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Found 1 result

  1. A Zen Moment Five Speed Plus Horses For Sale Located at roughly L14 on ingame map Pristine, and on the highway system Look for the pens with the pink horse statue, right next to the chapel on the south end of the deed. Key merchant is near the pens, horse equipment merchant is up the hill near the token. Since the introduction of animal crates I get a lot of folks asking but no, I don't do delivery sorry. I've also decided to no longer breed the 'old skool' colors of brown, black, gold and white for sale anymore, except by specific order, since they are clearly no longer as loved as they used to be compared to the new colors. Also my normal pricing on ALL horses, all colors, is now 30c. Due to this info: plus my own limited personal experience (never actually noticed any difference in speed with ebony blacks). When/If there is any official word on this ebony black question in future, I may once again ask a bit more for them. All horses 30c Current Stock: 5sp plus six traits: Kisshunting 5sp plus 'fight fiercely' Female Ebony Black young (pen 1) Fleaally 5sp plus 'tough bugger' Male White aged (pen 8 ) Jadepick 5sp plus 'tough bugger' Female Piebald Pinto mature (pen 10) Jollyxo 5sp plus 'keen senses' Male White aged (pen 12) Dukewarrior 5sp plus 'tough bugger' Male Gold aged (pen 13) Honeyflash 5sp plus 'certain spark' Female Gold adolescent (pen 14) Southswift 5sp plus 'tough bugger' Female Gold adolescent (pen 15) Honeycall 5sp plus 'tough bugger' Female Gold aged (pen 16) 5sp: Rainnorth 5sp Female Ebony Black young (pen 17) Nafagrey 5sp Male White aged (pen 19) __________ See the meaning of the traits here: _______________ There is also a self serve pen for FREE 4 speed horses (sometimes with extra traits). Sometimes these are rescues from fallen deeds so possibly already cared for. On the southwest corner of the deed (look for the pen with purple horse statue to the west of the Inn.) Come grab yourself a great horse! Current Stock: Rageebony 4sp plus 'a certain spark' Male Gold young foal Fastwild 4sp plus 'tough bugger' and 'unusually strong and healthy' Male Piebald Pinto young foal ( I also now put some 4 speed bison in the freebie pen when I have them) Special: Not listing them by name but I have currently moved a few 5 speed and 5 speed six trait horses of some of the old skool colors (brown, black, grey) to the freebie pen as they are not selling at the moment and I am no longer breeding them for sale. Time to grab a bargain in sale and freebie pens! Happy Wurming!