme Iron Horse Shoe Starting Bid: 2s Increments: 0.5s Will CoD to buyer if on Inde, otherwise pickup only.
  16. Black Forest smithy x15,y16 Exodus merchant/ Selling this on behalf of a villager: A leather saddle complete with a girth and stirrups. It could be improved with a leather. Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [75] Looking to sell for 1.75s or nearest offer
  17. Supreme Mallet, 72.07QL Sold to Aum for 12s Located on Release at Black Oak Peak (x7 y11 - Atram's) Contact Kywest in-game for questions/comments.
  18. I have 15,000 pumpkins at 70.71ql, it's about 2 months of farm stock that we're now selling. This is a perfect high number of pumpkins for some serious hot food cooking gains. Or, a lifetimes supply of village vegetables! It is very rare to see any food sold in such large numbers, so take the chance! They all fit together into one juicy FSB of orange goodness. Free delivery to anywhere in Freedom!! Start price: 1s Minimum increment: 50c Hidden reserve: Yes (will notify once passed) Auction length: 5 days Snipe protection: 1 hour Happy bidding! PM me if you have any questions.
  19. Auctioning a 70ql rare willow fishing rod. No enchants. Location: Deliverance. Mail cost included. I will deliver it x-server. Only exception is the new freedom cluster. Please don't bid, if you are in the new cluster (Release or Pristine). Starting Bid: 3s Minimum Increment: 50c 1 hour sniper protection
  20. Stating bids: Rare leather sleeve 1s Rare leather cap 1s Rare studded leather sleeve 1,5s Min increase 50c Aunction ends 10th February 16:00GMT Items will be send with cod Other auction -
  21. sold please close thread mailed or pick up only. exodus y22 x14. (if mail, you pay cod) only post here if you want to buy. and if you are picking up or need it mailed. first come first served butcher 79 copper [18:51:31] A heavy knife with a bent blade perfect for butchering. It could be improved with a lump. [18:51:31] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [79] hatchet 76 copper [18:53:43] A short but sturdy axe with a thick blade specially designed to cut down trees with but poor in combat. It could be improved with a lump. [18:53:43] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [76]
  22. Iron lumps can be bought at the merhants at Hill of Swedes, located at Deliverence 4x,27y. Prices: 70ql / 1c per kg 80ql / 1,5c per kg 90ql / 2c per kg Mining at your place: If you want me to come and mine at your place i can do that. Prices can be set at the mined amount or rate per hour. Price for coming to you and mine per hour: 5s You will get a minimum of 400kg of lumps per mined hour. Minimum i sail away from deed are 2 hrs. If bulkbins and forges are available you will get 14kg lumps at 70,80 and 90ql. A travel fee will be added. Deliverance: 1s Indepence: 2s Exodus: 2s Minimum ill travel order i travel to you and mine for the price of lumps at my merchant at orders worth over 10s. Same travelfee as above will be added. When i have mined for you i will give you a report like this: Above report are for mining iron. More difficult metals to mine may change the percantages. Any questions can be answered ingame or via forums.
  23. the title says it all i want a 70ql set of chain armor and im on celebration.