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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to Arcadia-Unlimited, formed out of the ashes of Statera Unlimited but with a completely new Arcadia map hand-crafted from the ground up to support a more engaging game play. Full Discord channel including Twitter Feeds for events. The server has been going since 24th July and is on dedicated hardware, currently paid up until February 2019, but also hosts my other websites so plan to be here for the long haul. Arcadia Server Settings 4k Map 5x Skill 3x Actions Free Deeding 3x Breeding 3x Farming 45k Creatures 85% Aggro 3x Combat Rating PVP Zone (with one-way Portal from Spawn Village) Sanctuary Server Settings 4k Map 5x Skill 3x Actions Free Deeding 3x Breeding 3x Farming 35k Creatures 40% Aggro 4x Combat Rating Easier Wurm Unlimited Experience Common Server Settings Long Term Dedicated Server Hosting – Currently paid up until February 2019 Server Crossing enabled Free Deeding, Upkeep enabled Generate coin by killing mobs, building highways, tunnels or towers Improved Ore Distribution Custom Content for you to discover including custom lairs Maps automatically updated hourly Earn Coin and Karma for just being online Custom Spell Configurations No Priest restrictions Announcer Mod (Player name show up in Event log when they log in) Bounty Mod (yields money when you kill creatures ) Harvest Helper (Seasons show up and you can use /seasons to get the exact time until a season starts) Inbred Warning Sacrifice mod (1/200 bone chance per rare item sacrifice ) Better Digging (dirt used from wagons and carts etc ) Priest Mod (90 favor max for casts, no restrictions ) Faster Mounts (faster ships, animals and vehicles ) BsB Mod (allows you to throw hot items in a bsb and fsb ) Balance Mod (allows you to do /balance to check money ) Crop Mod (+4 yield and crops don’t rot ) Fire burn time (displays time until the fire fades ) Meditate Mod (no limit, no 10 tile move, 4x faster time between questions ) No delay between faith skill gain Stablemaster (enables transfer of horses across servers) Portals (Active Portals between servers and to PVP zone on Arcadia and available on request between your deed and the spawn) BSB / FSB QL Sorter Accelerated Forestry & Gardening Server Mod (significant improvements, full details in Change Log from 2nd November 2017) Various other tweaks
  2. Welcome to Woodstock Commons! Our server is a personally owned dedicated server located in a data center in Atlanta. It is highly secured and established for a max reliability, low ping service. The server is set to allow ease of play. The mindset of this era in time is the aftermath of an on-going exodus, forcing hardy adventurers to make their way and re-establish themselves in far away lands. Features of the server include: Server Map - Dedicated Server ran inside Intermap ( ) - 8192 x 8192 squares in size - Modest resources scattered throughout the islands - Web based map to server updated every 24hrs ( ) - Minimal down/maintenance time (24 hour restart, generally 9.30 EST) - PvP only island (in progress) - 75,000 animals on map - New predators and prey (mod) - Skill multiplier is 5x - Max server population 200 - Body control start is 22.00 (enable immediate mounting of horse due to size of map) Starter Town (Woodstock Commons) - Accessible mine - Usable forge and ovens - Numerous traders - Public mine - Docks - PvP Arena (in progress) - Open stalls for establishment of Personal Traders Alternate Starter Town (In Progress) - Located on different end of map - Public Mine - Public Forge and Oven - Traders - Docks - Open market stalls Settlements - Settlement size is 6400 tiles (You can build smaller and should, as while there is no cost to found a settlement, upkeep is enabled and your settlement will decay if the fee is not paid for the upkeep) - Two settlement deeds per player - Free to establish - Monthly maintenance (upkeep) costs - Crops do not wither Used Mods - Live Map - In game map - Stablemaster - Deed Mod - Creature Mod - Crop Mod (No rot, 8 hour crop cycles) - Harvest Helper (Announce Season) - Stable Master - Hitching Host - Inbreed Warning - Bounty Mod NOTE: As the numbers of the server increase, an option of a Teamspeak channel dedicated to server may be established. This will ease in the correction of server issues and fixes GMs can assist with as well as allow players to interact with each other.