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Found 1 result

  1. I figured it's time to note some of the issues with the large planters to hopefully get them fixed. Issue #1 (this might be intended?) There are some weird stuff going on with difficulty. I can only speculate what's going on, but my best speculation based on observations is that it totally ignores the crop difficulty and uses a (very low) base difficulty. It makes them viable for production but bad for skilling at higher skill. If this is intended, then ignore this issue. Issue #2 GoldFo rune on a rake doesn't seem to work on large planters. I think it's supposed to give your a message in event tab or something similar when it procs but you never get this message on a large planter. Issue #3 sowing by activating a container doesn't work. I love the recent change of being able to activate the container and it'll use the first item inside it, but this doesn't work everywhere. Would be nice if this consistently worked where it should, such as sowing on large planters (it works for sowing on the ground but not large planters..), taming, imping, adding upkeep tokens, etc. Issue #4 (this might be by design to not risk making them OP) Raking only seem to be able to fail or succeed, giving +1 to harvest on success. This means that you can only ever get +4 from raking 4 times, assuming all 4 actions succeed. Unfortunately, this makes it not worth doing for yield at higher skill, since spending 2+4=6 actions to get between 8-12 yield instead of spending 2 actions and get 8 at 90+ skill is clearly inferior and a bit waste of time unless you want skill. Raking on the ground has a range of success. If this is intended, then ignore this issue. Issue #5 (this might be intended?) Large planters don't count as decoration on deed so they take decay damage on a deed. There are other utility items that never take decay damage while on a deed such as forges, hitching posts, etc. If this is intended, then ignore this issue. If any gms want to chime in and confirm what's intended and what isn't, that'd be great!